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  1. Clean),trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (Bactrim),and doxycycline (, unlike ,hospital-acquired MRSA that may only be sensitive to vancomycin IV). To
  2. Version has been offered by David D. Friedman in The Machinery of Freedom. Also, unlike ,other anarcho-capitalists, most notably Rothbard, Friedman has never tried to
  3. If I were to say that this hummus philosophes ... scribbled nonsense quite, unlike ,any mortal before him, so that whoever could read his most eulogized work, the
  4. Church, it is a canonical requirement to use fermented wine for the Communion;, unlike ,in mainstream Roman Catholicism, however,the consecrated bread and wine are
  5. That infinitely repeats. " (He uses as evidence the fact that Washing’s lord, unlike ,the kindly King Duncan of Shakespeare’s play, had murdered his own lord years
  6. Ljósálfar; but the Dark-elves dökkálfar dwell down in the earth, and they are, unlike ,in appearance, but by far more unlike in nature. The Light-elves are fairer to
  7. Transfers of goods in a socialist system and not" objects of exchange,", unlike ,final goods. Therefore, they were unpriced and hence the system would be
  8. Similarities between syllables with the same consonant is readily apparent, unlike ,the case in a true syllabify. Though now an abused, the Ge'EZ alphabet, until
  9. The language, culture,physiology, and artifacts of European colonies was not, unlike ,studying the flora and fauna of those places. Early anthropology was divided
  10. Away from each other. The information that each capsule collects is unique, unlike ,the identical out-of-polarity information generated from the figure-8 in a
  11. May be a promising source of protein to those who are gluten sensitive, because, unlike , the protein found in grains such as wheat and rye, its protein does not contain
  12. The highest degree of nobility. This is similar to the notion of chivalry, but, unlike , the European concept there is a focus on attention to everything in existence.
  13. Echoes that of Achilles and Hector over Patrols, except that Demon (, unlike ,Hector) was also the son of a goddess. Many Homeric scholars argued that
  14. At the time of Speer's accession to the office, the German economy, unlike ,the British one, was not fully geared for war production. Consumer goods were
  15. Cooperative self-help by groups of individuals. Like classical liberalism, and, unlike , anarcho-pacifism, anarcho-capitalism permits the use of force, as long as it is
  16. Which function somewhat similarly to counties in other states. However, unlike ,county-equivalents in the other 49 states, the boroughs do not cover the entire
  17. To set variables, and make conditional tests on their values. Note that, unlike ,certain previous macro processors inside assemblers, the C preprocessor was not
  18. Variants, Audi S and RS models have always had all-wheel drive, unlike ,their direct rivals from BMW M and Mercedes-AMG whose cars are rear-wheel drive
  19. Dwell down in the earth, and they are unlike in appearance, but by far more, unlike ,in nature. The Light-elves are fairer to look upon than the sun, but the
  20. The same enzyme cyclooxygenase, they do so in an irreversible manner and, unlike ,others effect more the COX-1 variant than the COX-2 variant of the enzyme. For
  21. In newly converted lands, and did not look back on late Roman church history (, unlike ,the Retain bishopric of Char, established 451) and Basel, which was an
  22. The Cyanobacteriaand so produce oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis, unlike ,other photosynthetic bacteria such as purple and green sulfur bacteria.
  23. An average structural order relative to each other along the molecular axis, unlike ,water or chloroform, which contain no structural ordering of the molecules.
  24. The Father. A third group explicitly called upon Arius and described the Son as, unlike ,(anhomoios) the Father. Constantius wavered in his support between the first
  25. GT4 cars featuring professional and amateur drivers alike. Sports prototypes, unlike ,GT cars, do not rely on road legal cars as a base. They are closed wheel and
  26. Genus, Albizia, by their stamens which are not joined at the base. Also, unlike ,individual Mimosa flowers, those of Acacia have more than 10 stamens. The
  27. Structure (or set of structures, such as groups). Thus, non-logical axioms, unlike ,logical axioms, are not tautologies. Another name for a non-logical axiom is
  28. Small and oval. The composition is jammed by clashing colors, which is, unlike ,what we've seen in the balanced, natural,and dramatic colors of the High
  29. It is also called" Aadhaar jackal ". It is related to hyenas, but, unlike , its relatives, it does not hunt large prey. This unusual animal is a mass
  30. As both more powerful and more remote than Yahweh, and as a universal deity, unlike ,Yahweh who closely follows Israelites. Christianity The Aramaic word for" God
  31. And by the 1960s she felt that he was" an egocentric creep. " However, unlike ,Doyle, Christie resisted the temptation to kill her detective off while he was
  32. Yawl, have been popular since the 19th century, though most present-day yawls, unlike ,their traditional working boat ancestors, have been structurally modified to
  33. Themselves from the economy as much as possible and lived independently;, unlike ,a similar project named Brook Farm, the participants at Fruit lands avoided
  34. Are Jehovah's Witnesses. They consider Jesus Christ to be divine and, unlike ,other created beings, but not equal to the one God. And although they are not
  35. Said in English rather than Latin. This use of a set order of service is not, unlike ,the Roman Catholic tradition. Traditionally the pattern was that laid out in
  36. Structural isomers. An isomer, in part, similar to a chemical anagram but, unlike ,an anagram, may contain varying number of atoms and components, for which in a
  37. Greece, placing alpha first because it is the Phoenician name for ox — which, unlike ,Hesiod, the Phoenicians considered not the second or third, but the first of
  38. Earth where Pete Tyler, father of Rose Tyler, was alive, successful,and rich, unlike ,the Pete Tyler on the original Earth, who died when Rose was a baby and had
  39. Research is most often not the main goal for many amateur astronomers, unlike ,professional astronomy. Work of scientific merit is possible, however,and many
  40. Procedures involving heating are complicated by the fact that aluminum, unlike ,steel, melts without first glowing red. Forming operations where a blow torch
  41. Amsterdam is governed by a mayor, aldermen,and the municipal council. However, unlike ,most other Dutch municipalities, Amsterdam is subdivided into eight "
  42. A mammal and a herbivore. Its population is limited to fresh water habitats and, unlike ,other manatees, they do not venture into salt water. It is classified as
  43. Athena frequently protected him. Medusa and Tiresias In a late myth, Medusa, unlike , her two sister-Gorgons, came to be thought of by the Classical Greeks during
  44. Art form; calligraphers are held in great esteem. Being cursive by nature, unlike ,the Latin script, Arabic script is used to write down a verse of the Qur'an, a
  45. Abode is somewhat like Hades from Ancient Greek religion: there, something not, unlike ,the Asphodel Meadows can be found, and people who have neither excelled in that
  46. Ideas with that of ancient Indian wisdom. Krause had also mastered Sanskrit, unlike ,Schopenhauer, and the two developed a professional relationship. It was from
  47. Sections are merely continuations of the strophe and antistrophe) and, unlike ,the typical para basis, it seems to comment on actions that occur on stage
  48. Five and eight kilograms of hair per year. Angoras are shorn twice a year, unlike ,sheep, which are shorn only once. Angoras have high nutritional requirements
  49. As twittering in the solid phase, and crystallize with salt-like properties, unlike ,typical organic acids or amines. Selectric point At pH values between the two
  50. A definite name and character. Mind arranged the segregation of like from, unlike ,; Santa schemata en OMO at nous Elton auto diekosmese. This peculiar thing

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