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  1. Extensively with caravans. Business trips took him to Yemen, Syria,and, elsewhere , These travels brought him wealth and added to his experience. His business
  2. Service or professional standing to the good of architecture in Canada, or, elsewhere , may be recognized as a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
  3. And is still widely used by merchants, traders and clerks in Asia, Africa,and, elsewhere , The user of an abacus is called an racist. Etymology The use of the word
  4. Including France where musical taste was less dictated by fashion than, elsewhere , This popularity dwindled. After the Baroque period,Vivaldi's published
  5. In Angola the mastery of the official language is probably more extended than, elsewhere ,in Africa, and this certainly applies to its use in everyday life. Moreover
  6. Aurelia nus, ; called Aurelius Ambrosia in the Historian Begum Britannia and, elsewhere , was a war leader of the Romano-British who won an important battle against the
  7. Order, against the wishes of his family, and studied theology at Bologna and, elsewhere , Selected to fill the position with lecturer at Cologne, Germany,where the
  8. Or made use of than other human writings. " A milder distinction was expressed, elsewhere , such as in the" argument" introducing them in the Geneva Bible, and in the
  9. Chico road system is shown by the presence of luxury items at Pueblo Bonito and, elsewhere ,in the canyon. Items such as macaws, turquoise,marine shells, and imported
  10. Luigi Palma di Canola carried out excavations in the necropolis of Amateur, as, elsewhere , in Cyprus, enriching the early collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art;
  11. At one point, Abby May threatened that she and their daughters would move, elsewhere , leaving Bronson behind. Louisa May Alcott, who was ten years old at the time
  12. Exclusively to that plant under the Soviet system and were still unavailable, elsewhere ,to the former Soviet republics in the early 1990s. Up-to-date environmental
  13. Reports of tribes ruled entirely by women, who carried out the duties which, elsewhere ,were regarded as peculiar to man, in whom alone the rights of nobility and
  14. In the 17th century baroque architecture became very popular, as it was, elsewhere ,in Europe. This roughly coincided with Amsterdam’s Golden Age. The leading
  15. Of drought, and up to 28,000 people abandoned the site, seeking wetter areas, elsewhere , Tell Break shrank in size by 75 %. Trade collapsed. Nomadic herders such as the
  16. Britain would issue patents only for discoveries not previously patented, elsewhere ,). Meanwhile, Elisha Gray was also experimenting with acoustic telegraphy and
  17. Environment, the vowel /a/ in the diphthong tends to be fronted even more than, elsewhere , often pronounced or: hence" sword" but" summer" ). However, in accents
  18. A wooden cup-shaped mouthpiece, used by mountain dwellers in Switzerland and, elsewhere , Similar wooden horns were used for communication in most mountainous regions
  19. By the tradition preserved in About rabbi Nathan 12,Sanhedrin 6b,and, elsewhere , according to which Aaron was an ideal priest of the people, far more beloved
  20. Camp. He specifically rejected that label in his essay" Enigma" and, elsewhere ,(see: The Lyrical and Critical Essays of Albert Camus). The current confusion
  21. Troops occupying New York City, Charleston,and Savannah. The war continued, elsewhere , including the siege of Gibraltar and naval operations in the East and West
  22. Later known as Pamela. *Metro, in one source, mother of Myrtles by Hermes (, elsewhere ,his mother is called Theobald). *Mylène,Myrina's sister and one of the
  23. In some populations of Europe and Southwest Asia. Haplogroup M7a has been found, elsewhere ,mainly among Japanese and Ryukyuan, and with lower frequency among Edemas
  24. University of Manchester designs, or Alan Turing's post-War designs at NPL and, elsewhere , Nor did it implement the stored program architecture that made practical fully
  25. Marked" 0" ) or becomes at the beginning of a Turkic word and becomes, elsewhere ,in a Turkic word. Consonants Only single consonants are considered here. In the
  26. Had Roman ancestry; he was presumably a Romano-Briton, rather than a Roman from, elsewhere ,in the empire, though it is impossible to be sure. The second question is the
  27. S commercial success many pirated editions were also produced in Lyons and, elsewhere , Today, antique books printed by the Aldine Press in Venice are referred to as
  28. Practiced the Law in its entirety, despite the lack of evidence in Genesis or, elsewhere , Abram’s birthplace disputed 11th and 12th century Rabbis Rash and Abraham in
  29. That it petrified the poses of figures in painting. While by 1600 the Baroque, elsewhere ,was beginning to give life to painted figures, Florence was painting
  30. Used only for emphasis (similar to their use in the colloquial varieties);, elsewhere , the plural endings are used (or feminine singular, if appropriate).
  31. Middle history Acupuncture spread from China to Korea, Japan and Vietnam and, elsewhere ,in East Asia. Around ninety works on acupuncture were written in China between
  32. Manufacturing is limited, with most foodstuffs and general goods imported from, elsewhere , Employment is primarily in government and industries such as natural resource
  33. Across the world. Contributing factors included drought in Australia and, elsewhere , increasing demand for grain-fed animal products from the growing middle
  34. Smaller quantity, at Watched in Somerset, near Earth in Glamorganshire, and, elsewhere , In Cumbria, it occurs largely in the New Red rocks, but at a lower geological
  35. Black Alder (A. glutinous),native to most of Europe and widely introduced, elsewhere , both reaching over 30 m. By contrast, the widespread Green Alder (A. irides
  36. A narration of Abu Bakr as reported in Jami all Termini, Tafsir in Jair and, elsewhere , when Muhammed recited this verse (4:123)," And whoever does evil shall be
  37. And Hawaii),Canada, the United Kingdom, and gathers millions of viewers, elsewhere ,throughout the world. The 2007 ceremony was watched by more than 40 million
  38. Appropriated in French history to a series of insurrections at Lyons, Paris and, elsewhere , against the government of Louis Philippe in 1834,which led to violent
  39. The Indian frontier of Texas. He served on the Texas frontier at Fort Mason and, elsewhere ,in the West. In 1855 President Franklin Pierce appointed him colonel of the new
  40. Polite but muted reception, similar to the reaction the picture would generate, elsewhere ,in the world. Kurosawa now turned to a more conventional story with Rhapsody in
  41. Which is also found in Tibet and Japan, but is rare on the Indian mainland and, elsewhere ,in Asia. However, this is a subclade of the D haplogroup which has not been
  42. Usually from or to Paris, connecting with another major city, in France or, elsewhere ,in Europe. The very successful early European rally races ended in 1903 when
  43. Effort. Habitations were abandoned, tribes split and divided and resettled far, elsewhere , This evidence suggests that the religious structures were deliberately
  44. The All Saints Sisters of the Poor, with convents in Catonsville, Maryland and, elsewhere ,use an elaborated version of the Anglican Daily Office. The Society of St.
  45. In Jacksonville, Florida. Other equestrian statues of Jackson have been erected, elsewhere , as in the State Capitol grounds in Raleigh, North Carolina. * Numerous
  46. Removed),and so makes sense for any set A, whereas with the definition used, elsewhere ,in this article, the domain of a choice function on a collection of sets is
  47. Architecture was created, but distinctive residences were built in Baku and, elsewhere , Among the most recent architectural monuments, the Baku subways are noted for
  48. Hundreds more agencies across the globe that operate in Asia from headquarters, elsewhere , Some of the most innovative and perhaps the most transitory uses of" Asia "
  49. Time traveling splitter variant involves entire communities being shifted, elsewhere ,to become the unwitting creators of new time branches. These communities are
  50. United States networks. Attention to Available at boutiques in St. John's and, elsewhere , although many Antiguans prefer to make a special shopping trip to St. Martin

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