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  1. Probably inebriated at his inauguration),his bristling personality, and his, enormous ,sense of self-importance. He once suggested that God saw fit to have Lincoln
  2. Stars were fiery stones, we do not feel the heat of the stars because of their, enormous ,distance from earth. He thought that the earth is flat and floats supported by
  3. Ægir hosts a party for the gods where he provides the ale brewed in an, enormous ,pot or cauldron provided by Thor and Tar. The story of their obtaining the pot
  4. Rises to. The quantity of water released by the Amazon to the Atlantic Ocean is, enormous ,: up to in the rainy season, with an average of from 1973 to 1990. The Amazon is
  5. Was influenced by the Bergamo Altar in Anatolia, but was magnified to an, enormous ,scale. Speer insisted that as many events as possible be held at night, both to
  6. Measures" stemmed not from a heady sense of independence but rather from the, enormous ,difficulties that all the states encountered in collecting taxes, mustering men
  7. To rave reviews—it won Kurosawa his second Cinema Juno" Best Film" award—and, enormous ,box office success. It remains the most acclaimed of all the artist's films
  8. On artistic photography. Warhol was an accomplished photographer, and took an, enormous ,amount of photographs of Factory visitors, friends. * Computer: Warhol used
  9. And Splendor. Only slower trains stop at these, but Aachen-West has developed, enormous ,importance due to the expanding RWTH Aachen university. Aachen is connected to
  10. Was greatly dependent on. The winters of 1991-92,1992–93,and 1993-94 brought, enormous ,hardship to a population lacking heat and electric power. (The large-scale
  11. Lévi-Strauss helped institutionalize anthropology in France. Along with the, enormous ,influence that his theory of structuralism exerted across multiple disciplines
  12. Most Australian acacia species introduced to South Africa have become an, enormous ,problem, due to their naturally aggressive propagation. The pods of Acacia
  13. Military power holders, which has accumulated (and continues accumulating), enormous , wealth. " Secondary beneficiaries" are the middle strata which are about to
  14. Amalia. However, Amalia could not remain there forever, and after exacting an, enormous ,tribute, returned to Jerusalem. Byzantine alliance After his return in 1167 he
  15. Personal Computer is released. *1982 – Mexico announces it is unable to pay its, enormous ,external debt, marking the beginning of a debt crisis that spreads to all of
  16. Were," Behold, I found Rome of clay, and leave her to you of marble. " An, enormous ,funerary procession of mourners traveled with Augustus' body from Nola to Rome
  17. A small fleet of aircraft and sea vessels. In the 1990s,the country scrapped, enormous ,amounts of obsolete hardware, such as tanks and SAM systems from China. Today
  18. To his strength by Apollo and returns to attack the ships, Ajax,wielding an, enormous ,spear as a weapon and leaping from ship to ship, holds off the Trojan armies
  19. Quickly than does mankind, the destruction every year from these causes must be, enormous ,in order to keep down the numbers of each species, since evidently they do not
  20. Of Ben and Panda in Bolivia. * The giant anaconda, a mythical snake of, enormous ,proportions found in South America. * Any large snake that" crushes" its prey
  21. Forgets her warning. Not long after Aphrodite leaves, Adonis comes across an, enormous ,wild boar, much larger than any he has ever seen. It is suggested that the boar
  22. Prosecuting both the law and its proposer. The quantity of these suits was, enormous ,: in effect the courts became a kind of upper house. In the 5th century there
  23. Subject to the king and eligible to appear at the Hate Four. Amalia had an, enormous ,curiosity, and William was reportedly astonished to find Amalia questioning
  24. Is a major character and is shown as one of the last loyal Romans, going to, enormous ,lengths for his boy emperor Romulus Augustus, whose power has been wrested by
  25. Their home region. Released in December 1958,The Hidden Fortress became an, enormous ,box office success in Japan and was warmly received by critics. Today, the film
  26. Low river banks are interrupted by only a few hills, and the river enters the, enormous ,Amazon Rainforest. The river systems and flood plains in Brazil, Peru,Ecuador
  27. Trapped in poverty. A serious structural problem of the Angolan economy are the, enormous ,differences between the regions. This is best illustrated by the fact that
  28. That the conception of Faith was brought to Greece from Egypt, along with" an, enormous ,number of features of civilization and culture in the third and second
  29. Patents, dynamite being the most famous. In his last will, he used his, enormous ,fortune to institute the Nobel Prizes. The synthetic element nobelium was named
  30. His magnum opus and the first modern work of economics. It earned him an, enormous ,reputation and would become one of the most influential works on economics ever
  31. The UK singles chart in August that year, this time peaking at number 16. The, enormous ,interest in the ABBA Gold: Greatest Hits compilation saw the release of More
  32. A Scottish-American industrialist, businessman,and entrepreneur who led the, enormous ,expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century. He was also
  33. Have been crowded with those that breed most quickly. Vaguely thinking over the, enormous ,and constant destruction which this implied, it occurred to me to ask the
  34. Motorway from the A4 to the Europaplatz near the city center). Due to the, enormous ,amount of traffic at the Aachen road interchange, there is often serious
  35. 2000–2003. Likewise, visits to New Salem fell by half, probably because of the, enormous ,draw of the new museum in Springfield. Visits to the Lincoln Memorial in
  36. Exact, the idiomatic English. But, my friend, to speak the broken English is an, enormous ,asset. It leads people to despise you. They say – a foreigner – he can't even
  37. He was too late: Métis had already conceived. Eventually Zeus experienced an, enormous ,headache; Prometheus, Hephaestus,Hermes, Ares,or Plasmon (depending on the
  38. And nutritional value of crop plants. Careful selection and breeding have had, enormous ,effects on the characteristics of crop plants. Plant selection and breeding in
  39. Of the most extensive and magnificent in France. We may form some idea of its, enormous ,dimensions from the fact recorded, that when, in AD 1245,Pope Innocent IV
  40. World. ” The US Chamber of Commerce argued that the costs of the ADA would be “, enormous ,” and have“ a disastrous impact on many small businesses struggling to survive
  41. And class background to assist a poor village, her perseverance in the face of, enormous ,obstacles, her assumption of responsibility for her own life and for the
  42. International titles. Among the sports facilities within the city, there is an, enormous ,sporting complex – Complex of OCO – Mohamed Boudin. This includes the State 5
  43. Partially underground (it was suspected of Jacobite sympathies). However,the, enormous ,expansion in the 18th and 19th centuries of the British Empire brought
  44. II endeavored to weaken the power of the clergy and to apply a portion of the, enormous ,revenues of the Roman Catholic Church to purposes of national utility. These
  45. East, the difficulties in transportation between east and west would have been, enormous , There has also been bad blood between Bolivia and Chile ever since 1870,and
  46. Same urn as those of Patrols. Paris was later killed by Philoctetes using the, enormous ,bow of Heracles. Fate of Achilles' armor Achilles' armor was the object of a
  47. From east of the Volga, who migrated into Europe c. 370 and built up an, enormous ,empire there. Their main military techniques were mounted archery and javelin
  48. No longer officially recognized as a constellation. It was unwieldy due to its, enormous ,size: where it still considered a single constellation, it would be the largest
  49. Of Portugal recognized by Rome, his grandfather, Afonso I, had to legislate an, enormous ,number of privileges to the Church. These eventually created a state within the
  50. The Praetorian Guard. The highly productive agricultural land of Egypt yielded, enormous ,revenues that were available to Augustus and his successors to pay for public

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