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  1. A group of other soldiers are holed up in a factory with neither rations nor, comfortable ,bedding. Kandinsky leaves for a short while, returning with straw to put over
  2. This change of gender led the later rabbis to reason that this means Jonah was, comfortable ,in the roomy male fish, so he didn't pray, but that God then transferred him
  3. Around midpoint where the draw weight is at its maximum, before relaxing into a, comfortable ,stable full draw position. The string hand is drawn towards the face, where it
  4. Sucre, Cochabamba and Maria on the Cordillera Real is a time of blue skies and, comfortable ,temperatures. The weather in the rainforest is usually very hot and is often
  5. For the conservatives. Exploiting these divisions, Hawke led the Labor Party to, comfortable ,election victories in 1984 and 1987. Hawke's Prime Ministership saw
  6. In American society. White female abolitionists and suffragists were often more, comfortable ,with black male abolitionists such as Frederick Douglass, while southern
  7. In all parts of Australia to construct a 'house with no bills ', which would be, comfortable ,without heating and cooling, which would make its own electricity, collect its
  8. Often rely very little on civil services and are therefore safer and more, comfortable ,during civil disaster or military attacks. (Off-grid buildings would not lose
  9. S lifestyle choices, personal behavior, and social expectations. Even the most, comfortable ,and technologically advanced autonomous houses may require some differences in
  10. Of the country. The trains on the Zagreb-Split route offer passengers a more, comfortable ,and quicker journey. The previous service used to take 9 hours, whereas the
  11. In 1820,George IV continued the renovation with the idea in mind of a small, comfortable ,home. While the work was in progress, in 1826,the King decided to modify the
  12. And indeed far in excess of that with which German high command was initially, comfortable , When the German motorized forces were met with a counterattack at Arras
  13. Greater wind flow results in a higher heat loss, which makes the organism more, comfortable , Also, Wheeler explains that a vertical posture minimizes the direct exposure
  14. Companies included the Wagner Palace Car Company. Bigger-sized berths and more, comfortable ,surroundings were built by order of the CPR's General Manager, William Van
  15. Invested in a government bond which provided if not a lavish then certainly a, comfortable ,income which allowed the Pascal family to move to, and enjoy, Paris. But in
  16. Perhaps because the Romans offered stability. Also, Caracalla perhaps felt more, comfortable ,about campaigning in the upper Main because he was not declaring war on any
  17. The season) were played with the roof closed. With the temperature inside at a, comfortable ,70 °F (21 °C),the team opted wear red jerseys at home full-time. The Cardinals
  18. Conference introducing him, Knight quipped," This is without question the most, comfortable ,red sweater I've had on in six years. " Knight quickly improved the program
  19. All three have to be performed in the same key, limiting the ability to pick a, comfortable ,key for each singer. Critic Rex Reed noted that" The score of 'Night Music '
  20. In modern history. Although polls just a week before the election gave Arias a, comfortable ,lead of at least 12 % (and up to 20 %),preliminary election results gave him
  21. Deep in the country in search of cotton...." The federal army made itself as, comfortable ,as possible during its long stay in Alexandria. Winters writes that" lumber
  22. The foot of Livermore. Even the houses in this village represent a relatively, comfortable ,class of dwelling as, even as recently as a hundred years ago, some people
  23. Language in the process of a radio interview, as the interviewee becomes more, comfortable ,with the interviewer. This type of variation is characteristic of the diglossia
  24. Cradle cap, etc.),while encouraging the baby to be more confident, mobile, comfortable , healthy and therefore less prone to cry. (Babies sleep and will sometimes
  25. Combinations of styles All fighters have a primary skillet that they feel most, comfortable ,with, but truly elite fighters are often able to incorporate auxiliary styles
  26. In that it is supposed to sustainably supply all or most of the resources for a, comfortable ,life: power, climate control, food production, air and water purification
  27. Happy and carefree childhood. The family’s Tehran home and country houses were, comfortable ,and beautifully decorated. ` Abdul'Baha enjoyed playing in the gardens with
  28. Are two national bus companies in Cuba. Vial operate a fleet of modern and, comfortable ,coaches on longer distance routes designed principally for tourists. Slower and
  29. Soundbox and the smallest overall size of the major styles, making it very, comfortable ,to play but also one of the quietest. Its smaller size makes it suitable for
  30. Scant equipment requirements. Nothing is actually required - beyond suitable, comfortable ,and flexible clothing - and it is not uncommon to see people bouldering with
  31. Champions League Final. His goal scoring record, however,is still intact by a, comfortable ,margin. His last game was against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, and before the
  32. 2000 are cars going to the Ajmer city. Intercity transportation High class, comfortable ,low floor buses are available for intercity transportation and to the nearby
  33. Made eight nearly perfect firings. Even though Apollo's larger cabin was more, comfortable ,than Gemini's,11 days in orbit took its toll on the astronauts. Tension with
  34. Encouraging them by trivialities and homely observations, making them feel, comfortable ,all along. " Classical economists presented competing theories of those of
  35. A recumbent bicycle has a reclined chair-like seat that some riders find more, comfortable ,than a saddle, especially riders who suffer from certain types of seat, back
  36. String E—spatially the upper string in playing position, and hence, comfortable ,to pluck with the thumb. This tuning is such that neighboring strings are at
  37. With visual elements he thought would inspire learning: paintings, books, comfortable , furniture,and busts or portraits of Plato, Socrates,Jesus, and William Every
  38. The 1970s,curve gently back toward the rider, offering a natural grip and, comfortable ,upright position. Drop handlebars" drop" as they curve forward and down
  39. And to the fact that distinguished men of letters could make an even more, comfortable ,living as ministers of the Church of England. His lecture topics included
  40. That some injuries were so serious that they could only make the patient, comfortable ,until he died. Shipbuilding Early Egyptians knew how to assemble planks of wood
  41. Beautiful lobby and six screens. Theater One is an architectural treasure with, comfortable ,seats, two balconies and recently restored ceilings. Path De Munt is modern
  42. To speak with royals and royals raised completely within the court do not feel, comfortable ,speaking the common register. Another result is that the pronominal system is
  43. Swinging or twirling and some dancers — including some men — find them more, comfortable ,to dance in than pants. Low, broken-in,soft-soled, non-marking shoes, such as
  44. And spiritual authority were not distinct categories for Alfred. He was equally, comfortable ,distributing his translation of Gregory the Great's Pastoral Care to his
  45. Players. In 1978,the Technics SL-1200MK2 turntable was released, whose, comfortable , and precise sliding pitch control and high torque direct drive motor made
  46. Vacuum insulation, and reflective concentration of sunlight. Current practical, comfortable ,water-heating systems combine the solar heating system with a thermostatic
  47. Heated. This is usually called a heat pump, and is capable of heating a home to, comfortable ,temperatures (25 °C; 70 °F),even when the outside air is below the freezing
  48. Kit, a spare inner tube, and tire levers. Cycling can be more efficient and, comfortable ,with special shoes, gloves,and shorts. In wet weather, riding can be more
  49. Fare (options change based on time of day),as well as a less crowded, more, comfortable , lounge space. Additionally, complimentary Lenovo computer terminals with free
  50. With working-class and industrial neighborhoods focused on East Cambridge, comfortable ,middle-class housing being built on old estates in Cambridge port and

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