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  1. Molecule or class of molecules—they may be extremely selective in what they, bind , Antibodies are an example of proteins that attach to one specific type of
  2. The entire range of the HIV variant population. The enzyme does more than, bind ,to the site, it actually destroys the site, rendering the HIV inert, and
  3. May be submitted to arbitration. Furthermore, arbitration agreements can only, bind ,parties who have agreed, expressly or impliedly to arbitrate. Arbitration
  4. Protein A, protein G, and protein L are examples of proteins that strongly, bind ,to various antibody isotopes. Origin of the term antigen In 1899,Ladislav
  5. The pronated amine. The nitrogen atom features a lone electron pair that can, bind ,H+ to form an ammonium ion R3NH+. The lone electron pair is represented in this
  6. And uracil; Thymine only bind s with Adenine; and Cytosine and Guanine can only, bind ,with each other. Carbohydrates The function of carbohydrates includes energy
  7. Protocols, uniting them into one universal standard. The Bluetooth logo is a, bind ,rune merging the Younger Fut hark runes's initials. Implementation Bluetooth
  8. Bacteria, plasmid-mediated resistance genes produce proteins that can, bind ,to DNA gyrate, protecting it from the action of quinolones. Finally, mutations
  9. Such as the complement pathway. Activation of complement Antibodies that, bind ,to surface antigens on, for example, a bacterium attract the first component of
  10. Others, while following Lincoln's strong dictate to" Make no contracts that, bind ,me ". Most Republicans agreed with Lincoln that the North was the aggrieved
  11. Is such that the aluminum induces a release of organic compounds that, bind ,to the harmful aluminum cations. Sorghum is believed to have the same
  12. Can infect only certain bacteria bearing receptors to which they can, bind , which in turn determines the phage's host range. Host growth conditions also
  13. Potency to high potency, where potency referred to the ability of the drug to, bind ,to dopamine receptors, and not to the effectiveness of the drug. High-potency
  14. The effects of TNF and FAS. For example the M-T2 protein of maxima viruses can, bind ,TNF preventing it from bind ing the TNF receptor and inducing a response.
  15. Fold, which is a general nucleotide- bind ing structural domain that can also, bind ,the coenzyme NAD. The most common ATP- bind ing proteins, known as kinases, share
  16. Differ much from the horns of our oxen. These they anxiously seek after, and, bind , at the tips with silver, and use as cups at their most sumptuous entertainments
  17. Substitution. In addition, alkanes have been shown to interact with, and, bind , to,certain transition metal complexes in (See: carbon-hydrogen bond
  18. The benzene ring fused onto the dateline ring. Nonbenzodiazepines also, bind ,to the benzodiazepine bind ing site on the GA BAA receptor and possess similar
  19. And described how the addition of powdered glass could create a film to, bind ,it to the metal. German brass making crucibles are known from Dortmund dating
  20. data, before incorporation into DNA. Binding to proteins Some proteins that, bind ,ATP do so in a characteristic protein fold known as the Roseann fold, which is
  21. Delete reportedly deployed the funding from his Guggenheim Fellowship to, bind ,his comic book collection, most recently valued in the millions of dollars
  22. Osteoclast activity. Osteoprotegerin is secreted by osteoblasts and is able to, bind ,RANK-L, inhibiting osteoclast stimulation. Osteoporosis is most common in women
  23. Liege, free ", of Germanic origin. The connection with Latin linear," to, bind ," is erroneous. Usage The term allegiance was traditionally often used by
  24. Service books, the Prayer Book is still acknowledged as one of the ties that, bind ,the Anglican Communion together. Anglican identity Development By the
  25. From Old Persian, Avestan bast-" bound, tied; slave" ( cf. Cosmetic bættən ", bind ,", bast " bound" ) and Iranian *area-" offspring ", equating it with the
  26. Then to agglutinate. Since an antibody has at least two paradoxes it can, bind ,more than one antigen by bind ing identical epitomes carried on the surfaces of
  27. An antigen that is not yet processed by an APC to smaller parts. T cells cannot, bind ,native antigens, but require that they be processed by APC's, whereas B cells
  28. Protein, e. g., the addition of long hydrophobic groups can cause a protein to, bind ,to a phospholipid membrane. Some nonstandard amino acids are not found in
  29. Who have agreed, expressly or impliedly to arbitrate. Arbitration cannot, bind ,nonsignatories to an arbitration contract, even if those nonsignatories later
  30. Of skeletal muscle. One property many proteins have is that they specifically, bind ,to a certain molecule or class of molecules—they may be extremely selective in
  31. That receptors (described as“ side chains” ) on the surface of cells could, bind ,specifically to toxins – in a" lock-and-key" interaction – and that this
  32. For many farmers in both developing and developed countries, GMO seeds legally, bind ,farmers to change their seed saving practices to buying new seed every year.
  33. It to be molded into larger 'plates '. Cool bacilli has also been employed to, bind ,books. External links
  34. Protein (IAP) is over expressed in cells of the H460 cell line. Xians, bind ,to the processed form of caspase-9,and suppress the activity of apoptotic
  35. Some bacteria have changed the proteins that beta-lactam antibiotics, bind , the penicillin- bind ing proteins (Pops). Since the Pops are no longer
  36. With autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematous, where they can, bind ,to and hydrolyze DNA. Enzymes are potential tools in biotechnology, e. g., too
  37. Laws of my being would break down my Karma or dissolve the spell that seems to, bind ,me. " Slightly more than a month later, having taken ether (ethyl oxide),he
  38. Service books, the Prayer Book is still acknowledged as one of the ties that, bind ,the Anglican Communion together. There is no single Anglican Church with
  39. This region is known as the hypervariable region. Each of these variants can, bind ,to a different target, known as an antigen. This enormous diversity of
  40. Potentially unrelated) reaction, the developed antibody will enzymatically, bind ,to and stabilize the intermediate state, thus catalyzing the reaction. A new
  41. RNA (mRNA),which is free to migrate through the cell. mRNA molecules, bind ,to protein-RNA complexes called ribosomes located in the cytosol, where they
  42. Boolean, allowing quantifiers such as" for all" and" there exists" that, bind ,the Boolean variables. An example of such an expression would be:: \for all
  43. Inducing a response. Furthermore, many viruses express p53 inhibitors that can, bind ,p53 and inhibit its transcriptional transactivation activity. Consequently p53
  44. The clavulanic acid is designed to overwhelm all beta-lactamase enzymes, bind ,irreversibly to them, and effectively serve as an antagonist so that the
  45. Calcitonin is produced by parafollicular cells in the thyroid gland, and can, bind ,to receptors on osteoclasts to directly inhibit osteoclast activity.
  46. Infections. Carbon monoxide poisoning Substances other than oxygen can, bind ,to hemoglobin; in some cases this can cause irreversible damage to the body.
  47. Is mainly achieved by regulations of its Committee of Ministers, that only, bind ,the three states, but are not directly applicable in their internal legal
  48. The emergence of life. A slight increase in the strong nuclear force would, bind ,the neutron and the proton, and nuclear fusion would have converted all
  49. Of effector cells To combat pathogens that replicate outside cells, antibodies, bind , to pathogens to link them together, causing them to agglutinate. Since an
  50. To hemoglobin to form carboxyhemoglobin, so that less hemoglobin is free to, bind ,oxygen, and fewer oxygen molecules can be transported throughout the blood.

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