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  1. Area of bush land in the suburb of Douglas, near the army base and the, lee ,of Mount Stuart, during the early 1970s. It has a widely spread out area of
  2. The county is 37,998. Its county seat is Bronson, Florida. Levy is pronounced, lee ,see. History Levy County was created in 1845,in development that followed the
  3. Manner an anchor attached to the lee quarter may be dropped from the, lee ,bow. This is deployed when the vessel is head to wind and has lost headway. As
  4. Slacken the mainsail until the vessel comes to a stop with the victim in the, lee ,side of the boat Anderson turn The Anderson turn is a maneuver used to bring a
  5. A devastating double-coated raking broadside. The second ship in the British, lee ,column, Belleisle, was engaged by L'Angle, Achille, Neptune and Fugue; she
  6. And the formation of unstable isothermal snow during the day. Slopes in the, lee ,of a ridge or other wind obstacle accumulate more snow and are more likely to
  7. Around in the south and or more in the north. The Jordan Valley, lying in the, lee ,of high ground on the West Bank, forms a narrow climatic zone that annually
  8. In order to counteract the effect and maintain the required course. The, lee ,side of the hull is more underwater than the weather side and the resulting
  9. Who walks much and reads much, knows much and see much" ( Queen and much y, lee ,much, sabe much y ve much). Novels Exemplars It would be scarcely
  10. A variety of edging: when a sailing-vessel is in a narrow channel or on a, lee ,shore so that there is no room to tack the vessel in a conventional manner an
  11. Reverse course but chasing the rear of the Spanish. At this point the Spanish, lee ,division bore up to make an effort to join their compatriots to windward. Had
  12. i. e., striae ) overprinted upon larger features (i.e., stoss and, lee ,topography, drumlins,etc.). During the opening credits of the film version of
  13. A time. The rope keeps the rudder from floating off in a wave. Both rudders and, lee ,boards have swiveling tips, so the dinghy can be landed. Rudders are often
  14. Collides with warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and dry air from the, lee ,of the Rocky Mountains, leading to the formation of powerful supercell
  15. Condensing the moisture to rain, producing hot dry winds in the descending air, lee ,of the mountains. Flora The mountains are rich in flora with about 25 % of the
  16. The Gulf by a strong headwind. His squadron was obliged to anchor in the, lee ,of Cape Papas and wait out the storm. This gave Covington time to catch up
  17. Throughout the year with a usual summer peak. Most of this region lies in the, lee ,of the Great Lakes making for abundant snow in some areas. Under the Köppen
  18. 1995 World Gliding Championships. Pilots come to Okayama to experience strong, lee ,wave conditions, ridge soaring and thermal flying. It is common for
  19. Of the mountain experiences top-loading, from the top to the bottom of that, lee ,slope. When the wind blows across a ridge that leads up the mountain, the
  20. Certain meteorological conditions standing waves form in the atmosphere in the, lee ,of mountain ranges. Such waves are often exploited by glider pilots. Standing
  21. Of angle, large load of fresh snow, soon after a big storm, on a slope ", lee ,to the storm ". Solar radiation can trigger slides as well. These will
  22. Wind interacts with these regions, elongating the magnetosphere on Jupiter's, lee ,side and extending it outward until it nearly reaches the orbit of Saturn. The
  23. No room to tack the vessel in a conventional manner an anchor attached to the, lee ,quarter may be dropped from the lee bow. This is deployed when the vessel is
  24. However, the name Basseterre is also due to the fact that the island is on the, lee ,of winds of the island, and is thus a safe anchorage. The name Basseterre
  25. Munro, with Excellent stationing herself on the weather bow and Diadem on the, lee ,quarter of the Spanish three-decker. Observing that the Victory was about to
  26. It also allows sailing on mizzen and jib only without introducing excessive, lee ,helm, and in an emergency can be quite well steered without use of the rudder.
  27. Wet mixed herb field occurs on moist substrate, mostly on moraines and moist, lee ,slopes (often in association with burrowing petrels colonies) at low altitude
  28. To the Norfolk coast's glacial winds, Repton chose a south facing site in the, lee ,of a wooded hillside. In July 1813 the Upper family laid the foundation stones
  29. As the upstream slope is eroded and the sediment deposited on the downstream or, lee ,slope in typical bed form construction. These dunes most often form as a
  30. For naval duties. All had a form of fore/aft gaff rig with a flat bottom and, lee ,boards to allow operations in shallow waters. The gaff rig remained the
  31. Any large body of water upwind will impact lake-effect precipitation to the, lee ,of a downwind lake by adding moisture or pre-existing lake-effect bands, which
  32. In thunderstorms, this is dangerous. Most high altitude flights by gliders use, lee ,waves from mountain ranges and were used to set the current record of.
  33. Column. Blenheim and then Prince George did the same in succession. The Spanish, lee ,division now put about to the port tack with the intention of breaking the
  34. To install, but require more attention. Traditional working dinghies have a, lee ,board that can be hooked over the side. This does not split the cargo space. A
  35. Slab. These are usually formed when falling snow is deposited by the wind on a, lee ,slope, or when loose ground snow is transported elsewhere. When there is a
  36. Stoss),while the longer slope follows the ice's direction of movement (, lee ,). Drumlins are found in groups called drumlin fields or drumlin camps. An
  37. Typically, lake-effect precipitation will increase with elevation to the, lee ,of the lake as topographic forcing squeezes out precipitation and dries out the
  38. Mountain waves: The third main type of lift used by glider pilots is the, lee ,waves that occur near mountains. The obstruction to the airflow can generate
  39. Forests with wetlands in the interiors, and salt or tidal marshes on the, lee ,side, facing the mainland. A typical barrier island has a headland, a beach and
  40. Season in October and November. Rainfall amounts vary from a low of in the, lee ,of the Ngorongoro Highlands to a high of on the shores of Lake Victoria. The
  41. Coble) across to the survivors, taking a long route that kept to the, lee ,side of the islands, a distance of nearly a mile. Grace kept the cable steady
  42. Argentina maintained a naval base (Cor beta Uruguay) from 1976 to 1982,in the, lee ,(southern east coast) of the same island. Although the British discovered the
  43. In the disaster, which was attributed to extreme clear air turbulence caused by, lee ,waves downwind of the mountain. There is now a memorial for the crash a little
  44. The cold coastal water. Those places further inland and particularly in the, lee ,of significant elevations tend to receive less rain and less, in some cases no
  45. Extraordinary Battle of Newborn Bay in 1759,fought in a gale on a dangerous, lee ,shore. Once again the French navy was effectively eliminated from the war
  46. Along the western coast of the Orkney Islands. This course would provide a, lee ,from the strong winds, allowing escorting destroyers to keep pace with her.
  47. Wave soaring conditions for glider pilots. The town of Okayama, in the, lee ,of the mountains, has gained an international reputation for its gliding
  48. Adiabatic cooling occurs in the Earth's atmosphere with geographic lifting and, lee ,waves, and this can form piles or lenticular clouds if the air is cooled below
  49. The British Isles. The town lies at a low elevation in the Don valley, in the, lee ,of the Pennies, and inland from the North Sea, meaning daytime summer
  50. Where the sand is pushed up the dune and have a shorter" slip face" in the, lee ,of the wind. The valley or trough between dunes is called a slack. A" dune

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