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  1. Profession from that of solicitor. It is, however,possible to hold the, qualification ,of both barrister and solicitor at the same time. It is not necessary to leave
  2. Penalty area, England were awarded a free-kick and Beckham ensured England's, qualification ,with a curling strike of the kind that had become his trademark. Shortly
  3. U. S. astronauts who also have active-duty military status receive a special, qualification ,badge, known as the Astronaut Badge, after participation on a spaceflight. The
  4. Acropolis of Athens is such that it is commonly known as The Acropolis without, qualification , The Acropolis was formally proclaimed as the preeminent monument on the
  5. Orthodox churches, recognizes Roman Catholic episcopal consecrations without, qualification , Apostolic Founders The Patriarchate of Constantinople claims unbroken
  6. As the unified atomic mass unit). The term is usually used, without further, qualification , to refer to the standard atomic weights published at regular intervals by the
  7. In 2003–04. There should also be special mention for Arsenal's consistent, qualification ,for the Champions League-the club have managed to enter the group stages 14
  8. Buildings erected upon it (most notably the Parthenon),is known without, qualification ,as the Acropolis. Although originating in the mainland of Greece, use of the
  9. By the newly-founded University of the Witwatersrand. In order to secure a, qualification ,as a lecturer, the family moved to England, where he registered at the School
  10. Are also eligible for enhanced marketing support, receive discounts on product, qualification ,listings and SIG events including the annual All Hands Meeting and Unplugged (
  11. Committee (which removes from consideration players of clearly lesser, qualification ,) is eligible to be elected by BBW AA members with 10 years' membership or more
  12. Transport sectors, including sea, air,land and rail modes. Professional, qualification ,for politicians usually carry post-nominal letters. Common examples include:
  13. Of functions in performant servers allows for lower grade performance, qualification ,of the clients. It is possible to set up a server on a modern desktop computer
  14. Membership. Qualification Next to the development of the technology itself,the, qualification ,process is one of the most important aspects of Bluetooth technology
  15. Die on March 4. He also never took the oath of office. No disability or lack of, qualification ,prevented Taylor and Fillmore from taking office, and as they had been duly
  16. Ice hockey tournament, UEFA European Football Championship, FIFA World Cup and, qualification ,matches for such events. In general, any international match of the Czech ice
  17. The French term Pays Basque (" Basque Country" ), in the absence of further, qualification , refers either to the whole Basque Country (" Usual Hernia" in Basque),or
  18. De Cali. Junior lost the match 4-1,which ended the club's hopes of playoff, qualification , Personal life Valderrama is married and has three children. One of them is
  19. Twice each year, once roughly in March and once in June or July. Once again, qualification ,is based on achieving minimum scores at earlier competitions (in this case
  20. Degree will normally provide successful students with industry accredited, qualification , some universities offer postgraduate engineering awards (M.Eng./M.Sc.) which
  21. His book Man: His Origin and Destiny, which denounced evolution without, qualification , Similar statements of denunciation were made by Bruce R. McKenzie, who as late
  22. Possibility of failing to qualify, but victory in the last two matches secured, qualification ,for the finals. After Argentina's qualification , Maradona used abusive
  23. Was under pressure to revamp the England squad for the imminent UEFA Euro 2012, qualification , campaign. He unveiled a new team at the next England match, a home friendly
  24. Substantially faster than other projectiles such as tennis balls. In turn, this, qualification , must be qualified by consideration of the distance over which the shuttlecock
  25. The One-Day International playing nations automatically enter the final, qualification ,tournament, the World Cup Qualifier, along with other nations who have
  26. Re-definition of apostolic succession Protestants may hold that one important, qualification ,of the Apostles was that they were chosen directly by Jesus and that they
  27. Were guaranteed ten years of basic education, leading to a Junior Certificate, qualification , Approximately half of the school population attends a further two years of
  28. For the title in 1998–99 but finished the season in third, earning them, qualification ,for the UEFA Champions League. The following year was disappointing in Serie A
  29. Electronics. The SIG oversees the development of the specification, manages the, qualification ,program, and protects the trademarks. To be marketed as a Bluetooth device, it
  30. Represents a change in status in regard to purification, restoration,and, qualification ,for full religious participation in the life of the community, ensuring that
  31. The team's worst ever margin of defeat. With two matches remaining in the, qualification ,tournament for the 2010 World Cup, Argentina was in fifth place and faced the
  32. Certification or qualification , is a designation earned by a person to assure, qualification ,to perform a job or task. Many certifications are used as post-nominal letters
  33. In state schools in England for all pupils aged 11–16. Some schools offer a, qualification ,in this subject at GCSE and A level. All state schools have a statutory
  34. Transfer orbit (GTO) was initially specified as, but was increased after the, qualification ,flights to. * The Ariane 5 G+ had an improved second stage, with a GTO capacity
  35. Has advised that a similar case might be successful since the removal of the, qualification ," similar" from philosophical belief by an amendment in 2007. " Cases
  36. Canberra was at the national average of $400–$499. The average level of degree, qualification ,in the ACT is higher than the national average. Within the ACT 4.5 % of the
  37. Working groups that produce the standardization documents and oversee the, qualification ,process for new products and help to evangelize the technology. Structure The
  38. S governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC),with preliminary, qualification ,rounds leading up to a finals' tournament which is held every four years. The
  39. The last two matches secured qualification for the finals. After Argentina's, qualification , Maradona used abusive language at the live post-game press conference, telling
  40. Program in the computer. The use of time-sharing made this possible, with the, qualification ,that the computer would not seem as fast to any one user as it really would be
  41. And Virginia. Gypsum alabaster When the term" alabaster" is used without any, qualification , it invariably means a fine-grained variety of gypsum. This mineral, or
  42. Or professional designation, often called simply certification or, qualification , is a designation earned by a person to assure qualification to perform a job
  43. Ranger, who guided Chelsea to the 2002 FA Cup Final and Champions League, qualification ,in 2002–03. In June 2003,Bates sold Chelsea to Russian billionaire Roman
  44. Review Board (the body responsible for developing and maintaining the, qualification ,process). They each may have multiple staff in the various working groups and
  45. Of baptized believers in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The primary external, qualification ,for membership in a Baptist church is a public profession of faith in Jesus
  46. Human eye, and when an apparent magnitude is given without any further, qualification , it is usually the V magnitude that is meant, more or less the same as visual
  47. Culture-bound ", whereas standard psychiatric diagnoses are given no cultural, qualification ,whatsoever, is to Klansman revelatory of an underlying assumption that Western
  48. Qualified for the finals of the Cricket World Cup at least once (excluding, qualification ,tournaments). Seven teams have competed in every finals' tournament, five of
  49. Anyone with a high school education, the diploma is meant to be a post-graduate, qualification ,and in fact can be incorporated into a Master's degree program. Legal affairs
  50. Due to the war—Rodgers told his casting director, John Fairly, that the sole, qualification ,for a dancing boy was that he be alive. Rodgers and Hammerstein reassembled

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