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  1. To lead to legal action. Some organizations, such as the Church of Scientology, insist ,that the practice is still commonplace, and they often make statements that
  2. Season premiere, Ross and Rachel briefly reconcile, but Ross continues to, insist ,that the two were on a break. Joey dates Kathy, a theater actress, but Chandler
  3. The tathāgatagarbha surreys, in a departure from mainstream Buddhist language, insist ,that the true self lies at the very heart of the Buddha himself and of nirvana
  4. The doctrine's failure: * Different churches that claim apostolic succession, insist ,that they alone are the true Church, and other churches in apostolic succession
  5. As" correct" is actually correct. Some proof verifier, such as Metamath, insist ,on having a complete derivation as input. Others, such as Mizar and Isabelle
  6. Then with the problem of finding a new Jewish identity. Their answer was to, insist ,on strict observance of the Law (the Torah),isolation from the gentiles, and
  7. Year. The new pope, Adrian VI, sent his nuncio Chieregati to the Diet, to, insist , both that the edict of Worms be executed, and that action be taken promptly
  8. Friendship with the Empire, and invited Diocletian to visit him. Roman sources, insist ,that the act was entirely voluntary. Around the same time, perhaps in 287
  9. Also mandatory. Since a moving bicycle makes little noise, some countries, insist ,that bicycles have a warning bell for use when approaching pedestrians
  10. Of antibiotics has been attributed to a number of causes including: people who, insist ,on antibiotics, physicians simply prescribe them as they feel they do not have
  11. Pressed they have acknowledged that the payment was an accounting mistake, but, insist , that Bianca was wrong in failing to inform the band directly. Details about
  12. Original sin, in the East ancestral sin. Eastern Orthodox Christians usually, insist ,on complete threefold immersion as both a symbol of death and rebirth into
  13. Made for winning bets are self-policed by the players. Rolling The dealers will, insist ,that the shooter roll with one hand and that the dice bounce off the far wall
  14. Its technical merits and some praise it as among Kurosawa's best, while others, insist ,that it lacks complexity and genuine narrative power, with still others
  15. Kosovo Liberation Army (LA),saying" He was the first member of Congress to, insist ,that the United States arm the Kosovo Liberation Army, and one of the few
  16. In this case membership in the Church. The Latin Rite Catholic Church does not, insist ,on this condition, considering that the effect of the sacrament, such as
  17. By the West that it is heretical (something that not all Orthodox now, insist ,on) would conflict with the Western doctrine of the infallibility of the
  18. Other system, so seems to be permanently lost. Nevertheless, some cosmologists, insist ,that energy is conserved in some sense. Thermodynamics of the universe is a
  19. As monarchism, libertarianism and Objectives also support the free market, and, insist , on its pure form. Although the Western world shares a generally similar form of
  20. Is usually synonymous with Director of Photography, though some professionals, insist ,this only applies when the Director of Photography and Camera Operator are the
  21. Gerald, a dying alcoholic, and Ivy, a pseudo-Buddhist ascetic, continue to, insist ,that the plan was perfect and that the failure of their father's company was
  22. By Zeus, she disguised herself as Semele's nurse and persuaded the princess to, insist ,that Zeus show himself to her in his true form. When he was compelled to do so
  23. Already decided to flee the country. He feared that his English enemies would, insist ,on his execution and that William would give in to their demands. Convinced
  24. Provided further grounds for discouragement. Nonetheless, Rommel continued to, insist ,that success was imminent. His relations with his subordinate commanders were
  25. Susceptible to card counting. As a result, casinos are more likely to, insist ,that players do not reveal their cards to one another in single deck games. In
  26. Some assert the lack of broad adoption was due to an inherent flaw, others, insist , they were only intended for his observance. While it is possible the war of
  27. Everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have. ” *“To, insist ,on strength is not warmongering. It is peace-mongering. ” *“It’s time America
  28. Allegations, but others such as the Palestinians and the Tripartite Tract ate, insist ,on the goodness of the world and the Demiurge. Buddhism and Gnosticism The idea
  29. Beings (as we see them today) are actually" zombies," who nevertheless, insist ,they are conscious. This suggests it's unlikely that Searle's" causal
  30. Comprising roughly 16 % of the territory of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani sources, insist ,that Armenian victory was largely due to military help from Russia and the
  31. Robes and some court ceremony and attendants) and also attempting to, insist ,on the practice of prosthesis for his Greek subjects. This is probably an
  32. Of past events such as the There eruption or the Trojan War, while others, insist ,that he took inspiration from contemporary events like the destruction of
  33. Infants; many others hold that only believer’s baptism is true baptism. Some, insist ,on submersion or at least partial immersion of the person who is baptized
  34. Not have a final cut privilege. The studio (whose investment is at risk) can, insist ,on changes that they feel will make the film more likely to succeed at the box
  35. Into the priesthood. Some Oriental Orthodox churches, like the Egyptian Copts, insist ,that parish priests be married. Universally, monastics,by their vocation, and
  36. In that revolution, such as Jerry Odor, reject epiphenomenalism and, insist ,upon the efficacy of the mind. Odor even speaks of" euphoria"—fear that one
  37. Jacob Kaiser. Manuel was involved in the negotiations. Bern was not prepared to, insist ,on the unhindered preaching or the prohibition of the pension system. Zurich
  38. Even if her marriage to Arthur had not been consummated (and Catherine would, insist , to her dying day, that she had come to Henry's bed a virgin),Henry's
  39. Difference in points of view applies to the notion of function. Most authors, insist ,on distinguishing between a function's codomain and its range. Thus, a single
  40. Grace. However, the same measure has been taken also by churches that normally, insist ,on the importance of receiving communion under both forms. This was done in
  41. To take immediate action. Her exact words are unclear: undercover agents, insist ,she ordered the crowd to" take everything ... by force ", while Goldman later
  42. By some to be a hacker. ") A large segment of the technical community, insist ,the latter is the" correct" usage of the word (see the Jargon File
  43. Source of inspiration throughout her life. Her father, meanwhile,continued to, insist ,on a domestic future for her, and he tried to arrange for her to be married at
  44. Widely criticized by media. It has been alleged that some FIFA inside sources, insist ,that the Russian kickbacks of cash and gifts given to FIFA executive members
  45. Jones, and here are all the little Joneses. " Now his wife would be furious and, insist ,that he tell the master d' the truth. " Oh, all right," said Grouchy. " My
  46. Is considered a synonym for the philosophy of art since Hegel, while others, insist ,that there is a significant distinction between these closely related fields.
  47. Lithuanian historians, in cooperation (since 1990) with Polish historians, insist ,on the importance of the notion * Central Europe as a region connected to the
  48. A consumer considering a purchase of an expensive emerald is well advised to, insist ,upon a treatment report from a reputable gemological laboratory. All other
  49. Of written remarks was now well established so that a few years later he had to, insist ,that these not be read out during performances. He had mostly stopped using
  50. A definition of honesty,Huxley's usual definition goes beyond mere honesty to, insist ,that these metaphysical issues are fundamentally unknowable. Robert G.

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