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  1. To saving billions of lives because of his revolutionary work in developing new, agricultural ,techniques is Norman Borlaug. His transformative work brought high-yield crop
  2. Industrial development, and population growth have raised many questions among, agricultural ,scientists and have led to the development and emergence of new fields. These
  3. For food, and to make clothing, and not the world marketplace. Development of, agricultural ,techniques has steadily increased agricultural productivity, and the widespread
  4. The scientific foundation had been built. After 1906,public expenditures on, agricultural ,research in the US exceeded private expenditures for the next 44 years.
  5. Emphasis on the cultivation of crops for trade. In the same region, a parallel, agricultural ,revolution occurred, resulting in some of the most important crops grown today.
  6. His priest is praying to Apollo Smiths, the mouse-god who keeps an older, agricultural ,function as the protector from the field-rats. All these functions including
  7. Are supported by education and certification programs that ensure they apply, agricultural ,practices with care and only when required. Sustainability Technological
  8. And into Asia and is causing major concern. Approximately 40 % of the world's, agricultural ,land is seriously degraded. In Africa, if current trends of soil degradation
  9. Have subsidized agriculture to ensure an adequate food supply. These, agricultural ,subsidies are often linked to the production of certain commodities such as
  10. e. g., irrigation management, recommended nitrogen inputs) * Improving, agricultural ,productivity in terms of quantity and quality (e.g., selection of
  11. Sector employing the most people worldwide. Despite the size of its workforce, agricultural ,production accounts for less than five percent of the gross world product (an
  12. Or raw land at prices of a few hundred US$ per hectare. To promote exports of, agricultural ,products, many government agencies publish on the web economic studies and
  13. Marketplace. Development of agricultural techniques has steadily increased, agricultural ,productivity, and the widespread diffusion of these techniques during a time
  14. government's confiscation of communal land and the application of modern, agricultural ,techniques that increased the amount of arable land. Algeria's social fabric
  15. To support the rise in soybean agriculture in the United States. In 2009,the, agricultural ,output of China was the largest in the world, followed by the European Union
  16. Ages, farmers in North Africa, the Near East, and Europe began making use of, agricultural ,technologies including irrigation systems based on hydraulic and hydrostatic
  17. Diffusion of these techniques during a time period is often called an, agricultural ,revolution. A remarkable shift in agricultural practices has occurred over the
  18. Land-Grant Colleges Act, also signed in 1862,provided government grants for, agricultural ,colleges in each state. The Pacific Railway Acts of 1862 and 1864 granted
  19. In agriculture began with the Hatch Act of 1887,which used the term ", agricultural ,science ". The Hatch Act was driven by farmers' interest in knowing the
  20. Interaction of religion and agriculture, and the non-material components of, agricultural ,production systems. Prominent agricultural scientists Agricultural science and
  21. Management, waste treatment technologies, landscape architecture, genomics,and, agricultural ,philosophy fields that include references to food production as something
  22. Summer. The fairs are mostly located in communities with historic or current, agricultural ,activity, and feature local farmers exhibiting produce in addition to more
  23. And the non-material components of agricultural production systems. Prominent, agricultural ,scientists Agricultural science and agriculture crisis Agriculture sciences
  24. Of early artificial fertilizer. The Smith-Hughes Act of 1917 shifted, agricultural ,education back to its vocational roots, but the scientific foundation had been
  25. Such as carnival rides, concerts and food. " Alaska Grown" is used as an, agricultural ,slogan. Alaska has an abundance of seafood, with the primary fisheries in the
  26. Farming. Balancing these, as above, are the natural and human sciences of, agricultural ,science that seek to understand the human-nature interactions of traditional
  27. Organizations on its website GlobalTrade. Net. List of countries by, agricultural ,output Below is a list of countries by agricultural output in 2010. Energy and
  28. A three-field system of crop rotation and the moldboard plow greatly improved, agricultural ,efficiency. In the European medieval period, agriculture was considered part of
  29. September 2010,the state's unemployment rate is 8.9 %. Agriculture Alabama's, agricultural ,outputs include poultry and eggs, cattle,plant nursery items, peanuts,cotton
  30. Not animal science, is often excluded from the definition. ) Agriculture and, agricultural ,science The two terms are often confused. However, they cover different
  31. And other chemicals commonly used in industrial meat production. The major, agricultural ,products can be broadly grouped into foods, fibers,fuels, and raw materials.
  32. Development of world markets. This also led to technological improvements in, agricultural ,techniques, such as the Haber-Bosch method for synthesizing ammonium nitrate
  33. Been a crucial factor in worldwide socio-economic change. Division of labor in, agricultural ,societies made commonplace specializations rarely seen in hunter-gatherer
  34. The fertility of its soil. 14 percent of its labor force are employed in the, agricultural ,sector. About 90 percent of Algerians live in the northern, coastal area; the
  35. Significant change as urbanization increased. New industries emerged and, agricultural ,employment was substantially reduced. Education was extended nationwide
  36. The history of agriculture has played a major role in human history, as, agricultural , progress has been a crucial factor in worldwide socio-economic change. Division
  37. Are never exactly the same from one place to another. Many people think an, agricultural ,production system relying on local weather, soil characteristics, and specific
  38. As possible, and the human dimension of interaction with nature. History of, agricultural ,science Agricultural science began with Gregor Mendel's genetic work, but in
  39. Farming and holistic management, as well as an increased trend towards, agricultural ,diversification. Crop statistics Important categories of crops include grains
  40. And country. Among these agencies include four of the largest exporters of, agricultural ,products, such as the FAS of the United States Department of Agriculture
  41. Crops. After mechanical tomato-harvesters were developed in the early 1960s, agricultural , scientists genetically modified tomatoes to be more resistant to mechanical
  42. To improve the country's infrastructure and especially improve industry and, agricultural ,land. Popular protests – since 2010 Following a wave of protests in the wake of
  43. Nurtured the development of civilization. The study of agriculture is known as, agricultural ,science. Agriculture is also observed in certain species of ant and termite
  44. A time period is often called an agricultural revolution. A remarkable shift in, agricultural ,practices has occurred over the past century in response to new technologies
  45. Restored to the Union in 1868. After the Civil War, the state was still chiefly, agricultural , with an economy tied to cotton. Planters resisted working with free labor
  46. But did not relieve them of paying taxes. Continued racial discrimination, agricultural ,depression, and the failure of the cotton crops due to boll weevil infestation
  47. These two approaches provide a fertile field for deeper understanding in, agricultural ,science. New technologies, such as biotechnology and computer science (for
  48. The continent's the most important staple food crops. By the early 19th century, agricultural ,techniques, implements,seed stocks and cultivar had so improved that yield per
  49. Expansions and continues today. By 5000 BC, the Sumerians had developed core, agricultural ,techniques including large-scale intensive cultivation of land, monocropping
  50. For trade in manufactured goods (no tariffs) and as a non-EU member for, agricultural ,products. Andorra lacked a currency of its own and used both the French franc

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