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  1. Things, recall the leader, reverse a decision by him or his delegates, and, amend , the constitution and other foundational documents. The Leader sometimes
  2. A bureau and secretariat. They meet twice a month in public to draw up, amend ,to adopt legislative proposals and reports to be presented to the plenary. The
  3. Regarded this as a second time Syria had pressured Lebanon's Parliament to, amend ,the constitution in a way that favored Layout (the first allowing for his
  4. Acts" #The Naturalization Act (officially An act supplementary to, and to, amend ,the act to establish a uniform rule of naturalization; and to repeal the act
  5. Independence the Kenya National Assembly passed a bill (Kenya Bills 1963) to, amend ,the status of the military forces in Kenya. Accordingly, the former units of
  6. Concerning taxation or Supply (supply of treasury or exchequer funds),nor, amend ,a bill to insert a taxation or Supply-related provision. (The House of
  7. Is Boris Johnson. He is scrutinized by an elected London Assembly, which may, amend ,his annual budget (by two-thirds majority) but otherwise lacks the power to
  8. As unconstitutional. In addition, exceptional procedures are often required to, amend ,a constitution. These procedures may include: convocation of a special
  9. Natural compost extracted from a forest or other spontaneous source for use to, amend ,soil. It is also used to describe a topsoil horizon that contains organic
  10. That the National People's Congress' support is required over proposals to, amend ,the electoral system under Basic Law. On 26 April 2004,the Standing Committee
  11. Model. When first-order logic without equality is studied, it is necessary to, amend ,the statements of results such as the Blenheim–Sole theorem so that only
  12. Be members of the Sean ad. The Daily is the only House which can introduce and, amend ,money bills (i.e. financial and tax legislation). Since the early 1990s no
  13. 4119 (358 CE),only an equal authority (the modern Sanhedrin) can either, amend ,it or reinstate the observational Hebrew calendar. The attribution of the fixed
  14. Where the dictator first came to power legitimately but then was able to, amend ,the constitution to, in effect, gather all power for themselves. See also
  15. In each of the states, before it can come into effect. In referendums to, amend ,the constitutions of Australia and Switzerland it is required that a proposal
  16. In either House. The House of Lords debates legislation, and has power to, amend ,or reject bills. However, the power of the Lords to reject a bill passed by the
  17. To the Constitution On September 3,2004,the National Assembly voted 96–29 to, amend ,the constitution to allow the pro-Syrian president, Émile Layout, three more
  18. Component states often also possess their own constitutions which they may, amend ,as they see fit, although in the event of conflict the federal constitution
  19. Vested in the Parliament of Finland, and the government has limited rights to, amend ,or extend legislation. The president has the power of veto over parliamentary
  20. Given for a rerun of the vote was that the Council would use its power to, amend ,the number of Commissioners upwards. However, according to the treaties it still
  21. The power to decide the direction of domestic and foreign policy; approve or, amend ,the constitution; declare war on another state; ratify or annul international
  22. S. 2470: Dehydroepiandrosterone Abuse Reduction Act of 2007," in an attempt to, amend ,the Controlled Substances Act to make" unlawful for any person to knowingly
  23. Amendments with financial implications. ) Moreover, the Upper House may not, amend ,any Supply Bill. The House of Lords formerly maintained the absolute power to
  24. Or a Variation Order, an official document that seeks to clarify or, amend ,a set of Construction Documents * All inclusive or all-inclusive, a resort that
  25. 21 days to consider money bills sent to it by the Daily. The Senate cannot, amend ,money bills but can make recommendations to the Daily on such bills. Judicial
  26. The House of Lords may not introduce a bill relating to taxation or Supply, nor, amend , a bill to insert a provision relating to taxation or Supply, nor amend a
  27. 1595 he wrote to Lord Burgher, summing up past years of fruitless attempts to, amend ,his financial situation:: I heartily desire your lordship to have a feeling of
  28. Amend a bill to insert a provision relating to taxation or Supply, nor, amend , a Supply Bill in any way. The House of Commons is free to waive this privilege
  29. Deaths. Opposition parties registered their intention to block any attempt to, amend ,the constitution that would allow BIA to run for a third term. In early 2006 a
  30. Over it. Also, the court pointed out that, while Canada has the power to, amend ,the line of succession to the Canadian throne, the Statute of Westminster
  31. exception to Protocol 2, amend ed the text of the convention. Protocol 2 did not, amend ,the text of the convention as such, but stipulated that it was to be treated as
  32. The power to delay legislative proposals and is allowed 90 days to consider and, amend ,bills sent to it by the Daily (excluding money bills). The Senate is only
  33. A member for the City of London, introduced a Jewish Disabilities Bill to, amend ,the oath and permit Jews to enter Parliament. Disraeli spoke in favor of the
  34. That she is a female. However, in 2005,in another case, the court refused to, amend ,the gender of a transsexual in the identity card and birth certificate. This
  35. Ireland is self-defense still accepted as a reason. The police should not, amend , revoke (even partially) or refuse an FAC without stating a valid reason. (
  36. To attempts for constitutional reform, most notably with the failed attempts to, amend ,the constitution through the Beech Lake Accord and the Charlottetown Accord (
  37. Government "; and had left the throne" vacant ". The House of Lords wished to, amend ,this, however,as many were still loyal to James and believed in the Anglican
  38. Most significantly giving the Canadian Parliament the authority to, amend ,portions of the constitution. Also in 1949,following two reference within the
  39. Balance. On September 3,2004,the Lebanese Parliament voted 96-29 to, amend ,the constitution to extend President Émile Lahoud's six-year term (which was
  40. Blessing" ( 3:10). This request offers the opportunity for the people to, amend ,their ways. It also stresses that keeping the Lord's statutes will not only
  41. Abolished the power of the House of Lords to reject legislation, or to, amend ,in a way unacceptable to the House of Commons: most bills could be delayed for
  42. Advocated that the National People's Congress (NPC) should be asked to, amend ,the part of the Basic Law to redress the problem, the HK SAR Government decided
  43. The USA charged that Syria exercised pressure against the National Assembly to, amend ,the constitution, and many of the Lebanese rejected it, saying that it was
  44. For the European Commission (the executive). Therefore, while Parliament can, amend ,and reject legislation, to make a proposal for legislation, it needs the
  45. Two bills were introduced to the U. S. House of Representatives in 1912 to, amend ,the Pure Food and Drug Act, adding caffeine to the list of" habit-forming "
  46. To the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia were only authorized to, amend ,the Articles, the representatives held secret, closed-door sessions and wrote a
  47. Care (UNF CCC,2005,p. 6). Many non-Annex I Party are making efforts to, amend ,and update their environmental legislation to include global concerns such as
  48. Human Fertilization and Embryology (Research Purposes) Regulations 2001 to, amend ,the Human Fertilization and Embryology Act 1990 by extending allowable reasons
  49. Representatives in 2005 by Rep. Martin T. Meghan with the stated purpose" to, amend ,title 10,United States Code, to enhance the readiness of the Armed Forces by
  50. BBC explained it had printed that name in its schedules and was not prepared to, amend ,it. Many variations on the name in front of this title then came and went (

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