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  1. Sustain of a muted note on an electric bass can be used to imitate the shorter, sustain ,and character of an upright bass. Palm-muting is commonly done while using a
  2. Or the more string area that is contacted by the palm, the shorter the string’s, sustain , The sustain of the picked note can be varied for each note or phrase. The
  3. Describes the expanses of (largely flat) arable agricultural land which, sustain ,extensive grain farming operations in the southern part of the provinces.
  4. Johns, was able to sing (she had a" small, silvery voice" ) but could not ", sustain ,a phrase ", he devised the song" Send in the Clowns" for her in a way that
  5. As Kurosawa’s career progressed he seemed to find it increasingly difficult to, sustain ,the heroic ideal. As Prince notes," Kurosawa’s is an essentially tragic vision
  6. May (if of large size, must ) enrich their atmospheres with additional CO2 to, sustain ,and increase plant growth. A photosynthesis-related drop (by a factor less
  7. The moon's icy outer crust. Another planetary body that could potentially, sustain ,extraterrestrial life is Saturn's largest moon, Titan. On its surface
  8. Evade Price). As a drink mixing the beef flavoring with hot water, it helped, sustain ,ambulance drivers and men in trenches. A thermos of beef tea was the favored
  9. Some more money, but even this soon proved to be insufficient resources to, sustain ,the club. Florentina were relegated at the end of the 2001–02 season and went
  10. Greater range in three ways: * rocket assisted projectiles (RAP) enhance and, sustain ,the projectile's velocity by providing additional 'push' from a small rocket
  11. 87 people. Fertile soils from weathered volcanic lava shave made it possible to, sustain ,dense populations in the agriculturally productive highland areas. Central
  12. Also continue to be popular. Round wounds have a brighter timbre with longer, sustain ,than flat wounds. A number of other tuning options and bass types have been used
  13. Fueled aircraft precious seconds to attain sufficient air velocity and lift to, sustain ,normal flight. Without a ski jump launching fully loaded and fueled aircraft
  14. To the material surface on which they act). Fluids, on the other hand, do not, sustain ,shear forces. For the study of the mechanical behavior of solids and fluids
  15. And Time Binding, through the construction of temples and the pyramids can, sustain ,their authority generation to generation, through this media they can change
  16. From God through the Holy Spirit. Members of the church acknowledge (, sustain ,) them regularly as prophets, seers,and revelatory—this is done publicly twice
  17. But with maximum resonant space for greater volume and, sustain , This comes at the expense of being oversized, with a very deep sounding box
  18. IBM 'published' its DOS source for free, and Microsoft was born. Unable to, sustain ,the loss from lawyer's fees, Data General ended up being taken over by EMC
  19. Sustain of the picked note can be varied for each note or phrase. The shorter, sustain ,of a muted note on an electric bass can be used to imitate the shorter sustain
  20. S first division, after its promotion in 2006. However, the team could not, sustain ,its status and is now back in the second division. The stadium" Tripoli "
  21. Epoxy coated fingerboards to increase the fingerboard' durability, enhance, sustain , and give a brighter tone. Although most fretless basses have four strings
  22. Rested on the bridge while picking, and “ mutes” the strings, shortening the, sustain ,time. The harder the palm presses, or the more string area that is contacted by
  23. Lectured. In 1949,he erected his first geodesic dome building that could, sustain ,its own weight with no practical limits. It was 4.3 meters (14 ft) in
  24. Which could take bites of flesh out of living sauropods that were sufficient to, sustain ,the predator, so it would not have needed to expend the effort to kill the prey
  25. Theory even at its conception, namely that a classical charged object cannot, sustain ,orbital motion because it is accelerating and therefore loses energy due to
  26. 30 to 40 for the oceans) and contains oxygen and other nutrients required to, sustain ,biotic activity. These waters circulate in a basin-wide cyclonic shelf break
  27. Types of mallets like felt mallets or timpani beaters for different attack and, sustain ,qualities. Suspended cymbals can produce bright and slicing tones when
  28. Area that is contacted by the palm, the shorter the string’s sustain . The, sustain ,of the picked note can be varied for each note or phrase. The shorter sustain
  29. S Danish and Prussian infantry attacked a second time but could not, sustain ,the advance without proper support. Once again they fell back across the stream
  30. Plants, fungi and other life forms for food, fiber,and other products used to, sustain ,life. Agriculture was the key implement in the rise of sedentary human
  31. Notes separated by a half-step over a background C note, is not sufficient to, sustain ,a claim for copyright infringement. " Band members Beastie Boys * Mike D (
  32. G/cm3 and is often known as '.880 Ammonia '. Ammonia does not burn readily or, sustain ,combustion, except under narrow fuel-to-air mixtures of 15–25 % air. When mixed
  33. It is a typically incomplete combustion reaction. Solid materials that can, sustain ,a smoldering reaction include coal, cellulose,wood, cotton,tobacco, peat
  34. Function. Briefly, this is the ability of an individual to initiate, inhibit, sustain , and switch attention and is involved in the organization of complex tasks down
  35. Was never despatched. The able and forceful empress Dufresne tried in vain to, sustain ,his credit and his court; Vacates, the favorite instrument of her attempts at
  36. Which quickly decays to californium-250. In principle,berkelium-249 can, sustain ,a nuclear chain reaction in a fast breeder reactor. Its critical mass is
  37. Cymbal affects its sound, larger cymbals usually being louder and having longer, sustain , The weight describes how thick the cymbal is. Cymbal weights are important to
  38. Exponentially expanding spacetime is called a de Sitter space, and to, sustain ,it there must be a cosmological constant, a vacuum energy proportional to
  39. To support more vibrational modes. This leads to greater volume and longer, sustain ,but compromises the subtle tonalities of the Spanish sound. Performance The
  40. Communications difficult. The LM" lifeboat" consumables were intended to, sustain ,two people for only two days, not three people for four days. Oxygen was the
  41. Out for black suffrage, arguing," The better class of them will go to work and, sustain ,themselves, and that class ought to be allowed to vote, on the ground that a
  42. The Spanish style one piece neck/block and glued dovetail necks have better, sustain , but testing has failed to confirm this. While most traditional Spanish style
  43. Of the presidency several times (1823–1827,1828,1829,1830) but could not, sustain ,his authority. From May 1827 to September 1831,except brief
  44. Of Pakistan,Osama bin Laden and Saudi Arabia, the Taliban would not be able to, sustain ,their military campaign for up to a year, also because the Afghan population
  45. S Gross Domestic Product (between 15 and 30 percent). They help Armenia, sustain ,double-digit economic growth and finance its massive trade deficit. According
  46. The measure of a planet's or a natural satellite's potential to develop and, sustain ,life, or planetary habitability. An additional discipline of astrogeology is
  47. Reserved on pianoforte for the lower pitch tones, as they possess a superior, sustain ,quality to that of high-tensile steel. Bronzes of various metallurgical
  48. Score the Browns had lost by in the 1994 playoff meeting. The Browns did not, sustain ,the momentum, finishing with double-digit losing records in and. Davis resigned
  49. Without the support of Pakistan and Bin Laden the Taliban would not be able to, sustain ,their military campaign for up to a year. The areas of Massed Life in the
  50. Stops may also be played (in a" broken" fashion),but are difficult to, sustain ,because of the change in slope of the bridge. To extend the technique in this

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