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  1. S first release not to achieve Platinum status in the US, only achieving Gold, certification , Although the album's only single" Am I Going Insane (Radio) " failed to
  2. Of prominence. One such example is the Certified Clinical Engineer (CCE), certification , for Clinical engineers. Founding figures * Leslie Geodes (deceased)- Professor
  3. Music, current owner of Crosby's Decca catalog, has never requested RIAA, certification ,for any of his hit singles. In 1962,Crosby was given the Grammy Lifetime
  4. Government accounting professional organization, that administers the CGFM, certification ,Places * AGA, the Hungarian name for Bestowal Commune, Timiş County, Romania
  5. Addition, the church employs an independent audit department that provides its, certification ,at each annual general conference that church contributions are collected and
  6. That the holder is board-certified by the NCC AOM. Twenty-three states require, certification , according to that body. A poll of American doctors in 2005 showed that 59 %
  7. To use the brand are required to first acquire the Brunei halal label (or the, certification ,for compliance with accepted manufacturing and slaughtering practices under
  8. The Recording Industry Association of America did not institute its gold record, certification ,program until 1958,by which point Crosby's record sales were barely a blip;
  9. United States, professional licenses are usually issued by state agencies. The, certification ,assessment process, for some organizations, is very similar or even the same as
  10. Materials that his later projects would require. Fuller earned a machinist's, certification , and knew how to use the press brake, stretch press, and other tools and
  11. Standard ASTM E2659-09. *In 2009,ANSI began accepting applications for, certification ,bodies seeking accreditation according to requirements defined under the Toy
  12. Can be quite different and more comprehensive than that of licensure., certification ,and licensure differ only in terms of legal status. The American National
  13. SG-1 and the films Gargamel and The Prestige. Professional certification , trade, certification , or professional designation, often called simply certification or
  14. For Competency Assurance (NOVA) is a US-based organization that helps, certification ,bodies, primarily in health care and related fields, by providing them with
  15. Individual is certified). As a part of a complete renewal of an individual's, certification , it is common for the individual to show evidence of continued learning — often
  16. Same manner as earlier 767s. The 767 was the first aircraft to receive CAT AIIB, certification ,from the FAA in 1984. All 767s have the same forward cockpit windows as the 757
  17. Of Dylan's all-time best-selling studio releases, with a double-platinum US, certification ,by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Recording Initially
  18. Program (TSCP) as the official third-party accredit or of TSCP’s product, certification ,bodies. *In 2006,ANSI launched http://www.standardsportal.org/ WWW.
  19. And Ultraviolet disinfection unit, becoming the first home system to achieve, certification ,for ANSI/NSF Standards 42,53 and 55. The unit was also the first commercial
  20. Have been imposed on the basis of national legislation (e.g. the USA used, certification ,under the Kelly Amendment to get Japan to revoke its reservation to hawks bill
  21. United Arab Emirates and stayed with Hangout. On September 10,he completed a, certification ,flight, using a terrain recognition system for navigation, at Congressional Air
  22. Economic and political analysts, etc." Some astrological organizations offer, certification ,for astrologers. Notes Babylonian
  23. Bluetooth SIG. The SIG also manages the Bluetooth SIG Qualification program,a, certification ,process required for any product using Bluetooth wireless technology and a
  24. Cost in terms of slowing access to life-saving developments. Training and, certification ,Education Biomedical engineers require considerable knowledge of both
  25. Same way. ANSI also accredits organizations that carry out product or personnel, certification ,in accordance with requirements defined in international standards. The
  26. The contractor (see also Design-bid-build). In many jurisdictions, mandatory, certification , or assurance of the work is required. Depending on the client's needs and the
  27. Then granted for the body of the Servant of God to be exhumed and examined,a, certification ,(" non cults" ) is made that no superstitious or heretical worship or
  28. Trends and issues of concern to practitioners and organizations focused on, certification , obtaining licenses, and human resource development. Many members of the
  29. Continuing education — or earning continuing education units (CEU). Most, certification ,programs are created, sponsored,or affiliated with professional associations
  30. S degree in engineering represents the first step towards professional, certification ,and the degree program itself is certified by a professional body. After
  31. Tests for safety and efficacy. Once a prototype has passed the tests at a, certification ,lab, and that model is being constructed under the control of a certified
  32. To allow engineers to practice across international borders. The advantages of, certification ,vary depending upon location. For example, in the United States and Canada "
  33. Need to be licensed or pass any standardized (or govern mentally regulated), certification , tests in order to call themselves" programmers" or even" software engineers.
  34. Scheduled for occupancy in 2009. Goldman Sachs is seeking gold-level, certification ,under the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and
  35. Suds were produced, in theory, standard −100Bs can be modified to the SUD, certification , Nine −100Bs were built, one for Iran Air and eight for Saudi (now Saudi
  36. Position. Five albums received RIAA gold (more than 500,000 copies sold), certification , and three acquired platinum (more than 1 million copies sold) status. ABBA
  37. Organizations enjoy association support and endorsement. The growth of, certification ,programs is also a reaction to the changing employment market. Certifications
  38. Series Stargate SG-1 and the films Gargamel and The Prestige. Professional, certification , trade certification , or professional designation, often called simply
  39. To support modern agriculture practices. Farmers are supported by education and, certification ,programs that ensure they apply agricultural practices with care and only when
  40. And was certified gold in less than two months, eventually receiving platinum, certification ,in the 1980s Critical response of the era was generally unfavorable, with
  41. Maintaining ethical standards for the profession. Even in jurisdictions where, certification ,has little or no legal bearing on work, engineers are subject to contract law.
  42. And New Mexico. This was conducted as part of an ongoing Air Force testing and, certification ,program to reduce reliance on traditional oil sources. On 4 August 2008,a B-1B
  43. 1958–1962,CBS),20 minutes,5 mornings a week, with Rosemary Clooney. RIAA, certification ,Base or BASE may refer to: In computing: *BASE (search engine),Bielefeld
  44. For European approval and will take around one month to receive CE mark, certification ,after recommendation. In a double-blind test the boosting condom gave a
  45. For a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Pet Sounds and the double-platinum, certification ,of their greatest hits compilation, Sounds of Summer: The Very Best of The
  46. For JAL. The type's maiden flight occurred on February 26, 1986,with FAA, certification ,and first delivery on March 24, 1986. JAL operated the −100BSR SUD with 563
  47. For a martyr, the Pope has only to make a declaration of martyrdom,a, certification ,that the venerable gave his or her life voluntarily as a witness for the faith
  48. It also received several certification s around the world, including a Diamond, certification ,by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA),for shipments over
  49. Trade certification , or professional designation, often called simply, certification ,or qualification, is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification
  50. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), certification , in July 1982. The first delivery occurred on August 19, 1982,to United

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