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  1. And span the extent of the building. The ends of the beams should then be, fixed ,to the tops of the walls using the builder’s preferred choice of attachments.
  2. Models (Model 3) A mixed-effects model contains experimental factors of both, fixed ,and random-effects types, with appropriately different interpretations and
  3. To be utilized in the United States starting in 1867. Workers would stand at, fixed ,stations and a pulley system would bring the meat to each worker, and they would
  4. The combat radius is somewhat less. The fuel time limit for powered aircraft is, fixed ,by the fuel load and rate of consumption. For unpowered aircraft, the maximum
  5. Receive a percentage calculated on a wholesale or a specific price and or a, fixed ,amount on each book that is sold. Publishers, at times, reduced the risk of
  6. No direct view of the true horizon. The position of the Arctic Circle is not, fixed , but directly depends on the Earth's axial tilt, which fluctuates within a
  7. Used in handwriting. Calligraphy After Khalil in Ahmad all Farthing finally, fixed ,the Arabic script around 786,many styles were developed, both for the writing
  8. Gauge line to Barcelona. Media and telecommunications In Andorra, mobile and, fixed ,telephone and internet services are operated exclusively by the Andorran
  9. Eucharist, the creeds, Scripture,an Episcopal ordered ministry, and a, fixed ,liturgy (which could take a variety of forms in accordance with divinely
  10. And the conservation of mass are often expressed in time harmonic form (at, fixed ,frequency). In that case, the pressures and the velocity are assumed to be
  11. There have also been calls to redefine the astronomical unit in terms of a, fixed ,number of meters. As the speed of light has an exact defined value in SI units
  12. A countrywide optical fiber cable network. As of 2009,the country has 129,300, fixed , telephone lines, about 12 million mobile phone subscribers and 1 million
  13. When his camera broke down while shooting a bus driving by. When he had, fixed ,the camera, a hearse happened to be passing by just as Relies restarted rolling
  14. Time and Buddhist law, while the swastika stands for the cosmic dance around a, fixed ,center and guards against evil. There is no evidence of a swastika, or kanji
  15. I\omega~\rho_0~\hat_\theta ~; ~~ \COFRAC = i\omega~\rho_0~\hat_z and the, fixed ,frequency form of the conservation of mass: \COFRAC = \COFRAC + \COFRAC\left (
  16. That the errors are independently, identically,and normally distributed for, fixed ,effects models, that is, that the errors (\varepsilon's) are independent and
  17. Control. Kites are aircraft that are tethered to the ground or other object (, fixed ,or mobile) that maintains tension in the tether or kite line; they rely on
  18. S early long line experiments contain some sort of anaphora, repetition of a ", fixed ,base" ( for example" who" in" Howl "," America" in America) and this has
  19. Dollar, though the US dollar is also widely accepted. The exchange rate is, fixed ,to the US dollar at US$1 = EC$2.68. The economyand especially the tourism
  20. Time and time again since the inception of the law to extend the length of this, fixed ,period where the work is exclusively controlled by the copyright holder.
  21. Small compared to the thermal energy of the molecules: Alkane molecules have no, fixed ,structural form, whatever the models may suggest. Spectroscopic properties
  22. With an invertible affine transformation. The S-box is also chosen to avoid any, fixed ,points (and so is a derangement),and also any opposite fixed points. The
  23. Time, TDB). This is because the distance between the Earth and the Sun is not, fixed ,(it varies between AU and AU) and, when the Earth is closer to the Sun (
  24. Of radians per day, As the speed of light in meters per second (CSI) is, fixed ,in the International System of Units, this measurement of the speed of light in
  25. Data from CIA World Factbook unless noted otherwise; Investment (gross, fixed ,) – 21 % of GDP (2008 est. ); Household income or consumption by percentage
  26. Ml 0 and s + State 2) n 2,l 0,ml 0 and s + By quantum theory, state 1 has a, fixed ,energy of E1,and state 2 has a fixed energy of E2. Now, what would happen if
  27. And will often be asked to pay for the use of copyrighted material. After a, fixed ,amount of time, the copyright expires on intellectual work, and it enters the
  28. Was sometimes found to be more accurate and precise due to its reliance on a, fixed , predefined stroke alphabet. The stroke alphabet used letter shapes which
  29. 1880s. Development of the hinterland began after the Berlin Conference in 1885, fixed , the colony's borders, and British and Portuguese investment fostered mining
  30. Paradigm. In pure logic programming languages the control component is, fixed ,and algorithms are specified by supplying only the logic component. The appeal
  31. In form than their counterparts in western animation, and they include a, fixed ,iconography that's used as shorthand for certain emotions and moods.
  32. Loadings. This implies that engineers must assess these loads and design for a, fixed ,life rather than an infinite life. Another important property of aluminum
  33. If an electron is to move between states, the energy difference is also very, fixed , Consider two states of the Hydrogen atom: State 1) n 1,l 0,ml 0 and s +
  34. The area of a shape can be measured by comparing the shape to squares of a, fixed ,size. In the International System of Units (SI),the standard unit of area is
  35. Relies on the speed of the wind over its wings, which may be flexible or rigid, fixed , or rotary. With powered lift, the aircraft directs its engine thrust
  36. And 6 % is politic acid (a saturated fatty acid). " Ileum Amygdala ",the, fixed ,oil, is prepared from either variety of almond and is a glyceryl oleate, with a
  37. Are typically based on a percentage of construction value, hourly rates or a, fixed ,lump sum fee. Combinations of these structures are also common. Fixed fees are
  38. An exact defined value in SI units and the Gaussian gravitational constant k is, fixed ,in the astronomical system of units, measuring the light time per unit distance
  39. In which the work leading from problem to answer is to be carried out, and a, fixed ,unalterable set of directions. His symbol space would be:" a two-way infinite
  40. Distribution of family income - Gini index: :37 (2006) Investment (gross, fixed ,): :34.1 % of GDP (2008): country comparison to the world: 13 Central bank
  41. And s + By quantum theory, state 1 has a fixed energy of E1,and state 2 has a, fixed ,energy of E2. Now, what would happen if an electron in state 1 were to move to
  42. With other elements. Its triple point temperature of 83.8058 K is a defining, fixed ,point in the International Temperature Scale of 1990. Argon is produced
  43. ANSI code pages (even though they are not ANSI standards). Most of these are, fixed ,width, though some characters for ideographic languages are variable width.
  44. Objects by their movements relative to the background stars, which remain, fixed , Once a movement per unit time is observed, astronomers compensate for the
  45. Into the governing equations in cylindrical coordinates gives us the, fixed ,frequency form of the conservation of momentum: \COFRAC = i\omega~\rho_0~\hat_r
  46. Broader and shorter than the sweet almond, and contains about 50 % of the, fixed ,oil that occurs in sweet almonds. It also contains the enzyme emulsion which, in
  47. Unlike its predecessor, DES,AES does not use a Faster network. AES has a, fixed ,block size of 128 bits and a key size of 128,192,or 256 bits, whereas
  48. Models (Model 2) Random effects models are used when the treatments are not, fixed , This occurs when the various factor levels are sampled from a larger
  49. Month, while a foreman might earn 7½ sacks (250 kg or 550 lb). Prices were, fixed ,across the country and recorded in lists to facilitate trading; for example a
  50. To avoid any fixed points (and so is a derangement),and also any opposite, fixed ,points. The Shifts step The Shifts step operates on the rows of the state

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