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  1. To the collapse of the common German-Bulgarian front there which caused the, exit ,of Bulgaria from the war, and in turn the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian
  2. Was the primary pilot of both spacecraft (when present) and was first to, exit ,the LM on the surface of the Moon. The CMP functioned as navigator, usually
  3. Ada. Text_IO. Put (i); Ada. Text_IO. Put_Line; end loop; loop a: = a + 1;, exit ,when a = 10; end loop; case I is when 0 → Ada. Text_IO. Put (" zero" ); when
  4. Spearhead, skyrocket,showcase, service (as a car),corner, torch, exit , ( as in" exit the lobby" ), factor (in mathematics),gun (" shoot" )
  5. These are internationally used (for example, caucus,gerrymander, filibuster, exit , poll ). The rise of capitalism, the development of industry and material
  6. US 183 and the current south end of TX-130 to I-35 at the FM 1327/Creed moor, exit ,near the south end of Austin and close to the town of Buda's northernmost
  7. Of years have defined the key players in BTV entry, replication,assembly and, exit ,and have increasingly found roles for host proteins at each stage. Specifically
  8. Back. The lance would penetrate the chest and pass through the chest cavity and, exit ,from the back. The bone ring was designed to break after impact so that the
  9. Used: * Continuity: If a certain mass of fluid enters a volume, it must either, exit ,the volume or change the mass inside the volume. In fluid dynamics, the
  10. Is itself the entrance pupil (front stop); if entirely in front, it is the, exit ,pupil (backstop). If the object point be infinitely distant, all rays
  11. 200 pixels is used as the detector. The second monochromator does not have an, exit ,slit; hence the spectral environment at both sides of the analytical line
  12. ESC generally causes an application to abort its current operation or to, exit ,(terminate) altogether. The inherent ambiguity of many control characters
  13. And reconstruction of the surface streets. The final ramp downtown —, exit ,20B from I-93 south to Albany Street — opened January 13, 2006. In 2006,the
  14. Is then equal to zero. For flow through a tube with one inlet (state 1) and, exit ,(state 2) as shown in the figure in this section, the continuity equation may
  15. Modern village of Agincourt). The French army was positioned at the northern, exit ,to bar the way to Calais. English deployment Early on the 25th,Henry
  16. Through the mines. If possible, a subsidiary ambush may be planned along the, exit ,route to catch pursuing troops, and,if available, the egress may be covered by
  17. To Ingolstadt. The city can be reached via the A-93 Holledau-Regensburg road (, exit ,Babelsberg). Three Bundesstraße (German federal highways) cross south of
  18. Influenced to stay by security guards and security announcements, or did not, exit ,the building in time. As a result,176 employees of Aon were killed in the
  19. About an expansion franchise for Miami, Florida. On May 6,after Atlanta's, exit , Robbie secured an agreement with Miami mayor Robert King High bring a team to
  20. The politburo led by Arena decided on 9 November to allow refugees to, exit ,directly through crossing points between East Germany and West Germany
  21. To Rome Studios Melbourne. On November 13, 2007,The US division announces to, exit ,the game development business to concentrate solely on publishing and
  22. A runway Controller1. Request_Approach (ID, Rwy ); -- this is a blocking call, exit ,; -- if call returned we're clear for landing - proceed ... or delay 3.0; --
  23. Into standard statements. All standard constructs and deep level early, exit ,are supported so the use of the also supported 'go to' commands is seldom
  24. Street) to east of N. C. 194 (Jefferson Road),including a new entrance and, exit ,to the new Natalia High School, at a cost of $16.2 million. The widening has
  25. Route. If time has allowed for it, the ambush force will have prepared their, exit ,; for example, placing land mines to cover their retreat, with the members of
  26. Disabled by an option) closes the current shell (equivalent to the command, exit ,). (Only if there is no text on the current line) *: Deletes the current
  27. Center of the entrance pupil before the first refraction, and the center of the, exit ,pupil after the last refraction. From this it follows that correctness of
  28. Skyrocket, showcase,service (as a car),corner, torch, exit (as in ", exit ,the lobby" ), factor (in mathematics),gun (" shoot" ), author (which
  29. Afterwards, two men that Jeffrey calls the Well-Dressed Man and the Yellow Man, exit ,an industrial building that Frank frequently goes to. Jeffrey concludes the men
  30. Negotiate their own operating arrangements with different airports, enter and, exit ,routes easily, and to levy airfares and supply flights according to market
  31. Appear to provide a channel through which dopamine and other transmitters can, exit ,the vesicle to the cytosol. According to the" weak base hypothesis" this is
  32. Is used to measure the background absorption over the entire width of the, exit ,slit of the spectrometer. The use of a separate lamp makes this technique the
  33. From O and pass through the aperture stop also pass through the entrance and, exit ,pupils, since these are images of the aperture stop. Since the maximum aperture
  34. The −300 and previous models was a stretched upper deck with two new emergency, exit ,doors and an optional flight-crew rest area immediately aft of the flight deck
  35. The BART train service, with the closest stations being Lake Merritt, near the, exit ,to the Pose Tube, and Fruit vale, near the Fruit vale Bridge. Even though the
  36. Alarums or alarms) while actors walk on-stage, deliver their lines, and, exit , To build anticipation for the duel, Shakespeare requests more alarms after
  37. Customary" Hello world" program written in AWK: BEGIN Note that an explicit, exit ,statement is not needed here; since the only pattern is BEGIN, no command-line
  38. Main execution path, such compilation also streamlines the repeated entry and, exit ,of user-defined functional operands. This avoids the stack setup and take-down
  39. A critical naval base and allowed Britain to control the Atlantic entry and, exit ,point to the Mediterranean. Minor ca was returned to Spain at the Treaty of
  40. Drummer BEV Began for the Born Again '83 -'84 world tour, Following Butler's, exit , sole remaining original member Tony Commit put Black Sabbath on hiatus, and
  41. Prayer). Access The Arc de Triomphe is accessible by the RER and Metro, with, exit , at the Charles de Gaulle—Étoile station. Because of heavy traffic on the
  42. O, projects an image of the diaphragm, termed by Abbé the entrance pupil; the, exit ,pupil is the image formed by the component S2,which is placed behind the
  43. Young. Every evening around sunset, the bats emerge in search of insects,an, exit ,visible on weather radar. Watching the bat emergence is an event that is
  44. La Sortie de l'Using Lumiere à Lyon (literally," the, exit ,from the Lumiere factory in Lyon ", or,under its more common English title
  45. Leading to organized opposition from local monks. Bruno elected to gracefully, exit ,the region after he first finished his book, the famous" Life of St. Albert
  46. Condition for entrance into the Kingdom of God; unbelief is the condition for, exit ,from the Kingdom of God – not a lack of good works. * Arminianism is Belgian (
  47. Customs territory. Immigration and customs checks are conducted at the platform, exit ,tunnel for passengers leaving trains here. Additionally, there are many
  48. Middle of the aperture stop to be reproduced in the centers of the entrance and, exit ,pupils without spherical aberration. M. on Ruhr showed that for systems
  49. U_ A_ Above, A is the variable cross-section area of the tube at the inlet and, exit , For incompressible flows, density remains constant. * Conservation of Momentum
  50. Shapes. Sub-structures can" nest" in rectangles but only if a single, exit ,occurs from the superstructure. The symbols and their use to build the

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