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  1. The Great Plains from high atop Zebulon's Pikes Peak. On the pinnacle of that, mountain , the words of the poem started to come to her, and she wrote them down upon
  2. Citadel. The only natural World Heritage Sites are the Assisi n'Ajmer,a, mountain ,range. Affiliations Algeria is a member of the following organizations:
  3. Of the timber that composes Chapman construction came from a number of distant, mountain ,ranges, indicative also of the Chico Road's economic significance. Ancient
  4. Nobilis). *Southern Anatolian montane conifer and deciduous forests: These, mountain ,forests occupy the Mediterranean-climate Taurus Mountains of southern Anatolia.
  5. To say this. Psyche was resigned to her fate and climbed to the top of the, mountain , She told the townsfolk that followed her to leave and let her face her fate on
  6. Grand Atlas Mountains, another name for the High Atlas ** Middle Atlas,a, mountain ,range in Northern Morocco ** Tell Atlas, the Atlas mountain range that
  7. The Ice fields Parkway, which runs for between Jasper and Lake Louise, with, mountain , ranges and glaciers on either side of its entire length. Another major corridor
  8. Watching Service wing of the Defense Forces. It operated from 1939 to 1945. The, mountain ,Livermore (672 m) rises dramatically in the north of the island and the
  9. To human movement inland from the Mediterranean coast except where there are, mountain ,passes such as the historic Civilian Gates (Rule Pass),northwest of Adana.
  10. Northeast Asia through Central Asia to Anatolia and Eastern Europe (Turks,a, mountain ,range in Central Asia. These language families share numerous characteristics.
  11. Anemia. His last view of the land he had inhabited was by moonlight on his, mountain ,estate at 2:00 A. M. While tending to her husband after his long illness, Mabel
  12. Singular mean" alpine pasture ", and only in the plural may also refer to the, mountain ,range as a whole. Geography The highest peak of the Western Alps is Mont Blanc
  13. Community in western Pike County, Illinois,USA * Atlas Mountains, a complex of, mountain ,ranges in northwest Africa ** High Atlas, a mountain range in Morocco, contains
  14. A vast variety of landscapes. Over half of Azerbaijan's land mass consists of, mountain ,ridges, crests,yields, and plateaus which rise up to hydrometric levels of
  15. Or political situations or because of geographic barriers. In the Southwest, mountain ,ranges, rivers and, most obviously, the Grand Canyon can be significant
  16. Basins. Access inland from the coast is limited to a few narrow valleys because, mountain ,ridges. Because of these natural conditions, the Black Sea coast historically
  17. Caucasus Mountains; Seven Rich (Lake Seven) is the largest lake in this, mountain ,range The Demographics of Armenia is about the demographic features of the
  18. At a distance ". Dr. Alexander Graham Bell was buried atop Band Breach, mountain , on his estate where he had resided increasingly for the last 35 years of his
  19. And possess considerable strength, and are mostly highwaymen. Their principle, mountain ,is called kWh Sulaiman. " In the early 19th century, Afghan politicians decided
  20. Together the Eckenstein-Crowley expedition attempted to climb the, mountain ,K2,which at that time no other Europeans had attempted. On the journey
  21. Broken and did not pick them, and they fell to their deaths at the base of the, mountain , Psyche searched for her love across much of Greece, finally stumbling into a
  22. Person. The practice of placing a cairn, or pile of stones at the top of a, mountain , is an example. (Note: This need not suggest a particular view of God, or
  23. The Arabs River on the Turkish border. The plateau is masked by intermediate, mountain ,ranges and extinct volcanoes. The largest of these, Mount Arafat, high,is
  24. Hill Climb. The climb race pits a driver and car to drive up a 4,302-metre high, mountain ,in Colorado and in 1985,Michèle Mouton set a new record of 11:25.39,and being
  25. Mountains, a complex of mountain ranges in northwest Africa ** High Atlas,a, mountain ,range in Morocco, contains the highest point in the Atlas Mountains *** Grand
  26. West wind, gently floated her downwards. She entered a cave on the appointed, mountain , surprised to find it full of jewelry and finery. Eros visited her every night
  27. Destined for no mortal lover, but a creature that lived on top of a particular, mountain , that even the gods themselves feared. Eros had arranged for the oracle to say
  28. Is sometimes subjected to earthquakes, mainly in the northeastern Hindu Kush, mountain ,range. Some 125 villages were damaged and over 4,000 people killed by two
  29. And Neutral Mores net **Gutenberg, the German name for Viable Montage (" old, mountain ," in French),the former zinc mine in Ellis, Moresnet Any place called
  30. Middle Atlas, a mountain range in Northern Morocco ** Tell Atlas, the Atlas, mountain ,range that parallels the Mediterranean coast * Atlas Peak AVA, California wine
  31. 1971) with Robert E. Howard Awards The Alps (;;;, ;;;) is one of the great, mountain ,range systems of Europe, stretching from Austria and Slovenia in the east
  32. Refer to activities with some potential for physical danger, such as skydiving, mountain ,climbing and or participating in extreme sports. The term also broadly refers
  33. Happened, they rejoiced secretly and each separately walked to the top of the, mountain ,and did as Psyche described her entry to the cave, hoping Eros would pick them
  34. Regions from December to April. In summer, the Alps are popular with hikers, mountain ,bikers, paragliders, and mountain eers, while many alpine lakes attract swimmers
  35. The principal feature of the bathymetric (bottom topography) is a submarine, mountain ,range called the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It extends from Iceland in the north to
  36. Would retire from the humid summer weather on the Bosporus to the drier, mountain ,atmosphere of Ankara. Theodosius II (408-450) kept his court in Ankara in the
  37. The north. Nearly 95 % of the rain falls in the winter. Rainfall in the upland, mountain ,ranges is heavier. Adequate records are not available, and estimates vary
  38. Tourist destinations Ban ff National Park and Jasper National Park. The two, mountain ,parks are connected by the scenic Ice fields Parkway. Ban ff is located west of
  39. Along the shores of the Caspian Sea it is temperate, while the higher, mountain ,elevations are generally cold. Baku, on the Caspian, enjoys mild weather that
  40. Lyrics: O beautiful for spacious skies, : For amber waves of grain, : For purple, mountain ,majesties: Above the fruited plain!: America! America!: God shed His grace on
  41. Required the wood of 200,000 coniferous trees, mostly hauled—on foot—from, mountain ,ranges up to away. Ceremonial Infrastructure - Great North Road: the thirty
  42. Throughout fresh water and marine environments from the deep sea to the highest, mountain ,streams. Extant species can range in size from Paedocypris, at,to the massive
  43. The appearance of a plateau with rough terrain, is wedged between two folded, mountain ,ranges that converge in the east. True lowland is confined to a few narrows
  44. And cause them to drop most of their moisture on the western slopes of the, mountain ,ranges before reaching the province, casting a rain shadow over much of Alberta
  45. Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Germany to France in the west. The highest, mountain ,in the Alps is Mont Blanc, at,on the Italian–French border. All the main peaks
  46. Also, some tracts of the roads lead to natural features such as springs, lakes, mountain , tops and pinnacles. The Great North Road The longest and most famous of these
  47. Sea, whose shoreline forms a natural boundary to the east; the Greater Caucasus, mountain ,range to the north; and the extensive flatlands at the country's center. About
  48. Western Alps is commonly subdivided with respect to geography: Series of lower, mountain ,ranges run parallel to the main chain of the Alps, including the French Preamps
  49. Is mountain ous is rugged and often inaccessible from the outside. The highest, mountain ,is Koran situated in the district of Fiber, reaching up to. The climate on the
  50. A duo from Poland. Gutenberg is a German language place name (meaning" old, mountain ,") and may refer to: Places in Germany: *Gutenberg, Germany,a city in the

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