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  1. Studies and offered an amendment to that year's defense authorization bill to, cap ,production of the bombers to the existing 21 aircraft. The amendment was
  2. For services to football. More milestones followed as he won his 100th England, cap ,on 21 April 1970 against Northern Ireland, and was made cap tain by Ramsey for
  3. And impose a salary cap to keep expenditures down. Players felt that such a, cap ,would reduce their potential earnings. The players officially went on strike on
  4. The early childcare simpler (by greatly reducing laundry, diaper rash, cradle, cap , etc.),while encouraging the baby to be more confident, mobile,comfortable
  5. 500,000 by the end of the first week. In May of the same year,Apple's market, cap ,exceeded that of competitor Microsoft for the first time since 1989. Apple
  6. Air Act. Title IV of these amendments established the Acid Rain Program,a, cap ,and trade system designed to control emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen
  7. The purple cassock with amaranth trim, rochet, purple zucchetto (skull, cap ,), purple biretta, and pectoral cross. The Zappa magma may be worn, but only
  8. Mr. October ". *Carlton Fisk: Fisk went into the hall with a Boston Red Sox, cap ,on his plaque in 2000 despite playing with the Chicago White Sox longer and
  9. His acrimonious relationship with Red Sox management. *Andre Dawson: Dawson's, cap ,depicts him as a member of the Montreal Expos, his team for eleven years
  10. Navy blue top and brim with a white A on the front, similar to the team's away, cap ,from 1966 to 1971. Achievement Awards Team records Retired numbers The Braves
  11. Celestial bodies around the earth is likened by Ximenes to the way that a, cap ,may be turned around the head. Other Phenomena Ximenes used his observations
  12. Wore traditional espadrilles, a sash and a bar retina (the traditional Catalan, cap ,), he danced sardines” and he openly proclaimed his Catalan identity:“ I
  13. A chessboard design top, and Danny (from the Bash Street Kids) has a similar, cap ,), but they have changed for Minnie and Ball Boy (Minnie at one point had a
  14. Was fired in 2000. His replacement had to commit to an $8.55 billion, cap ,on federal contributions. Total expenses eventually passed $15 billion.
  15. Kind and affectionate. There is something very noble in his expression when his, cap ,is off. However, Mark Twain discovers Alexander II's desire to gain control of
  16. For Atlanta. Until 2008 this cap was also worn with the gray road jerseys. The, cap ,worn with the Red Jerseys is the same color scheme as the standard game hat but
  17. And insignia Every regiment and corps has its own distinctive insignia, such as, cap ,badge, beret,tactical recognition flash and stable belt. Throughout the army
  18. George Steinbrenner. In 2001,the Hall of Fame decided to change the policy on, cap ,logo selection, as a result of rumors that some teams were offering
  19. Born and raised in Texas, Ryan entered the Hall in 1999 wearing a Texas Rangers, cap ,on his plaque, although he spent only five seasons with the Rangers, while
  20. Worn with a navy blue batting helmet with red brim and a white A in front. The, cap ,worn with the blue road jerseys and gray road jerseys has a navy blue top and
  21. Blue clay and other soils extracted from the path of the tunnel were used to, cap ,many local landfills, fill in the Granite Rail Quarry in Quincy, and restore
  22. First step on a ladder whose acme is the national baseball team. The baseball, cap ,has become a ubiquitous fashion item not only in the United States and Japan
  23. The Boston Red Sox uniform. Boggs would eventually be depicted wearing a Boston, cap ,for his 2005 induction, despite his acrimonious relationship with Red Sox
  24. Dress is often peculiarly Persian – that is, close-fitting trousers and a high, cap ,called the Kiwanis. They were usually on horseback but sometimes on foot. They
  25. By Reinhardt, Iommi created two thimbles made of plastic and leather to, cap ,off his missing fingers. The guitarist began using lighter strings, and
  26. And the second is aspirated (plain). Plain also occurs as the p in, cap , or the second p in paper. Chinese languages treat these two phones differently
  27. Reservoir with the viscous ink. The simplest types of ball point pens have a, cap ,to cover the tip when the pen is not in use, while others have a mechanism for
  28. And NOX emissions by over 60 percent from 2003 levels. Overall, the Program's, cap ,and trade program has been successful in achieving its goals. Since the 1990s
  29. New York Mets, and wanted his induction plaque to depict him wearing a Mets, cap , even though he had spent twelve years (1974–84, 1992) with the Montreal
  30. Are passed by the voters in their area. These local taxes have a ceiling or, cap ,; they cannot exceed $25 for each 1 % of tax assessed. These additional taxes
  31. Last two of his no-hitters. *Reggie Jackson: Jackson chose a New York Yankees, cap ,over an Oakland Athletics cap . As a member of the Kansas City/Oakland A's
  32. Charles Finley and George Steinbrenner). His plaque shows him wearing a, cap ,without a logo. *Nolan Ryan: Born and raised in Texas, Ryan entered the Hall in
  33. The following: *Frank Robinson: Robinson chose to have the Baltimore Orioles, cap ,displayed on his plaque, although he had played ten seasons with the Cincinnati
  34. For the 2010 Formula One season as a cost cap ped team under the new budget, cap ,regulations. The Graham family was not involved and announced that it was
  35. Tube was apparently damaged, and photographs suggested that the close-out, cap ,on the top of the tank may have hit the fuel cell shelf. The report of the
  36. Kelly Gregg and Derrick Mason that they would be cut in order to free up salary, cap ,space. Following these cuts, the Ravens acquired fullback Volta Leach, wide
  37. Continues 10 % of the army will be from Commonwealth countries before 2012. The, cap ,is in place as some fear the army's British character is being diluted, and
  38. Plant pollution that drifts from one state to another. AIR will permanently, cap ,emissions of SO2 and NOX in the eastern United States. When fully implemented
  39. Such as number retirement, money,or organizational jobs, in exchange for the, cap ,designation. (For example, though Wade Boggs denied the claims, some media
  40. Made his first address to the nation, announcing his plan to raise taxes to, cap ,the budget deficit. Two days later, in a nationally televised address to a
  41. Was that a lance rest could be fitted to the breastplate. The small skull, cap ,evolved into a bigger true helmet, the bassinet, as it was lengthened downward
  42. 6 per share (split-adjusted) to over $80. In January 2006,Apple's market, cap ,surpassed that of Dell. Nine years prior,Dell's CEO Michael Dell said that if
  43. To road series. There are three cap s that the Braves wear. The standard game, cap ,is one worn with the white home jerseys, and it has a red brim and navy blue
  44. Brim and navy blue top with a white A on the front for Atlanta. Until 2008 this, cap ,was also worn with the gray road jerseys. The cap worn with the Red Jerseys is
  45. Historic District, Chicago,Illinois Clothing * Balm oral bonnet, an untrimmed, cap ,common in Highland dress, named for the Scottish village and castle Education *
  46. Black alternate jerseys (usually on Fridays) with the alternate" O's ", cap , whether at home or on the road. Radio and television Current Radio Orioles
  47. TV revenue sharing to increase equity amongst the teams and impose a salary, cap ,to keep expenditures down. Players felt that such a cap would reduce their
  48. Of many units and organizations within the Canadian Forces, such as on the, cap ,badges of the Royal 22e Regiment and the Canadian Military Engineers. Toronto
  49. Great ended the Ravens' season, as they lost 27–10. Baltimore ran into salary, cap ,problems entering the 2002 season and was forced to part with a number of
  50. To be distributed. Although he still wore a standard British officer's, cap ,on arrival in the desert, he briefly wore an Australian broad-brimmed hat

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