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  1. It was moved to Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay, in India),to make it more, accessible ,to the populations of Asia and Africa. This appointment saw the participation
  2. Upstream from the mouth of the Good at Port Gentile (Cape Lopez) (and so, accessible ,to external communications),but downstream of most tributaries, so that
  3. The heart of the audience. Many of the songs in Mahagonny are very simple and, accessible , The" Alabama Song ", for example, can be picked up absentmindedly and hummed.
  4. Allusions and humor helped make these famously difficult subjects quite, accessible , Eddington's books and lectures were immensely popular with the public, not
  5. Computers (though the switch was inside the computer) and in the Apple PIGS (, accessible ,via the built-in control panel). The international models used the same
  6. Without grade separation, and sometimes without a central reservation. Most are, accessible ,by cyclists. The S100 Centering is a smaller ring road circumnavigating the
  7. G-Spot — a small area behind the female pubic bone surrounding the urethra and, accessible ,through the anterior wall of the vagina — is considered to have legs in
  8. That the standards were developed in an environment that is equitable, accessible ,and responsive to the requirements of various stakeholders. Voluntary consensus
  9. Security boundary within which users, computers,group, and other objects are, accessible , Organizational units The objects held within a domain can be grouped into
  10. Or unwilling to provide clarification on the distribution requirements for, accessible ,wheelchair locations in large assembly spaces. While Section 4.33.3 of ADAYG
  11. In terms of delta v and propellant requirements, NEOs are more easily, accessible ,than the Moon. The first close-up photographs of asteroid-like objects were
  12. Armenian variant, the Modern Eastern was in many ways more practical and, accessible ,to the masses than Radar. Both centers vigorously pursued the promotion of
  13. And Korea all have water resources per capita below the global average, while, accessible , supplies are being depleted. For example, water resources per capita in China
  14. The park's extensive trail system features over of trails, including both, accessible ,and interpretive trails. Hikers, bikers and horseback riders can observe the
  15. Are still utilized for studio work, as flexible keyboardists are usually more, accessible ,for live performances. Notably, the Finnish symphonic folk-metal band Tourists
  16. Accessible technology yields great rewards to the typical user as well; good, accessible ,design is universal design. One example is the" curb cuts" ( or dropped curbs
  17. With AA versus non-AA subjects are also difficult because AA is so easily, accessible , Twelve-step groups, like AA, are not conducive to probability sampling of
  18. Is considered to have legs in relation to the clitoris which may also be, accessible ,through anal penetration. Stimulation of the clitoris, G-Spot,or both, during
  19. Is available in many encryption packages. AES is the first publicly, accessible ,and open cipher approved by the National Security Agency (NSA) for top secret
  20. Among green spaces, connected to wide roads, making the neighborhoods easily, accessible ,by motor car. The western suburbs which were built in that period are
  21. Artists are back in the villa's studios. Monuments * Notre Dame d'Antique, accessible ,by one cable car, is one of the city's the most outstanding monuments: located in
  22. Case was significant because it set a precedent for the uniform distribution of, accessible ,seating and gave the DOJ the opportunity to clarify previously unclear rules.
  23. Monument. These villages, called pueblos by Spanish settlers, were often only, accessible ,by rope or through rock climbing. These astonishing building achievements had
  24. Boating The park has multiple private and public boat ramps as well as an, accessible ,fishing dock. Richmond Lake has a population of walleye, northern pike, bass
  25. Group must be involved in the design process to make sure that the design is, accessible ,and usable. In the example above, a voice message could be used to remind the
  26. Kansas Atmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson, and were digitized and made, accessible ,on the Internet. New mission naming scheme The astronauts' widows asked that
  27. Oxyacetylene welding may also be used in areas where electricity is not readily, accessible , As well, oxy-fuel cutting is still very popular and oxyacetylene cutting is
  28. Exports include timber, citrons,skins, chestnuts and Gallic acid. The port is, accessible ,by the largest ships, but its accommodation is indifferent. In 1904 there
  29. Athens, ( accessible by car or cable car) and the nearby town of Outrage (, accessible ,by car via the Athens – Corinth National Highway, or the suburban rail service
  30. American Samoa Science and medicine * Accessible surface area of a biomolecule, accessible ,to a solvent * Acetylsalicylic acid, the chemical name for the analgesic
  31. Restrooms, concessions and parking. Additionally, the distribution of the, accessible ,seating was at issue, with nearly all the seats being provided in the end-zone
  32. For example in the controversy over cochlear implants for children. Universally, accessible ,technology yields great rewards to the typical user as well; good accessible
  33. Structural innovation. Other examples are standing frames, text telephones, accessible ,keyboards, large print, Braille,& speech recognition computer software. People
  34. Unaware of Church's work at the time. Turing's approach is considerably more, accessible ,and intuitive. It was also novel in its notion of a 'Universal (Turing)
  35. Of impairment. Examples include Web accessibility a set of guidelines and two, accessible ,web portals designed for people developing reading skills are peep. Com
  36. It is satisfied by the system of natural numbers, an infinite but intuitively, accessible ,formal system. However, at present, there is no known way of demonstrating the
  37. Route out of the state through Canada. The state capital, Juneau,is not, accessible ,by road, only a car ferry, which has spurred several debates over the decades
  38. Normally, the god's domain was sealed off from the outside world and was only, accessible ,to temple officials. Common citizens could worship private statues in their
  39. Since. By the 20th century, the choral tradition had become for many the most, accessible ,face of worldwide Anglicanism – especially as promoted through the regular
  40. Which ruled that sidewalks were a" program" under ADA and must be made, accessible ,to persons with disabilities. The ruling was later appealed to the U. S.
  41. Cases. Casinos operate on both Mount Parish, some from downtown Athens, (, accessible , by car or cable car) and the nearby town of Outrage ( accessible by car via
  42. Offers a quiet camping experience. The park also features a wheelchair, accessible ,camping cabin.; Trails The park's extensive trail system features over of
  43. Characters in Roman mythology (by J. Prayer). Access The Arc de Triomphe is, accessible ,by the RER and Metro, with exit at the Charles de Gaulle—Étoile station.
  44. p. 84) noted:" Clement may be referring to some known, but hardly, accessible ,land, lying without the pillars of Hercules. But more probably he contemplated
  45. F6P). The protein has two binding sites for ATP - the active site is, accessible ,in either protein conformation, but ATP binding to the inhibitor site
  46. Related to the Witting reaction is the Peterson LegiNation. This uses a less, accessible ,silicon-based reagent in place of the phosphate, but it allows for the
  47. Add 329 wheelchair seats throughout the stadium by 2010,and an additional 135, accessible , seats in clubhouses to go along with the existing 88 wheelchair seats. This
  48. As another fruit. The colored stripes were conceived to make the logo more, accessible , and to represent the fact the monitor could reproduce images in color. The
  49. The existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world, accessible ,to direct experience through inner development. More specifically, it aims to
  50. Easy to listen to. This music setting matches with the idea of making music, accessible ,to the public, and not just for educated artists. The music style also displays

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