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  1. Is somewhat different from the rest of Italy),it is related to sorbet and, italian , ice. However, in most of Sicily, it has a coarser, more crystalline texture.
  2. Of Zeros Island in the Dodecanese. The island was then still occupied by, italian , forces supplemented by British units following the surrender of Italy. By
  3. It is the case of The Queen of the Belgians, who was before her wedding the, italian , Princess Donna Paola Rough di Calabria. Common names Of the above named
  4. Lugano is still in a state of high trophy, the highest among Swiss lakes. The, italian , environmental group Legambiente in its 2007 study of all Northern Italian Lakes
  5. Garbage * Subhumans (Canadian band),a Canadian punk rock band * Subhuman (, italian , band ), an Italian thrash/death metal band Other * A measure of progress in
  6. For his beatification *http://members.xoom.alice.it/volapuk/ A complete, italian , grammar (1888) by V. Amaretto. *http://members.xoom.alice.it/volapuk/ RNA
  7. Au Cain ", #28) Notable Italian singles *"Monsieur" ( the German song with, italian , lyrics by Vito Pallavicini (1962,#1) *"Quell Che Hanna un core (Anyone
  8. Artwork. 2000 reissue bonus tracks Ada (also spelled Down, Aduwa, or Ada in, italian , ) is a market town in northern Ethiopia, and best known as the community
  9. Through silk-production and silk-trading, beginning in the 12th Century. Other, italian , cities involved in silk production were Genoa, Venice and Florence. In France
  10. American jazz fusion and Latin guitarist, composer,and record producer of, italian , origin. With a musical career that has spanned more than three decades, he has
  11. And where most of the story could have happened in the real world. Marco is an, italian , hero from the First World War and is shown fighting against Austro-Hungarian
  12. Journal of Add Studies * http://www.carloemiliogadda.net Carlo Emilio Add (, italian , language ) Trump Shuttle, Inc., doing business as Trump Airlines, was an
  13. http://riflemanconnors.com/cactor13.htm Sidney Blacker Leoni is an, italian , surname,literally meaning" lions ", and can refer to: *Manila Leoni (
  14. For several unisex first given names like Andrea (female in German, male in, italian , ) or Maria, a second given name is required. A third given is required for
  15. Party, were created or had as one of their aims, the protection of the, italian , language in Malta. In 1919,there were riots over the excessive price of bread.
  16. Some people have an Anglo-Saxon Hypocrisy which derives from a very obsolete, italian , name ex. Closer, Gerardo or Virginia become Jerry, Genoveffa becomes Jenny
  17. Dry stone hut. Trello has replaced the local term cased (pl. cascade) (, italian , casella, pl. Caselle) which was used by locals in the Murcia to call this type
  18. Building overlooks Perelman Quadrangle. Gelato (; plural: gelati) is the, italian , word for ice cream and sorbet. Italians use the word gelato to mean a sweet
  19. Or even abolish authority in the conduct of human relations. For influential, italian , anarchist Enrico Latest" All anarchists, whatever tendency they belong to
  20. Bull - Gaspar the Sale violin, a wonderful decorated masterpiece of the famous, italian , maker that the virtuoso used for 40 years of world tourney. Now is in the
  21. Northern basin were 6 and in the southern basin 2 times" too high ". * in the, italian , part of the lake only 20 % of the population were connected to sewage treatment
  22. End kissed the one she liked best, so choosing her for the middle. The current, italian , version of the rhyme, still used widely amongst children, is sung on the same
  23. Canadian band),a Canadian punk rock band * Subhuman (Italian band),an, italian , thrash/death metal band Other * A measure of progress in artificial
  24. At restaurants on the island such as: black Angus steaks, mexican, yucatecan, italian , Caribbean, mediterranean, hebrew,French, thai, cuban & Maya. Hotel prices
  25. A demonstration pilot and UK sales representative for aero engines made by the, italian , Spirito Mario Viable. Duroc took Alcock on as a mechanic at the Brook lands
  26. Cisalpino also operated three couples of Milan-Bellinzona Ferocity with, italian , stock. Confusingly in 2010 whilst the name Cisalpino has disappeared from the
  27. Have. Italy In the Italian Army the term for batman was attendance, from the, italian , verb attendee (same meaning of the English verb to attend). Batmen were
  28. Performance on American Idol on April 7,2011. *Micheal Castillo recorded an, italian , version of the song on his 2010 Ace to. It will also be featured as a musical
  29. By composer Yuri Laura, which utilizes Kylie Ellison in the lyrics. *The, italian , singer-songwriter Laura Pausing included this term in her song" Per Vicar" (
  30. Published by Pedro, Athens,1984. And recently Alicia in Rome has published, italian , translation of four of the books. There is also a bilingual Spanish-English
  31. Important producer of silk during the Medieval age. One notable center was the, italian , city-state of Lucca which largely financed itself through silk-production and
  32. Frothed hot milk with coffee, and a pastry),very common is cornet to (, italian , for croissant). In Rome and Venice is very common to eat a tramezzino for
  33. Nico Video in Italian (1962),Jay and the Americans (1962),Bobby Solo in, italian , ( 1966),The Afghan Whigs, Paul Anna, Blake,Louis Armstrong, Vic Damon
  34. Will operate a fleet of 35 aircraft, becoming the main charter operator in, italian , market and an important player in Europe. Destinations Code share agreements
  35. And whose success achieves European echo. On 2002 and 2003 Stefano Reigning, italian , composer and organist created the music for Thesis and Luther Stories. Hamlet
  36. Tracks and are double and multiple-line tracks. In 2006 entered service new, italian , tilting trains Mendocino CD Class 680,they have reached a speed of 237 km/h
  37. Mini TV series of 6 chapters" Garcia all Re - La Narcotics ", with other, italian , actor like Stefano Zionist, Raffaella REA and Laura Galván, in which he plays a
  38. Sacred River of the Homeland). External links * http://www.ilpiave.it/ Site of, italian , newspaper " IL Pave" Sleaze nation was a monthly London based fashion and
  39. Magazine in the first half of the 20th century *Zenith Co, a well known, italian , brand of film production and photo editing. * http://www.zenit-werbung.com
  40. Near Venice. However, The New Yorker lists tiramisu as an item of" all, italian , restaurants ". Preparation Tiramisu is a layered dessert, consisting of
  41. Based on weapons used against them by Tip Sultan. * 1806 - Claude Rugger an, italian , living in France launched animals on rockets, and recovered them using
  42. On a daily basis are bread, cheese,jam, olives,and tea. Italy As the other, italian , meals the breakfast is different depending on the region. Generally breakfast
  43. Not necessarily to remain there. *Dauphin (English: Dolphin; Spanish: Delphi;, italian , : Delphine) was a multiple (though rare) comical title in southern France
  44. This, industrial environment increased quickly, in fact the city is called" the, italian , Manchester ". Economy The city has three important industrial hubs: the first
  45. That he was rediscovered, and his work is a huge inspiration to me. " As for, italian , Jazz musicians, arranger/composer Corr ado Guarding from Bergamo and the sax
  46. Franklin, Ann Margret in 1962,Jonny Fair (Live),Lena Horne, Nico Video in, italian , ( 1962),Jay and the Americans (1962),Bobby Solo in Italian (1966),The
  47. In Italy and the rest of Europe * http://www.hbsitalia.com Common Butsuryushu, italian , official website * http://www.honmon-butsuryushu.or.jp Common Butsuryushu
  48. Collect novel Eye of the Needle Toponyms Other uses * Faber, pseudonym of the, italian , singer-songwriter Fabricio De André * Faber EP, debut EP by the Canadian rock
  49. Proof that it hails from the particular Sicilian city. Related to sorbet and, italian , ice,in most of Sicily it has a coarser, more crystalline texture. Food writer
  50. Party. In 1994,he challenged and was defeated by Silvio Berlusconi in, italian , general election,1994,leading Alliance of Progressives; because of this

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