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  1. The image,Vertov's brother Mikhail described in an interview. It was to be the, honest ,truth of perception. For example, in " Man with a Movie Camera ", two trains
  2. For lost territory. Despite Bismarck's attempts to play the role of an ", honest ,broker" at the Congress of Berlin, Russo-German relations deteriorated
  3. Dorothy Wayne right, who plays the role of the sidekick; and Dan Datsun, a good, honest ,cop who, like Jim Gordon, is both a friend to the hero and greatly respected by
  4. General aim of such codes is to ensure that any advertising is 'legal, decent, honest , and truthful '. Some self-regulatory organizations are funded by the industry
  5. The accuracy and honest y of the seers. Of course the degree to which seers were, honest ,depends entirely on the individual seers. Despite the doubt surrounding
  6. Of corruption, degeneracy,national humiliation, ruthless persecution of the, honest ,'national opposition' — - fourteen years of rule by Jews, Marxists and
  7. a) Jews are savages that" are temperamentally incapable of performing, honest ,labor ": b) Jews are" leaders of a financial cabal seeking world domination "
  8. Explains it further: And what say you to the game at chests? It is truly an, honest ,kind of entertainment and wittier, quoth SYR Frederick. But me think it hath a
  9. Told Dave Marsh," I play Buddy Holly every night before I go on; that keeps me, honest , " The Grateful Dead performed" Not Fade Away" 530 times over the course of
  10. Interest. According to Deepak Patinas, a philosophy holding that one should be, honest , just, benevolent etc., because those virtues serve one's self-interest is
  11. All the great writers of detective stories, and partly on the promptings of the, honest ,author's inner conscience. " Ronald Knox wrote a set of Ten Commandments or
  12. Of kingship, the tensions between how a king should appear - chivalric, honest ,and just - and how a king must sometimes act - Machiavellian and ruthless.
  13. Opposed to the repeated observation of facts by other men, admittedly sane and, honest , The whole history of science shows us that whenever the educated and
  14. Was the regular democratic candidate. " Gallatin criticized Jackson as" an, honest ,man and the idol of the worshipers of military glory, but from incapacity
  15. Different facets of the NASA space program. " In true editorial fashion, he was, honest ,about the quality of his own writing," says his daughter, Betsy William. " He
  16. In Costa Rica began in 1889 with elections considered the first truly free and, honest ,ones in the country's history. Costa Rica has avoided much of the violence
  17. Working as a general contractor, earning a reputation for being a hardworking, honest ,man as well as having a working man's view on fiscal policy. Mackenzie
  18. Republican, if you're honest about it, this is a failed administration. And no, honest ,conservative would say that George W. Bush was among the 500 most qualified
  19. Ideal abstraction from obvious facts which must be present to the mind of any, honest ,and intelligent man when he exercises his powers as a director. "" Proper
  20. Television Blue Chips is a 1994 feature film about Pete Bell, a volatile but, honest ,college basketball coach under pressure to win who decides to blatantly violate
  21. Be recorded ... I would not have used such intemperate language, but let’s be, honest ,about it, the facts are there. " In recent years the BNP have established
  22. Into all the particulars. I think it is now overwhelmingly evident, if you're, honest ,about it, even if you're a conservative Republican, if you're honest about it
  23. Of the looter cabal. Unlike the others, however,Kinney is straightforward and, honest ,about his purpose. Kinney is the only one to openly state the true motivations
  24. Had learned valuable skills and technologies, and had received, honest ,treatment and fair trade. The joint Choctaw-Chickasaw council then voted
  25. Erlenmeyer as Lieutenant (Ensign) Werner, War Correspondent: The naive, but, honest , narrator. Werner is mocked for his lack of U-boat experience. Erlenmeyer was a
  26. Of Barnes' document reads: These things, with many other shall be good &, honest ,witness be approved to be his opinions and Common Speeches, and that this Marlow
  27. For the reason that each poem, distinctively purposeful, was borne of a more ", honest ,vision ". In this critical analysis, Whiting portrays Barrett Browning as a
  28. Of — and something they are wary about publicizing. " We're nervous, to be, honest ,with you," Rockies general manager Dan O'Down says. " It's the first time we
  29. Naturalistic dialogue scenes stripped of melodrama, pulsing with the, honest ,rhythms of real-life conversation. He was nominated five times (see below)
  30. Of the cabinet of Saint Petersburg he confined himself to acting the part of ", honest ,broker" at the Congress, and shortly afterwards he ostentatiously contracted
  31. Players since the 1960s. Advantage play is the attempt to win more using ", honest ," skills such as memory, computation and observation. These techniques, while
  32. Debtors but there is evidence that his financial dealings were not always, honest , Following his release, he probably travelled in Europe and Scotland, and it may
  33. Constant throughout the series was that the Hillbillies, who were scrupulously, honest , were surrounded by cynical, conniving and money-hungry" city-folk," whose
  34. Wiesel said Solzhenitsyn is not an anti-Semite. " He is too intelligent, too, honest , too courageous, too great a writer. " He says he wishes Solzhenitsyn were more
  35. Mixed reviews by critics, who summed it as" timelier and a little more, honest ,than most romantic comedies. " Budgeted at US$32 million, the film became a
  36. you're honest about it, even if you're a conservative Republican, if you're, honest ,about it, this is a failed administration. And no honest conservative would say
  37. Majesty, and taking the Oath of Canonical Obedience" in all things lawful and, honest ," to the bishop. Usually they are instituted to the benefice by the bishop and
  38. Hung-Up Generation (Regency,1961),she described Ellison as" a good, clean, honest , writer,putting down what he has seen and known and no sensationalism about it
  39. And the violent actions of the Ku Klux Klan were justified to reestablish, honest ,government. The film suggested that the Ku Klux Klan restored order to the
  40. Although attacks are not studied as thoroughly as in striking-based arts,", honest ," attacks (a strong strike or an immobilizing grab) are needed to study
  41. 58 % answered" No" to the question" Do you generally think Bill Clinton is, honest ,and trustworthy? " Forty-seven percent of the respondents identified themselves
  42. Within while Catiline assaulted the city with an army of" moral bankrupts and, honest ,fanatics ". Catiline had attempted to involve the Allotropes, a tribe of
  43. Trait,e.g. treating an attractive person as more intelligent or more, honest , People tend to see others as tending to all good or tending to all bad. Thus
  44. She wrote at his funeral, : " May your sons be as fine and as noble and good and, honest ,as you were. May they follow in your steps..." Demise displayed a loyalty to
  45. Desiree, which reaches full impact when she pierces the facade with a nakedly, honest , tears-on-cheek 'Send in the Clowns. '" The AP reviewer wrote" Devotees of
  46. Suspension after testing positive for DHEA. Mayo termed his use of DHEA as" an, honest ,mistake ". Mayo is the seventh player to test positive for
  47. Barnes will Justify & approve both by mine both and the testimony of many, honest ,men, and almost all men with home he hath Conversed any time will testify the
  48. As best a person can about what he or she sees, fortified by insight and an ", honest ,persuasion" that with personal struggle, things could be improved. A human
  49. Darwin at Litchfield. Franklin belonged to a gentleman's club (designated ", honest ,Whigs" by Franklin),which held stated meetings, and included members such as
  50. Changed from Upper Volta to Burkina Faso, which translates to" land of, honest ,people ". Burkina Faso On 15 October 1987 Sankara was killed by an armed gang

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