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  1. Coming up with the idea of the soup cans as subject. For his first major, exhibition ,Warhol painted his famous cans of Campbell's Soup, which he claimed to have
  2. Family until her death. Works In 1864,Rodin submitted his first sculpture for, exhibition , The Man with the Broken Nose, to the Paris Salon. The subject was an elderly
  3. Naval for Haitian earthquake relief. In early 2011 Agassi will play a series of, exhibition ,matches http://www.riseoflegends2011.com/" Rise of Legends" in Taiwan with
  4. S Fair. Hallowell wanted to help promote Rodin's work, and he suggested a solo, exhibition , which she wrote him was beau coup coins beau Que l'original but impossible
  5. And development centers for manufacturers and part suppliers, as well as, exhibition ,halls and a stadium for robot competitions. The country's new Robotics Ethics
  6. His West Coast debut of pop art. Andy Warhol's first New York solo pop art, exhibition ,was hosted at Eleanor Ward's Stable Gallery November 6–24, 1962. The exhibit
  7. Action Man figures. However, this has now been replaced by a more professional, exhibition ,space incorporating laser, video,slide shows, audio commentaries, and some
  8. Generalized in its modern English usage to apply to any outrageous act or, exhibition ,of pride or disregard for basic moral laws. Such an act may be referred to as
  9. And directed here as recorded in various photographs and items presently on, exhibition , In another display, wax figures of former presidents of the Republic of Turkey
  10. From near Santa Cruz in southern Brazil was presented at the 1902, exhibition , in Düsseldorf, Germany. In the 19th century, the color of amethyst was
  11. This expansion has been further aided by multiculturalism and assisted by, exhibition ,matches as well as exposure generated through players who have converted to and
  12. Arts and film. The term" art deco" was first used widely in 1966,after an, exhibition ,in Paris,'Les Annexes 25' sub-titled Art Deco, celebrating the 1925 Exposition
  13. Of the world's Top 100 for the first time. Karol usually limits his play to, exhibition ,events, and has revamped his style to specialize in rapid chess. In 2002, he won
  14. Age, walking over the frozen sea. The Arctic Fox Center in Slavic contains an, exhibition ,on the arctic fox and conducts studies on the influence of tourism on the
  15. Near the Baseball Hall of Fame. It hosted the annual Hall of Fame Game,an, exhibition ,game between two major league teams that was played from 1940 until 2008. The
  16. Mylar, pillow-shaped balloons. A Silver Cloud was included in the traveling, exhibition ,Air Art (1968–69) curated by Willougbhy Sharp. Clouds was also adapted by
  17. Visitor center. The visitor center will feature a permanent and free to access, exhibition ,on the life and works of Sir Walter Scott. It is envisaged that this
  18. Beret (1866–1934). That year, Rodin offered his first sculpture for, exhibition , and entered the studio of Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse, a successful mass
  19. Debuted at Earl's Court Exhibition Center in London, England. According to the, exhibition ,'s website, ABBAWORLD is" approved and fully supported" by the group. On 1
  20. Greater Western Sydney Football Club). The AFL regularly schedules pre-season, exhibition ,matches in all Australian states and territories as part of the Regional
  21. In the Waldhausen district the Heimatstüble museum of local history has an, exhibition ,on agriculture and rural living. In the Wasseralfingen district, there are two
  22. While Spanish King Juan Carlos was addressing the participants in a huge, exhibition ,hall, two Greenpeace activists climbed to the top and showered the bankers with
  23. Sign was welded back together on site and will probably form part of a new, exhibition , Name" Auschwitz museum unveils restored stolen/IN"> sign"/> An improved
  24. He was included in the Painting the Century 101 Portrait Masterpieces 1900-2000, exhibition , held at the National Portrait Gallery, London. Giacometti and his sculpture
  25. To prove its legitimacy, challenged the Canadian Football League to an, exhibition ,game. It was decided that the game would be between Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the
  26. The rules. Instead, she suggested he send a number of works for her loan, exhibition ,of French art from American collections, and she told him she would list them as
  27. On loan to the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California for a major, exhibition ,The Andes is the world's the longest continental mountain range. It is a continual
  28. There are two more museums: The Museum Wasseralfingen comprises a local history, exhibition ,and an art gallery including works of Hermann Block, Helmut Schuster and Singer
  29. Exhibition was on July 9,1962,in the Ferns Gallery of Los Angeles. The, exhibition ,marked his West Coast debut of pop art. Andy Warhol's first New York solo pop
  30. Made the telephone the featured headline worldwide. Influential visitors to the, exhibition ,included Emperor Pedro II of Brazil, and later Bell had the opportunity to
  31. Parade Hall of Fame in 2010. On 27 January 2010,SeaWorld, a 25-room touring, exhibition ,featuring interactive and audiovisual activities debuted at Earl's Court
  32. Professional football. One independent group which had been active in NFL, exhibition ,promotions in Atlanta applied for franchises in both the American Football
  33. On Jan. 6,2011,and Kaohsiung Arena on Jan. 8,2011. In August 2010 he made an, exhibition ,game in Coliseum Puerto El Camping in Bogotá, Colombia,with Pete Lampreys, Anna
  34. Bosley Gallery in New York City and in California his first one-man art-gallery, exhibition ,was on July 9,1962,in the Ferns Gallery of Los Angeles. The exhibition marked
  35. Along an unrehearsed desert trail. In February 2011,in a Jeopardy! Quiz show, exhibition ,match,IBM's question answering system, Watson,defeated the two greatest
  36. Jesse Levine (coached by Billie Jean King); Kournikova and Rodrick won. The, exhibition ,included a mixed doubles match of McEnroe and Austin against Courier and
  37. On the STS-1 mission. *1990 – Jim Gary's" Twentieth Century Dinosaurs ", exhibition ,opens at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History in
  38. Despite his declining health, he travelled to the United States in 1965 for an, exhibition ,of his works at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. As his last work he
  39. Hosting Graving Museum of Fine Arts. There are a dozen museums in Alicante. On, exhibition ,at the Archaeological Museum of Alicante (MARY) are local artifacts dating
  40. Goddard, and the Dud savanna (the ceremonial ox decorated for door-to-door, exhibition ,during the harvest festival Sankranthi) have long defined Telugu culture. The
  41. And Space Museum,Washington’D. C. It is in the central Milestones of Flight, exhibition ,hall in front of the Jefferson Drive entrance, sharing the main hall with other
  42. For the Andy Rodrick/Roger Federer US Open quarter-final. He played an, exhibition ,match at Wimbledon, teaming with his wife, Steffi Graf, to play with Tim Herman
  43. The newspaper reports of his death, and reappeared three weeks later at an, exhibition ,in Berlin. In 1934,Crowley was declared bankrupt after losing a court case in
  44. Wax statue of Ataturk, his writings, letters and personal items, as well as an, exhibition ,of photographs recording important moments in his life and during the
  45. 1960s with the first book on the subject by Nevis Hillier in 1968 and later an, exhibition ,organized by him in Minneapolis in 1971. Founders included Hector Guitar
  46. Years up there before falling in ruins. Inside the monument, a new permanent, exhibition ,conceived by the artist Maurice Benson and the architect Christophe Giraud
  47. Match to be broadcast live on radio.; A decade later, on 16 September 1937,an, exhibition ,match between Arsenal's first team and the reserves was the first football
  48. With the publication of his 1971 book The World of Art Deco, a record of the, exhibition , Sources and influences The structure of Art Deco is based on mathematical
  49. Workshop of the Turkish National Railways. The museum incorporates the largest, exhibition ,hall in Turkey. The museum holds periodic exhibition s of modern and
  50. A Baroque sculptor ", International Herald Tribune, March 20, 1999: Review of, exhibition ," Asgard: The Other Face of the Baroque,",1999

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