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  1. Of conservation has widened and would more accurately be described as that of, ethical ,stewardship. The conservator applies some simple ethical guidelines, such as: *
  2. For an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor as an insecure, supremely, ethical , network TV reporter, who offers the rhetorical question," Wouldn't this be a
  3. Inspire this field of conservation. Ethics The conservator's work is guided by, ethical ,standards. These take the form of applied ethics. Ethical standards have been
  4. In conservation and allied fields; and charters and treaties pertaining to, ethical ,issues involving the preservation of cultural property. Specialization within
  5. Mentioned by Dante, who made his doctrine of free will the basis of his, ethical ,system. In his Divine Comedy, Dante places Albert us with his pupil Thomas
  6. And social issues at the national and global level: * Decision ethics, or, ethical , theories and ethical decision processes * Professional ethics, or ethics to
  7. Being a combination of beliefs on its morality; beliefs on the responsibility, ethical ,scope, and proper extent of governmental authorities in public policy; and on
  8. Chromosome and fragile X testing. As new genetic tests are developed several, ethical , legal, and social issues will emerge. Commercial availability of tests may
  9. Quality of education throughout the world, in particular in terms of its, ethical , cultural, and international dimensions. Waldorf schools receive full or
  10. Bible, which is an assertion against the Bible being a source of information or, ethical ,guidance, or observations that the Bible may have translation errors. Higher
  11. Directed at Kurosawa’s films is that the director’s preoccupation with, ethical ,and moral themes led him at times to create what some commentators regard as
  12. Causes as volition, need,motivation or motives, rational,irrational, ethical , and all that gives purpose to behavior. Additionally, things can be causes of
  13. And the international institutions that promote neoliberalism without regard to, ethical ,standards. Common targets include the World Bank (WB),International Monetary
  14. The notion of altruism The concept has a long history in philosophical and, ethical ,thought. The term was originally coined in the 19th century by the founding
  15. Tracts de intellects emendations) is the core of Spinoza's, ethical ,philosophy, what he held to be the true and final good. Spinoza held good and
  16. Holds an awareness of, and sympathy for, the will of other beings to live. An, ethical ,human strives to escape from this contradiction so far as possible. Though we
  17. The immediate facts of a real and concrete case. While casuistry makes use of, ethical ,theory, it does not view ethical theory as the most important feature of moral
  18. That based morality in the needs of" man's survival qua man ". She condemned, ethical ,altruism as incompatible with the requirements of human life and happiness, and
  19. Requires a good character (strike are),often translated as moral (or, ethical ,) virtue (or excellence). Aristotle taught that to achieve a virtuous and
  20. Athens http://www.attalus.org/old/athenaeus13c.html#591 XIII.591e). The ", ethical ," fragments preserved in Status' Florilegium may represent" some
  21. Two look at the nations surrounding Israel and then Israel itself through an, ethical ,lens. Chapters three to six are a collection of verses that look more
  22. Ethical issues in conservation provides a number of articles on, ethical ,issues in conservation; example of codes of ethics and guidelines for
  23. On to earn money, which violates copyright laws in many countries. The, ethical ,implications of distributing or watching fan subs are topics of much controversy
  24. From recognition of the giving). The term altruism may also refer to an, ethical ,doctrine that claims that individuals are morally obliged to benefit others.
  25. Because it had abandoned affirmation of (and respect for) life as its, ethical ,foundation. In the Preface to Civilization and Ethics (1923) he argued that
  26. Some source texts discuss meat eating as a fact without referring to the, ethical ,side of the issue. The Dharmaśāstra law books written around the 5th or 4th
  27. Enlightenment through spiritual rationalism, by giving priority to volition or, ethical ,will as the primary meaning of life. Mankind had to choose to create the moral
  28. Parts of the world there is prominent and divisive public controversy over the, ethical ,and legal issues of abortion. Abortion and abortion-related issues feature
  29. Law School, testified before Congress on May 13, 2009 that the memos were" an, ethical ,train wreck" and had been drafted to" reverse engineer" a defense for
  30. All forms of faith and religion. She supported rational egoism and rejected, ethical ,altruism. In politics, she condemned the initiation of force as immoral and
  31. These views covered theological determinism, agnosticism,humanism along with, ethical ,culture, opting for Spinoza's god over belief in a personal god. Albert
  32. In this preservation of being by the guidance of reason as one's central, ethical ,doctrine. According to Spinoza, the highest virtue is the intellectual love or
  33. Sound vision could be developed, in part, by practicing rigorous forms of, ethical ,and cognitive self-discipline, concentration,and meditation; in particular, a
  34. Standards for robotics users and manufacturers, as well as guidelines on, ethical ,standards to be programmed into robots to prevent human abuse of robots and
  35. Described as that of ethical stewardship. The conservator applies some simple, ethical ,guidelines, such as: * Appropriate materials and methods that aim to be
  36. Attain enlightenment and ultimately liberation, one must practice the following, ethical ,principles (major vows) in thought, speech and action. The degree to which
  37. Orgelbewegung). Schweitzer's passionate quest was to discover a universal, ethical ,philosophy, anchored in a universal reality, and make it directly available to
  38. Debate, controversy,and activism. An individual's position on the complex, ethical , moral, philosophical,biological, and legal issues is often related to his or
  39. Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics: The Virtuous Egoist, a volume on Rand's, ethical ,theory published by Cambridge University Press. Rand's ideas have also been
  40. Concrete case. While casuistry makes use of ethical theory, it does not view, ethical ,theory as the most important feature of moral reasoning. Casuists, like Albert
  41. Manner (Jerusalem Talmud Rosh Hashanah i. 57a). The many homiletic and, ethical ,(haggadistic) sayings recorded of him show similar ability. As a haggis
  42. From passion. In this narrower sense the word has played a great part in, ethical ,systems, which have spoken of the social or parental affections as in some
  43. Authority, enlightened self-interest, veganism or any number of alternative, ethical ,doctrines. Phenomena such as civilization, technology (e.g. within
  44. Absalom Humalog was at odds with his father, the two fighting a moral and, ethical ,battle of sorts over the course of some of the novel's the most important events.
  45. While also presenting a unified picture of the world, both physical and, ethical , The topics dealt with are the nature of the heavenly motions and the
  46. At the national and global level: * Decision ethics, or ethical theories and, ethical ,decision processes * Professional ethics, or ethics to improve professionalism
  47. To exhaust financial resources by pursuing ineffective treatment. Profession, ethical ,codes set by accrediting organizations such as the National Certification
  48. Have been established across the world, and national and international, ethical ,guidelines have been written. One such example is: * American Institute for
  49. The reasons for his refusal of the Crawford Prize. He declined the prize on, ethical ,grounds in an open letter to the media. While the issue of military funding was
  50. He cannot face his lover if it is as a coward. Narrow lives according to an, ethical ,code that demands that he act in a way that benefits the whole community, even

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