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  1. Of meat or seafood (such as pork or shrimp),but no egg. * Fried rice — Fried, rice ,dishes are popular offerings in American Chinese food due to the speed and ease
  2. Influenced by Africans and Caribbeans, rather than just the French. As such, rice ,played a large part of the diet as it played a large part of the diets of the
  3. Chicago to study the effects of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T on cereal grains (including, rice ,) and broadleaf crops. From these studies arose the concept of using aerial
  4. With gluten-free vegetarian options such as buckwheat, corn,millet, wild, rice , oats and quinoa. Several studies have shown that like oats, amaranth seed or
  5. Made from non-petroleum based renewable resources such as sugar, molasses and, rice , corn and potato starches. Bitumen can also be made from waste material by
  6. The recipe for beer in a culture with few literate people. A beer made from, rice , which, unlike sake,didn't use the anxiolytic process, and was probably
  7. Usually bits of meat or seafood (such as pork or shrimp),but no egg. * Fried, rice ,— Fried rice dishes are popular offerings in American Chinese food due to the
  8. Prayed to the god of fire. Bride and bridegroom respectively ate half of the, rice ,served in a bowl, and other participants were entertained. The worn-out fabric
  9. Commonly malted barley and malted wheat. Sugars derived from maize (corn) and, rice ,are widely used adjuncts because of their lower cost. Most beer is flavored
  10. Seeds to survive dry conditions. Examples of true annuals include corn, wheat, rice , lettuce, peas,watermelon, beans,zinnia and marigold. Summer annuals
  11. Mushrooms. Brown rice is often offered as an optional alternative to white, rice , Some restaurants substitute grilled wheat flour tortillas for the rice
  12. With rice cooled overnight, allowing restaurants to put unnerved leftover, rice ,to good use. It typically uses more soy sauce than the mainland version. *
  13. Are American stir-fry dishes inspired by Chinese food, that may contain brown, rice ,instead of white, or those with grated cheese; milk products are almost always
  14. Is caused by the decomposition of organic matter in wet soils such as, rice ,paddies. Further, wet or anaerobic soils also lose nitrogen through
  15. Insoluble grain material. Other malted and unsalted grains (including wheat, rice , oats, and rye, and less frequently, corn and sorghum) may be used. In recent
  16. To deregulate and privatize agriculture, leading to problems such as the, rice ,supply shortage in Southeast Asia. The bank has also been criticized by Vietnam
  17. To the speed and ease of preparation and their appeal to American tastes. Fried, rice ,is generally prepared with rice cooled overnight, allowing restaurants to put
  18. Ceremonies are necessary; ceremonies are confined to making libations of, rice ,beer, uttering prayers, and offering willow sticks with wooden shavings
  19. Mexico City and other parts of Mexico, sometimes mixed with chocolate or puffed, rice , and its use has spread to Europe and parts of North America. Amaranth and
  20. And their appeal to American tastes. Fried rice is generally prepared with, rice ,cooled overnight, allowing restaurants to put unnerved leftover rice to good
  21. Sri Lanka, it is called" Kiera Kampala ". Sri Lankan cook it and eat it with, rice , Fiji Indians call it choral bhaji. Dyes The flowers of the 'Hopi Red Dye '
  22. In the 20th century when high-yield varieties of common staple grains such as, rice , wheat, and corn (maize) were introduced as a part of the Green Revolution.
  23. Painted surface. Mixing other bodies into the acrylic is possible - sand, rice , even pasta may be incorporated in the artwork. Mixing artist or student
  24. Maunds of gunpowder in boxes,7828 shields,1000 odd ships, and 173 stores of, rice , But, Mir Lumley II conquered only the soil of Whom capital and neither the king
  25. Focused cultivation of barley and oats. Using irrigation, maize,cotton and, rice ,are also grown on the banks of the Guadalquivir and Genial. The most important
  26. Rice is the staple food and is used in a wide variety of ways. Typically, rice ,is either boiled and eaten with curry, or made into a batter for use in a
  27. New cuisine has exotic ingredients like mangos and portabello mushrooms. Brown, rice ,is often offered as an optional alternative to white rice . Some restaurants
  28. Linked to the production of certain commodities such as wheat, corn (maize), rice , soybeans, and milk. These subsidies, especially when instituted by developed
  29. Historically called the" Rice Bowl of India ". More than 77 % of its crop is, rice ,; Andhra Pradesh produced 17,796,000 tonnes of rice in 2006. Two major rivers
  30. Other woodland animals. Those on the“ rice coast” often ate ample amounts of, rice , while the grain for the rest of the southern poor and slaves was cornmeal used
  31. Then 77 % of its crop is rice ; Andhra Pradesh produced 17,796,000 tonnes of, rice ,in 2006. Two major rivers, the Goddard and the Krishna, run across the state.
  32. White rice . Some restaurants substitute grilled wheat flour tortillas for the, rice ,pancakes in mu SHU dishes. This occurs even in some restaurants that would not
  33. To Zvartnots airport),held by Mikey Limited # Various basic foodstuffs such as, rice , sugar, wheat,cooking oil and (a. k. a. " LFI Same" ) a figure close to the
  34. Yield potential" has increased for wheat, but the yield potential for, rice ,has not increased since 1966,and the yield potential for maize has" barely
  35. Consumer p rice s) – 21.6 % (2008 est. ); Agriculture – * crops: cotton, grain, rice , grapes, fruit,vegetables, tea,tobacco * livestock products: beef, mutton
  36. All Indian cuisines. There are many variations to the cuisine (all involving, rice ,) depending on geographical regions, caste,and traditions. Pickles and
  37. And use of many agricultural products in the U. S., such as yams, peanuts, rice , okra, sorghum,grits, watermelon,indigo dyes, and cotton, can be traced to
  38. Aragon clashed, Alicante became a major Mediterranean trading station exporting, rice , wine, olive oil, oranges and wool. But between 1609 and 1614 King Felipe III
  39. Often ate squirrel, possum,rabbit and other woodland animals. Those on the “, rice ,coast” often ate ample amounts of rice , while the grain for the rest of the
  40. S agriculture outputs are poultry and eggs, soybeans,sorghum, cattle,cotton, rice , hogs, and milk. Its industrial outputs are food processing, electric equipment
  41. And it is rich in natural resources, such as petroleum, forests,fish, water, rice , copper and silver. Manufacturing in Asia has traditionally been strongest in
  42. Of conventional agriculture, resulting in the organic movement. The cereals, rice , corn, and wheat provide 60 % of human food supply. For example, irrigation
  43. About this time, agriculture was developed independently in the Far East, with, rice , rather than wheat, as the primary crop. Chinese and Indonesian farmers went on
  44. When a man proposed to a woman, he visited her house, ate half a full bowl of, rice ,handed to him by her, and returned the rest to her. If the woman ate the rest
  45. Will kill most plants living low on the ground in a certain area, if there is, rice ,there, it will thrive in the wet conditions. Another example of this is in
  46. According to aides, Suu FYI spent her 64th birthday in jail sharing biryani, rice ,and chocolate cake with her guards. Her arrest and subsequent trial received
  47. Sweet and sour dishes," or" a whole page of 20 different chow mans or fried, rice ,dishes. " When asked by a CNN interviewer about whether American Chinese foods
  48. Other wild foods may have undergone some selective cultivation, including wild, rice ,and maple sugar. The most common varieties of strawberry were domesticated from
  49. And list of people with the name) * Ada (food),an Indian food made with, rice , coconut powder mix, and sugar * Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle, a 1969 novel
  50. Life there was apparently hard and Lois-François Cauchy spoke of living on, rice , bread, and crackers during the period. A paragraph from an undated letter from

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