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  1. Claimed the circus was. Solomon believed the trip would be short and did not, notify ,his wife. He made a stop in New York City where he obtained his Free Papers
  2. The United States, the time has come now for the State Department to formally, notify ,the United Nations of this new position and assume the international legal
  3. Any passersby. This very situation was a recurring motif in Greek mythology. To, notify ,the neighbors of a birth of a child, a woolen strip was hung over the front
  4. Security Extensions). Other important features of BIND 9 include: TWIG, DNS, notify , update,IPv6,RDC flush (remote name daemon control),views
  5. Spyware often downloads with items identified as 'free downloads' and does not, notify ,the user of its existence or ask for permission to install the components. The
  6. Responsibilities. The Act requires expeditions from the U. S. to Antarctica to, notify , in advance, the Office of Oceans and Polar Affairs of the State Department
  7. And stopping the clock, respectively. They also have an eye on the benches and, notify ,the referees on substitution errors. Their desk is located in between both
  8. When he asked his second cousin, Dr. George Mud — a resident of Bryan town — to, notify ,the 13th New York Cavalry in Bryan town under the command of Lieutenant David
  9. Airplane_ID'Image (ID) &" touched down! "); Rwy. Cleared_Runway (ID); --, notify ,runway that we're done here. End; New_Airplane: Airplane_Access; begin for I
  10. Dakar) routes, with BA flights using the" Speed bird Concorde" call sign to, notify ,air traffic control of the aircraft’s unique abilities and restrictions, but
  11. Union, and United States. This means health care providers are required to, notify ,public health authorities, which will then ideally provide partner notification
  12. Real time and immediately show the opponents' moves, while others use email to, notify ,the players after each move (see the links at the end of this article).
  13. Then fully informed of progress. Thus, it is stipulated that the Section must, notify ,victims, who have communicated with the Court in a given case or situation, of
  14. Table Bay. Australian Aborigines would send up smoke to, notify ,others of their presence, particularly when entering lands which were not their
  15. Obama sent another embassy, led by the Georgian Vassal brothers, to further, notify ,Western leaders of military preparations. Gregory answered that his legates
  16. Over to the Soviets. They in turn destroyed it. The Soviets allowed Bernat to, notify ,Stumpfegger’s wife. He wrote and told her that her husband’s body was "
  17. Advise the patient of the disclosure and the reasons why their failure to, notify ,the agency obliged the doctor to act. Aircraft In many countries, persons with
  18. Differ throughout the country. In some states the parent simply needs to, notify ,the state that the child will be educated at home. In other states the parents
  19. It, and began to sign. They also requested each of the remaining states to, notify ,its delegation when ratification was completed. On that date, delegates present
  20. Option to control it through a driver). Drivers can use APM function calls to, notify ,the BIOS about CPU usage, but it is up to the BIOS to act on this information;
  21. Differ between US states. In some states the parent simply needs to, notify ,the state that the child will be educated at home. In other states the parents
  22. Underground Alert messages displayed on the subway platform video screens to, notify ,passengers about criminals. TTC By-law No. 1 The TTC's By-law No. 1 is a
  23. The process of joining the IAEA is fairly simple. Normally, a State would, notify ,the Director General of its desire to join, and the Director would submit the
  24. The client may make many changes to a datum in the cache, and then explicitly, notify ,the cache to write back the datum. Since that on write operations, no actual
  25. Bureau agreed to identify, review,and release all the pertinent cases, and, notify , prosecutors about cases in which faulty testimony was given. Personnel As of
  26. 1948 Census of India Act. The act gives Central Government many powers like to, notify ,a date for Census, power to ask for the services of any citizen for census work
  27. Connections, SSL,UTF-8 display support and an option to view channels and, notify ,lists in a tree bar format rather than the default switch bar. Marc is still in
  28. Claimed at trial that he was motivated by a divine vision requiring him to, notify ,her of an impending terrorist assassination attempt. On 13 May, Suu FYI was
  29. And credited them with extra free hours. In addition, the AOL software would, notify ,the user of exactly how long they were connected and how many minutes they were
  30. It is a picture of a sign that reads 'destroyed ',it's used in the airport to, notify ,passengers when the unclaimed baggage has been disposed of. The album consists
  31. Either need to suspend it until the collection cycle is complete, or somehow, notify ,the garbage collector that there exists a new, reachable object. Precise vs.
  32. One of their number or on a third power; (2) the principal powers officially, notify ,the council of the League of Nations that a certain power has been appointed
  33. In even-numbered years, any Major or Minor League club with an expiring PDC may, notify ,Major League Baseball or Minor League Baseball, respectively,of its desire to
  34. Version told in Göttingen observatory is that the first message was sent to, notify ,Weber that the observatory's servant was on the way to the institute of
  35. Minister Songhai Wongsawat said PPP secretary-general Scraping Suebwonglee will, notify ,the 5 parties who the PPP nominated, to take office again. Some lawmakers
  36. Of disease notification was unanimously adopted. Each government had to, notify ,to other governments on the existence of plague within their several
  37. The helmets during the regular season, since owner John Me com, Jr. did not, notify ,the league office of the change. The Saints predominantly wore white at home
  38. For Soviet intelligence. Hoover was administering this project but failed to, notify ,the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) until 1952. Another notable case is the
  39. Of San Pasquale While approaching San Diego, Kearny sent a rancher ahead to, notify ,Commodore Stockton of his presence. The rancher, Edward Stokes, returned with
  40. Vladimir Putin gave a written order to the Russian Foreign Ministry to, notify ,the Estonian side of“ Russia’s intention not to participate in the border
  41. Lucrative debit card overdraft fees — pointed out that debit card issuers could, notify ,customers electronically, allowing them to avoid overdraft fees. Tessa FEDIS
  42. Anglican clergy. Charlotte was sufficiently concerned about Anne's illness to, notify ,Patrick Bronte, and to take Anne home where she remained to recover. Employment
  43. The premium required for overtime work. It also eliminates the requirement to, notify ,and get permission from the labor union to fire a redundant worker. The new
  44. Visited Leigh and told her the culprits had been located and that she should, notify ,the FBI if she received any more letters of that type. Norman's mother was
  45. Is often used to describe a mechanism whereby a software system can signal or, notify ,a hardware device that there is some work to be done. Typically, the software
  46. Goods provide a disincentive for manufacturers to build durable products and to, notify ,consumers of product defects as the manufacturers become aware of them.
  47. From the FISA court, after which the Attorney General or his designee must, notify ,a judge of the court not more than 72 hours after the Attorney General
  48. And many others) require businesses, nonprofits,and state institutions to, notify ,consumers when unencrypted" personal information" may have been compromised
  49. Calls to alert the owner or operator that an event has occurred, for example to, notify ,that motion has been detected out-of-hours in a protected area. SIP is used in
  50. Richard on 11 August, but it took three to four days for his messengers to, notify ,his lords of their king's mobilization. On 16 August, the Yorkist army started

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