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  1. Structures to perform at earthquake exposure up to the expectations and in, compliance ,with building codes. Environmental engineering deals
  2. To be preferred where possible. A number of studies have looked at levels of ", compliance ," or" adherence" with antipsychotic regimes and found that discontinuation (
  3. 0). Thus, even if the macro" __SDC__" is not defined to signify non-ANSI, compliance ," #if" will work as shown. In the above example, a prototype is used in a
  4. Strategy and development * Chief Compliance Officer – in charge of regulatory, compliance , especially Sarbanes-Oxley. * Chief Content Officer or CCO – the executive
  5. Is the major factor in increasing rates of bacterial resistance rather than, compliance ,with antibiotics. A single dose of antibiotics leads to a greater risk of
  6. Data from the EPA for 2008 showed, however,25 % of BT corn growers were not in, compliance , The data showed non compliance climbed to, or almost 15 % of all BT corn grown
  7. Any resistance that does emerge does not spread. Although mandated by law, compliance ,data from the EPA for 2008 showed, however,25 % of BT corn growers were not in
  8. Put in place through the Alien Act to force the Scottish Parliament into, compliance ,with the Act of Settlement. The ultimate securing of the treaty in the
  9. But was changed to Born shell (ksh88) in version 4 in view of XPG4 and POSIX, compliance , Graphical The Common Desktop Environment (CDE) is AIX's default graphical
  10. Accountable. Implementation Corporate policies As part of more comprehensive, compliance ,and ethics programs, many companies have formulated internal policies
  11. Are required to first acquire the Brunei halal label (or the certification for, compliance ,with accepted manufacturing and slaughtering practices under Islam) through
  12. Goa became the center of Portuguese India, with the conquest triggering the, compliance ,of neighboring kingdoms: the Sultan of Gujarat and the Morin of Cali cut sent
  13. The business, while the chairman oversaw the controls of the business through, compliance ,and audit and the direction of the business. **Non-executive chairman – also a
  14. The constitutionality of laws and statutes brought before it, as well as the, compliance ,of these laws with international treaties that the Government has signed. The
  15. Because some implementation may set __SDC__ to zero to indicate non-ANSI, compliance , " #if" will treat any identifiers that couldn't be replaced by a macro as
  16. When absent. The Board of Auditors assesses the bank's administration and, compliance ,with the law, regulations and the statute. Appointment The Directorate's term
  17. That will both ensure the halal integrity of the products and unfaltering, compliance ,with set rules governing the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing process
  18. As a percentage of GDP is 21.8 percent. Authorities are trying to increase tax, compliance ,and collection in the wake of the global crisis. Inflation has been moderate
  19. With the spread of resistant organisms and an increase in handwashing, compliance ,results in decreased rates of these organisms. Role of other animals Drugs are
  20. Or CTO – high level corporate officer responsible for the tax function (, compliance , accounting and planning) within a company. The CTO may report to the CEO, CFO
  21. The notion that novel antipsychotic drug use leads to improved medication, compliance ,and favorable clinical outcomes. Overall evaluations of the KATIE and other
  22. Of regular sleep patterns, routines and eating habits and the importance of, compliance ,with medication as prescribed. Behavior modification through counselling can
  23. Applications of limited funds, establishing pollution standards, or monitoring, compliance ,with environmental regulations. Early in 1994,plans called for Azerbaijan to
  24. Brunei Halal brand would signify to Muslim consumers the manufacturers' strict, compliance ,with laws relating to Islamic teachings. Brunei also aims to build confidence
  25. Most African Americans followed the Jim Crow laws, using a mask of, compliance ,to prevent becoming victims of racially motivated violence. To maintain
  26. Travels he made a point of complying with all local enactments, even where such, compliance ,laid him open to the charge of inconsistency (Yer. Breakout viii.12a; Yer.
  27. In person with the command. Despite Orkney’s protestations, Cadogan insisted on, compliance ,and, reluctantly,Orkney gave the word for his troops to fall back to their
  28. While making public street improvements, it did not bring its sidewalks into, compliance ,with the ADA. Certain issues were resolved in Federal Court. One issue, whether
  29. Are other minor improvements to the 2.0 specification, and products may claim, compliance ,to" Bluetooth v2.0" without supporting the higher data rate. At least one
  30. The overall compliance culture within Cayman is very strong, including the, compliance ,culture related to AML (anti-money laundering) obligations. " On May 4,2009
  31. Safe practices. Consent is the most important criterion here. The consent and, compliance ,for a sadomasochistic situation can be granted only by people who are able to
  32. Laundering regime, recognised the jurisdiction's comprehensive regulatory and, compliance ,frameworks. " An extensive program of legislative, rule and guideline
  33. Filed for obtaining permits (development and building permits) that require, compliance ,with building, seismic,and relevant federal and local regulations. These
  34. Austria. The contract manufacturer provides dedicated facilities to ensure, compliance ,with the exacting standards of Aston Martin and other marques, including
  35. Of the constitutionality of laws and statutes brought before it, as well as the, compliance ,of these laws with international treaties that the Government has signed.
  36. Be analyzed and approved individually which has caused delays in Costa Rica's, compliance ,to CAFTA. As of September 2008,only one law was remaining to be approved, but
  37. In a discussion of religious behaviorism — when people strive for external, compliance ,with the law, yet disregard the importance of inner devotion. Prophetic
  38. Changes to the constitution. The case was adjourned in order to ensure, compliance , As a result of the case, Welsh Secretary Peter Main protested against the BBC
  39. Readiness. They become part of multinational military formations in, compliance ,with international treaties Armenia is a signatory to, participate in the
  40. Was insufficient to support using topiramate in conjunction with brief weekly, compliance ,counseling as a first-line agent for alcohol dependence. A 2010 review found
  41. Another deterrent to Azeris military intervention over Nagorno-Karabakh. Treaty, compliance ,The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe was ratified by the Armenian
  42. On 10 September 1961 with the island through Executive Decree Number 2,in, compliance ,with sanctions placed on Cuba by the Organization of American States. In 1995
  43. As experienced lawyers, accountants and auditors," adding that," the overall, compliance ,culture within Cayman is very strong, including the compliance culture related
  44. The objective is to ensure the stability and efficiency of the system and, compliance ,to rules and regulations; the bank pursues it through secondary legislation
  45. Assessed the Government of Croatia's Civil Aviation Authority as not being in, compliance ,with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aviation safety
  46. And capacities to practice and therefore accepts different levels of, compliance ,for ascetics and householders. The" great vows" ( Mahabharata) are prescribed
  47. Isolated houses with streets running between them. It is evidently planned in, compliance ,with the Benedictine rule, which enjoined that, if possible, the monastery
  48. About copyright. Obtaining copyright Historically copyright laws required, compliance ,with formalities prior to the copyright monopoly being granted. The UK’s
  49. Of digital technology, the changes in national copyright legislations for, compliance ,with TRIPS, and the enactment of anti-circumvention rules in response to the
  50. Of a completed transaction or an updated record intended to serve as a proof of, compliance ,with some administrative requirement. This is often done in advance of the

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