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  1. It also includes AMD's" turbo core" technology which allows the processor to, automatically ,switch from 6 cores to 3 faster cores when more pure speed is needed. This is
  2. Most often using the GZIP or bzip2 programs. Modern tar programs can, automatically ,invoke a (DE)compression program, giving the appearance that tar itself
  3. Control elements to deliver firing data to the gun's laying system and the gun, automatically ,laid. As tactical data networks become pervasive they will provide any
  4. They are used. Lexical ambiguity can be addressed by algorithmic methods that, automatically ,associate the appropriate meaning with a word in context, a task referred to as
  5. Christian authors, that a child left unexposed to linguistic stimulus would, automatically ,begin to speak in Hebrew. Eco (1993) notes that Genesis is ambiguous on
  6. The same display list is used for multiple Masters with the pointers being, automatically ,adjusted. However, managing and displaying many sprites required
  7. Step up from earlier calculating machines, it was not able to run entirely, automatically ,through an entire problem. An operator was needed to operate the control
  8. Emphatic consonants to nearby sounds. In addition, the " emphatic" allophone, automatically ,triggers pharyngealization of adjacent sounds in many dialects. As a result, it
  9. Occurred during the powered descent, when the LM radar altimeter failed to lock, automatically ,onto the moon's surface, depriving the navigation computer of vital
  10. Objects can fundamentally change and/or disrupt a deployment. Schema changes, automatically ,propagate throughout the system. Once created, an object can only be
  11. Featured the innovation of the first automatic TV switch box, allowing it to, automatically ,switch from regular TV viewing to the game system signal when the system was
  12. Of intermediate results. A compiler could apply this technique to a function, automatically ,using Donald Michie's" memo functions ". Ackerman numbers In The Book of
  13. Fairly widespread use with ATA-5 and later. A drive set to" cable select ", automatically ,configures itself as master or slave, according to its position on the cable.
  14. Threats or possible threats. They can be used to launch devices (in some cases, automatically ,) to counter direct threats against the aircraft. They are also used to
  15. Map to determine an aircraft's location; modern systems calculate the position, automatically ,and display it to the flight crew on moving map displays. Monitoring Glass
  16. Site links on same-protocol site link bridges, if the cost is low, although KCC, automatically ,costs a direct site-to-site link lower than transitive connections.
  17. And telemetry to Earth were lost for 1.8 seconds, until the system, automatically ,corrected by switching the antenna from narrowband to wideband mode.
  18. Aircraft flight control systems Airplanes and helicopters have means of, automatically ,controlling flight. They reduce pilot workload at important times (like during
  19. The proof in a formal way, or significant proof tasks can be performed, automatically , Interactive proves are used for a variety of tasks, but even fully automatic
  20. The National assembly are to take place every five years, and the President is, automatically ,the leader of the winning party or coalition. It is for the President to
  21. Added superscript Alex) An attempt to show them on the faulty fonts without, automatically ,adding the germination mark and the superscript Alex, is by adding the U+200d (
  22. Instant messaging applications whereby a user may post a message that appears, automatically ,to other users if they attempt to make contact when the user is unavailable. It
  23. From technical support and other lines which use ANI so that a computer can, automatically ,display the customer's account on a" screen pop" for the next available
  24. Into the string which aids in a consistent anchor point. Modern compound bows, automatically ,limit the draw length which gives a consistent arrow velocity while traditional
  25. Déjà vu Sans, Scheherazade,Later) the right would appear without, automatically ,adding germination mark and superscript Alex. *: Dir" RTL" style "
  26. Flexible symbol management, letting programmers manage different namespaces, automatically ,calculate offsets within data structures, and assign labels that refer to
  27. Officeholders, the citizen initiator was not vetted before taking up office or, automatically ,reviewed after stepping down — it had after all no set tenure and might be an
  28. Of commands that are performed in the Smith. Script file. The Smith. Script file, automatically ,records the commands with the command flags and parameters used. The Smith.
  29. Out do not confer access permissions, and objects placed within Out are not, automatically ,assigned access privileges based on their containing OF. This is a design
  30. To confirm the phone the customer is calling from, so that a computer can, automatically ,display the customer's account on a" screen pop" for the next available
  31. Favor of SmarterChild. URI scheme AOL Instant Messenger's installation process, automatically ,installs an extra URI scheme (" protocol" ) handler into some web browsers
  32. Of its site at http://www.metamath.org metamath. Org, an online database of, automatically ,verified proofs. * J Brother Moore, co-author of the Boyer-Moore theorem
  33. Completely hand-made reeds have a far better tonal quality than even the best, automatically ,manufactured reeds. Some accordions have been modified by individuals striving
  34. The ProDOS operating system, which was introduced with the Apple Die, would, automatically , configure this memory as a RAM disk upon booting. Third-party aux-slot memory
  35. And the mechanics of the telescope point the telescope towards that item, automatically , They have several notable advantages for amateur astronomers intent on
  36. Proposed candidate could gain the parliament's approval, the parliament would, automatically ,be dissolved, and the acting president would call new elections. As of 2009
  37. A sequence of symbols * Program analysis (computer science) – the process of, automatically ,analyzing the behavior of computer programs * Semantic analysis (computer
  38. Resources in another, Active Directory uses trusts. Trusts inside a forest are, automatically ,created when domains are created. The forest sets the default boundaries of
  39. Political party which comes out strongest in the parliamentary elections become, automatically ,president and vice-president of Angola. Through a variety of mechanisms, the
  40. Quotient algebras: Let A be an R-algebra. Any ring-theoretic ideal I in A is, automatically ,an R-module since r·x = (r1A)x. This gives the quotient ring A/I the structure
  41. A target acquisition element can send a message with target details which is, automatically ,routed through the tactical and technical fire control elements to deliver
  42. Sending viruses. Some of these exploits rely on social engineering to spread by, automatically ,sending instant messages that contain a URL accompanied by text suggesting the
  43. Reference to the type of accordion patented by Cyril Damian, which concerned ", automatically ,coupled chords on the bass side ". Construction Accordions are made in a large
  44. Or 180 degree phase reversal) that occurs when modulation exceeds 100 % and, automatically ,correct for this effect. Variations of modulated signal with percentage
  45. To set the charging times, so the generator is quiet at night. Some generators, automatically ,test themselves once per week. Recent advances in passively stable magnetic
  46. Administrator is to write a custom PowerShell or Visual Basic script to, automatically ,create and maintain a user group for each OF in their directory. The scripts
  47. Adware, or advertising-supported software, is any software package which, automatically ,plays, displays,or downloads advertisements to a computer. These
  48. The Philosophical Society of Edinburgh when it received its royal charter, he, automatically , became one of the founding members of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and from
  49. Using structured messages and defined data types fire control messages can be, automatically ,routed and processed by computers. For example a target acquisition element can
  50. The Applejack address resolution protocol (AARP) allowed Applejack hosts to, automatically ,generate their own network addresses, and the Name Binding Protocol (NBP) was

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