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  1. The uniform worn for practicing aikido (aikido) is similar to the training, uniform ,(Kaposi) used in most other modern martial arts; simple trousers and a
  2. With an interlocking" CC" logo and three stripes on each sleeve. The, uniform ,numbers were relocated to the right chest. The pants were khaki to simulate the
  3. In, the Cardinals participated in the NFL's 75th anniversary throwback, uniform ,program. The jerseys were similar to those of the 1920s Chicago Cardinals, with
  4. In style to the biblical book of Proverbs. Achaemenid Aramaic is sufficiently, uniform ,that it is often difficult to know where any particular example of the language
  5. For the team prior to the 1974 season but was never worn. In 1990,the, uniform ,design changed to black helmets, silver pants, and either black or white
  6. Bases and, connecting those bases,2n isosceles triangles. Uniform antiprism A, uniform ,antiprism has, apart from the base faces,2n equilateral triangles as faces. As
  7. Body experiencing acceleration of a uniform magnitude but changing direction is, uniform ,circular motion. In this case, because the direction of the object's motion is
  8. By an equal amount in every equal time period. A frequently cited example of, uniform ,acceleration is that of an object in free fall in a uniform gravitational field
  9. Make this precise, fix a value of n. There are 2^n bit strings of length n. The, uniform ,probability distribution on the space of these bit strings assigns exactly equal
  10. 11 players of a football team. Colors Ajax originally played in an all black, uniform ,with a red sash tied around the players' waists, but that uniform was soon
  11. Scholars have conventionally arranged his thought—though not always with, uniform ,conclusions—using relevant observations spanning the entire corpus of his work.
  12. Pieces are carefully heated with exclusion of air and then compressed into a, uniform ,mass by intense hydraulic pressure; the softened amber being forced through
  13. An all black uniform with a red sash tied around the players' waists, but that, uniform ,was soon replaced by a red/white striped shirt and black shorts. Red, black and
  14. Is planted on a large acreage. Because of the low biodiversity, nutrient use is, uniform ,and pests tend to build up, necessitating the greater use of pesticides and
  15. Identical to each other. Each hop lite bore the Spartan emblem and a scarlet, uniform , The main pieces of this armor were a round shield, a spear and a helmet.
  16. Attempts to instill military discipline. The sight of the small man in a, uniform ,much too large for his less than 5-foot frame—the army did not issue uniform s
  17. Cited example of uniform acceleration is that of an object in free fall in a, uniform ,gravitational field. The acceleration of a falling body in the absence of
  18. Final velocity: \math bf = uniform acceleration: t = time. In the case of, uniform ,acceleration of an object that is initially moving in a direction not aligned
  19. The Bible, but was formulated later by the post-apostolic church. Doctrines not, uniform ,among the ancient churches In the 20th century, there has been more contact
  20. Topological vector space there is a discontinuous linear map. **A, uniform ,space is compact if and only if it is complete and totally bounded. **Every
  21. Assigns exactly equal weight 2^ to each string of length n. Theorem. With the, uniform ,probability distribution on the space of bit strings of length n, the
  22. No longer be assumed to be constant. Two cost models are generally used: * the, uniform ,cost model, also called uniform -cost measurement (and similar variations)
  23. Are prone to warping. Fiberglass arrows are brittle, but can be produced to, uniform ,specifications easily. Aluminum shafts were a very popular high-performance
  24. Be trusted with confidence, so long as their reports on facts are extensive and, uniform , However, he seems to suggest that historians are as fallible at interpreting
  25. On Pontryagin duality and differential geometry. He introduced the concept of a, uniform ,space in general topology, as a by-product of his collaboration with Nicolas
  26. Wheelchair seats. This case was significant because it set a precedent for the, uniform ,distribution of accessible seating and gave the DOJ the opportunity to clarify
  27. S portable code can then use these processor-specific components through a, uniform ,interface. Assembly language is also valuable in reverse engineering, since
  28. These buses are not for tourists only, but are certainly the nicest and most, uniform ,of the bus systems. These buses travel the tourist section of Acapulco, driving
  29. He carries a pistol and a lucky rabbit's foot, and he dresses in a military, uniform , and has been described as" impervious to thought ". Mags seizes control of
  30. Club in 1898. For most of their history, the Cardinals have used the same basic, uniform ,design of white helmets, white pants with red stripes on the sides, and either
  31. Erected in 1927 on Safer Square in the Shrine quarter and depicts Ataturk in, uniform , Monument to a Secure, Confident Future This monument, located in Given Park
  32. A" counter-example" by Abel, later fixed by the introduction of the notion of, uniform ,continuity. Argument principle, stability In a paper published in 1855,two
  33. Elevation to the status of citizen wife. Her various cults were portals of a, uniform ,socialization, even beyond mainland Greece. Epithets In the Iliad (4.514)
  34. Shoals and silt-sand substrates in pools but is more often found in caves with, uniform ,silt-sand substrates. Has low reproduction rate and broods eggs in gill cavity
  35. Students to take the test to obtain a Dan rank unless they are 16 or older. The, uniform ,worn for practicing aikido (aikido) is similar to the training uniform (
  36. As military-style agents of God, came to be shown wearing Late Antique military, uniform , This could be either the normal military dress, with a tunic to about the
  37. Volume and surface area Let a be the edge-length of a, uniform ,antiprism. Then the volume is: V = \franc \; a^3 and the surface area is: A =
  38. Apart from the base faces,2n equilateral triangles as faces. As a class,the, uniform ,antiprisms form an infinite series of vertex- uniform polyhedra, as do the
  39. Second para basis. The early plays (The Albanians to The Birds) are fairly, uniform ,in their approach however and the following elements of a para basis can be
  40. Displacement: \math bf = initial velocity: \math bf = final velocity: \math bf =, uniform ,acceleration: t = time. In the case of uniform acceleration of an object that
  41. Week 2. The Falcons won that game,14–3. The Falcons also wore their all-black, uniform ,in 2007 against the New York Giants, and in 2008 against the Carolina Panthers
  42. To supplant or succeeding in supplanting the preferred culture with a, uniform , crude," Jewish" culture. Similarly, Eric Handel characterizes cultural
  43. The new uniform s featured jerseys and pants with red trim down the sides. The, uniform ,design consisted of either black or white jerseys, and either black or white
  44. Methods that attempt to understand a sequence of data points spaced apart at, uniform ,time intervals Other * Aura analysis – a technique in which supporters of the
  45. Was surprised to find Hitler dressed in a neat blue suit, rather than the brown, uniform ,seen on Nazi Party posters, and was greatly impressed, not only with Hitler's
  46. Where Edwin Othello Excel sought to make the singing of" Amazing Grace ", uniform ,throughout thousands of churches, records allowed artists to improvise with the
  47. Resistance. Circular motion An example of a body experiencing acceleration of a, uniform ,magnitude but changing direction is uniform circular motion. In this case
  48. Antiprisms form an infinite series of vertex- uniform polyhedra, as do the, uniform ,prisms. For n 2 we have as degenerate case the regular tetrahedron, and for n 3
  49. Alkaloids are characterized by a great structural diversity and there is no, uniform ,classification of alkaloids. First classification methods have historically
  50. C. *Aegean Sea Bottom Water – occurring at depths below 500–1000 m with a very, uniform ,temperature (13–14 °C) and salinity (39.1–39.2 %). Etymology In ancient

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