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  1. Extra spurious cycle stealing, as the rendezvous radar updated an involuntary, counter , caused the computer alarms. When Armstrong again looked outside, he saw that
  2. Be correlated to multiple potential chains of causation. Mainstream economists, counter ,that conclusions that can be reached by pure logical deduction are limited and
  3. Fleet to re-establish their control over Cyprus, and 200 ships were sent out to, counter ,them under Simon, who returned from ostracism in 451 BC. He died during the
  4. Introduced. Notes An anti-ballistic missile (ABM) is a missile designed to, counter ,ballistic missiles (a missile for missile defense). A ballistic missile is
  5. Applied to cyberspace. Judge Patricia A. Sat found that the" virtual ticket, counter ," of the website was a virtual construct and hence not a" public place of
  6. Due to engine failure or track damage, it could not rotate its gun to, counter ,opposing tanks, making it highly vulnerable to counter fire. This vulnerability
  7. States soldiers are also stationed in the area to mainly train local forces in, counter ,terror and counter guerrilla operations, but as a status of forces agreement
  8. Targets. In February, General Washington dispatched General Lafayette to, counter ,Arnold, later also sending General Anthony Wayne. Arnold was reinforced with
  9. Was found guilty of assaulting a shop assistant by simply jumping over a, counter ,wearing a ski mask. The court said: Scottish law also provides for a more
  10. He had heard of Duke William's landing in England, and needed to rush south to, counter ,it. After the Battle of Hastings, Ealdred joined the group who tried to elevate
  11. And the orbital is z-axis symmetric. For the case where l 0 there are no, counter ,rotating modes. There are only radial modes and the shape is spherically
  12. Switched on or off at any time but is permanently attached to a hardware, counter ,so is normally only able to output a square wave. But if set to a frequency
  13. In the US Air Force * Anti-ballistic missile, missile systems designed to, counter ,ballistic missiles * Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, a treaty between the USA
  14. Is clearly seen lying beside an account book and doctor's prescriptions on the, counter ,of an apothecary's (Fabio). The similarity of the Roman abacus to the
  15. Can be extended to handle unequal sample weights, replacing the simple, counter ,n with the sum of weights seen so far. West (1979) suggests this incremental
  16. That will soon experience a metamorphosis which will destroy all human life. To, counter ,this threat, the player or a computer faction builds" The Voice of Alpha
  17. To have put a hex on him (78.15.2). Caracalla, it was claimed, tried to, counter ,this influence by invoking his ancestral spirits. In retribution Caracalla then
  18. Wakes up in hospital, where he is courted by government officials anxious to, counter ,the bad publicity created by his suicide attempt. With Alexander safely packed
  19. The advantage, better situated to outlast their opponents or crush them with a, counter ,attack as the provisions and stamina of the besieging forces waned. The means
  20. Bottom of the display down in two pixel increments because the internal display, counter ,is not incremented on blank scan lines during non-continuous graphics modes.
  21. Display, the Electron maintains an internal display address counter . The same, counter ,is used in both the continuous and non-continuous graphics modes and switching
  22. Resistant strains of bacteria. In some countries antibiotics are sold over the, counter ,without a prescription which also leads to the creation of resistant strains.
  23. Ψ graphs. The lobes can be viewed as interference patterns between the two, counter ,rotating" m" and" -m" modes, with the projection of the orbital onto the XY
  24. Threats. They can be used to launch devices (in some cases automatically) to, counter ,direct threats against the aircraft. They are also used to determine the state
  25. Kinsman. This did not, however,lead to a demotion, as Alexios was needed to, counter ,the expected invasion of the Normans of Southern Italy, led by Robert Discard.
  26. The problem of defense against MIRV's ABM systems were developed initially to, counter ,single warheads launched from large Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs
  27. Counters, that player may counter the next spell played, or put an additional, counter ,on a permanent that has already been played, but not counter ed ". Songs and
  28. Two of these + ←m> and - ←m>. For the case where m 0 the orbital is vertical, counter ,rotating information is unknown, and the orbital is z-axis symmetric. For the
  29. In 538 B. C. E. which left Amass with no major Near Eastern allies to, counter ,Persia's increasing military might. Tomb and desecration Amass II died in 526
  30. The United States bought the Philippines from Spain for $20 million USD. To, counter ,what he perceived as imperialism on the part of the United States, Carnegie
  31. Sanitized beforehand by aerial assets, and any obvious ambush sites noted, and, counter , measures taken. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan,Mi-24 Hind gunships were
  32. A reply from the Archbishops of Canterbury and York (1896) was issued to, counter ,Pope Leo's arguments: Series Office: Answer of the Archbishops of Canterbury
  33. Searched with a hand wand. The Nazi brothers checked in together at the ticket, counter ,at 07:29. Hand Hangout checked in separately and arrived at the passenger
  34. August. The move was seen by some fans as a belated attempt by the D'Backs to, counter ,the trade by their division rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers, for Boston Red Sox
  35. Or a player plays a spell that comes into play with counter s, that player may, counter ,the next spell played, or put an additional counter on a permanent that has
  36. Missiles. However, the term is used more commonly for systems designed to, counter ,intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). Current counter -ICBM systems
  37. By the French Navy in 1859; she prompted the British Royal Navy to build a, counter , The following year they launched Warrior, which was twice the size and had
  38. Succeeded in defeating him, repelling Babylonian attempts to invade Assyria, counter ,attacking and appropriating Babylonian territory in the process, thus further
  39. There was a need for" the maintenance of large concentrated forces able" to, counter ,major attacks from the American forces. In addition, the British were forced to
  40. Position within the display, the Electron maintains an internal display address, counter , The same counter is used in both the continuous and non-continuous graphics
  41. An enemy army, he would build them. If the enemy struck from the sea, he would, counter ,them with his own naval power. Characteristically, all of Alfred's innovations
  42. Same tradition. Abu Yusuf (based on the authority of In Iraq) mentioned a, counter ,tradition about the instructions of Abu Bakr, which claimed that Abu Bakr
  43. Ahmad Shah sacked the Mughal capital and withdrew with the booty he coveted. To, counter ,the Afghans, Peshwa Balaji Beijing sent Raghunathrao. He succeeded in ousting
  44. Modes and switching modes mid-frame does not cause any adjustment to the, counter , Firetruck switches from a non-continuous to a continuous graphics mode part
  45. RAM in addition to the ordinary 32 KB — giving 64 KB total. Some clever program, counter ,catches meant that the ordinary system ROMs and any software using the OS calls
  46. Those who hold to the importance of episcopal apostolic succession would, counter ,the above by appealing to the New Testament, which,they say, implies a
  47. Also stationed in the area to mainly train local forces in counter terror and, counter ,guerrilla operations, but as a status of forces agreement and under Philippine
  48. The founding of the Institute Catholic. The purpose of this institute was to, counter ,the effects of the absence of Catholic university education in France. These
  49. Term" anti-ballistic missile" describes any antimissile system designed to, counter ,ballistic missiles. However, the term is used more commonly for systems designed
  50. Bin Laden, let alone armed, trained,coached or indoctrinated them. This runs, counter ,to the account of Milton Bearded, the CIA Field Officer for Afghanistan from

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