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  1. Way, though usually with methods distinct from those of the natural, sciences , In particular, social sciences often develop statistical descriptions rather
  2. To Culture regions as well, since mapping cultures is central to both, sciences , By making comparisons across cultural traditions (time-based) and cultural
  3. Agricultural scientists Agricultural science and agriculture crisis Agriculture, sciences ,seek to feed the world's population while preventing biosafety problems that
  4. The Dāneš-nāma covers such topics as logic, metaphysics,music theory and other, sciences ,of his time. This book has translated to English by Par wiz Mowewedge. Adar
  5. Mathematical notation, widely used in physics and other, sciences , avoids many ambiguities compared to expression in natural language. However
  6. And precision farming. Balancing these, as above, are the natural and human, sciences ,of agricultural science that seek to understand the human-nature interactions
  7. Related to studying and improving plant-based agriculture. Agricultural, sciences ,include research and development on: * Production techniques (e.g.
  8. Field that encompasses the parts of exact, natural,economic and social, sciences ,that are used in the practice and understanding of agriculture. (Veterinary
  9. Emphasis on understanding particular individuals, events,or eras. The social, sciences ,have generally attempted to develop scientific methods to understand social
  10. Modern views of these disciplines and informed the development of the social, sciences , of which anthropology was a part. Developments in the systematic study of
  11. West. He has had a lasting influence on the development of medicine and health, sciences , The use of Avicenna’s name symbolizes the worldwide partnership that is needed
  12. Sciences Axioms play a key role not only in mathematics, but also in other, sciences , notably in Theoretical Physics. In particular, the monumental work of Isaac
  13. Axioms cannot be regarded as the definitive foundation for mathematics. Other, sciences ,Axioms play a key role not only in mathematics, but also in other sciences
  14. To mathematics. He did, however,perform original research in the natural, sciences , e.g., botany,zoology, physics,astronomy, chemistry,meteorology, and
  15. In the 16th century, scientists began applying mathematics to the physical, sciences , and Aristotle's work in this area was deemed hopelessly inadequate. His
  16. Although they were ultimately replaced by Newtonian physics. In the zoological, sciences , some of his observations were confirmed to be accurate only in the 19th
  17. Institutionally divided into three broad domains. The natural and biological, sciences ,seek to derive general laws through reproducible and verifiable experiments.
  18. End or Broadway performances. Astronomy, history,linguistics, and the natural, sciences ,are among the myriad fields that have benefited from the activities of amateurs
  19. Applicable to economics, saying that while it is appropriate in the natural, sciences ,where factors can be isolated in laboratory conditions, the actions of humans
  20. In any respect, the role of axioms in mathematics and in the above-mentioned, sciences ,is different. In mathematics, it generally does not make sense at all, neither
  21. Who described the flight as an" outstanding achievement of American space, sciences ,and technology ". It is estimated that a quarter of the people alive at the
  22. Middle Ages. It required a repudiation of some Aristotelian principles for the, sciences ,and the arts to free themselves for the discovery of modern scientific laws and
  23. It has origins in the humanities, the natural sciences , and the social, sciences , The term ". Anthropology's basic concerns are" What defines human life and
  24. Is taken from equals, an equal amount results. At the foundation of the various, sciences ,lay certain additional hypotheses which were accepted without proof. Such a
  25. Including tourism, law,Catalan philology, humanities,psychology, political, sciences , audiovisual communication, telecommunications engineering, and East Asia
  26. Alexander was undoubtedly erudite, and was a patron to both the arts and, sciences , He had great charisma and force of personality, characteristics,which made
  27. And Euclid. The ancient Greeks considered geometry as just one of several, sciences , and held the theorems of geometry on par with scientific facts. As such, they
  28. Anthropology is one of the few places where humanities, social,and natural, sciences ,are forced to confront one another. As such, anthropology has been central in
  29. Astronomers. Astronomy is sometimes promoted as one of the few remaining, sciences ,for which amateurs can still contribute useful data. To recognize this, the
  30. Study of human action. Phraseology rejects the empirical methods of the natural, sciences , because the observation of how humans act in simple situations cannot predict
  31. He stipulated that the money go to discoveries or inventions in the physical, sciences ,and to discoveries or improvements in chemistry. He had opened the door to
  32. Of alchemy produced a wide range of contributions to medicine and the physical, sciences , Alchemists Jair in Aryan and Robert Boyle are both credited as being the
  33. And Char aka. The Book of Healing Earth sciences In Sing wrote on Earth, sciences ,such as geology in The Book of Healing, in which he developed the concept of
  34. The Indian medical teachings of Sushmita and Char aka. The Book of Healing Earth, sciences ,In Sing wrote on Earth sciences such as geology in The Book of Healing, in
  35. Room for interpretation by the bodies he had named for deciding on the physical, sciences ,and chemistry prizes, given that he had not consulted them before making the
  36. Mid-1960s anthropology tended increasingly to model itself after the natural, sciences , Some anthropologists, such as Lloyd Callers and Clifford Hertz, focused on
  37. Botany, zoology,physics, astronomy,chemistry, meteorology,and several other, sciences , Aristotle's writings on science are largely qualitative, as opposed to
  38. And argued that cross-cultural generalizations, like those made in the natural, sciences , were not possible. In doing so, he fought discrimination against immigrants
  39. Marked by absenteeism and lackluster grades. His main interest remained in the, sciences , especially biology, while he treated other school subjects with indifference
  40. And its esoteric aspects. The former is pursued by historians of the physical, sciences ,who have examined the subject in terms of photochemistry, medicine,and
  41. With methods distinct from those of the natural sciences . In particular, social, sciences , often develop statistical descriptions rather than the general laws derived in
  42. Bacon p. 367) " Experimental Science controls the conclusions of all other, sciences , It reveals truths which reasoning from general principles would never have
  43. Logic and science, politics and metaphysics. Aristotle's views on the physical, sciences ,profoundly shaped medieval scholarship, and their influence extended well into
  44. Still heavily skewed towards low technology. From 1993 human resources in, sciences ,and technology have drastically decreased. Various surveys show that during
  45. Fields that would be regarded today as physics, biology and other natural, sciences , In modern times, the scope of philosophy has become limited to more generic or
  46. Consumption system. Economic, environmental,and social aspects of agriculture, sciences ,are subjects of ongoing debate. Recent crises (such as avian influenza, mad
  47. Such a hypothesis was termed a postulate. While the axioms were common to many, sciences , the postulates of each particular science were different. Their validity had
  48. Is the study of humanity. It has origins in the humanities, the natural, sciences , and the social sciences . The term ". Anthropology's basic concerns are" What
  49. Degrees in nursing, computer science, business administration, and educational, sciences , in addition to higher professional education courses. The only two graduate
  50. Of modern chemistry, neglect how steadily he clung to the Scholastic, sciences ,and to Alchemy, in theory, practice and doctrine. The decline of alchemy

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