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  1. Abalone or South African abalone * Halitosis Dvina Gaelic,1791 – the sheep's, ear ,abalone ** Halitosis Dvina volcanic Patamakanthin & Eng,2007 ** Halitosis Dvina
  2. The largest of all ships. As he was carried to the ship, Odin whispered in his, ear , This was to be a key riddle asked by Odin (in disguise) of the giant
  3. He had only recently benefited from experimental surgery to correct an inner, ear ,disorder which kept him grounded since his first Mercury flight in 1961. Thus
  4. Ear in a field in his hometown of Lumberton. He proceeds to investigate the, ear ,with help from a high school student, Sandy Williams (Dean),who provides him
  5. He cuts through a vacant lot and discovers a severed ear . Jeffrey takes the, ear ,to Police Detective John Williams (George Dickerson),through whom he meets
  6. Bubo and Outs owls, these feathers form tufts which resemble ear s. The inner, ear ,has a cochlea, but it is not spiral as in mammals. A few species are able to
  7. The incoming telegraph signals produced and l ear ned to translate signals by, ear , without having to write them down and within a y ear was promoted as an
  8. Home from the hospital, he cuts through a vacant lot and discovers a severed, ear , Jeffrey takes the ear to Police Detective John Williams (George Dickerson)
  9. Teeth (one of stone, one of iron, and one of wood); a single, retractable, ear , ; and a misshapen body. In Jarry's later work ABU ROI, Père Heb would develop
  10. This and challenges Fredrik to Russian Roulette, in which he grazes Fredrik's, ear , Victorious, Carl-Magnus begins to romance Charlotte, granting her wish at last
  11. A sonorous body, which spread through the air, bringing to the tympanum of the, ear ,a stimulus which the mind interprets as sound ", a remarkable statement that
  12. May be suggested by the location of the abscess: infections of the middle, ear ,result in lesions in the middle and posterior cranial fossa; congenital h ear t
  13. Used as jewelry consisted of: Lip piercings, nose piercings, necklaces, ear , piercings,and piercings through the flesh under the bottom lip. Sewing needles
  14. Those with the Broad accent, so " buy" might sound like" boy" in the foreign, ear , This is a direct influence from the Cockney accent. Some of these features
  15. Lin ear was a metal ring with a ball. Women wore it through a hole in the, ear , Matanpushi and lin ear were originally worn by men. However, women w ear them
  16. Meaning in it whatsoever – yet which does have perfect meaning to the Bulgarian, ear ,– would be: *inferred translation –" what kind of no-good person is she? "
  17. Poetic Edda poem Sigrdrífumál describes runes being graven on the sun, on the, ear ,of one of the sun-horses and on the hoofs of the other, on Sleipnir's teeth
  18. detective's daughter, Sandy (Laura Dean). She tells him details about the, ear ,case and a suspicious woman, Dorothy Valleys (Isabella Rosellini) who may be
  19. 1884),caused a huge uproar over the reddish pink used to color the woman's, ear ,lobe, considered far too suggestive and supposedly ruining the high-society
  20. As owls, have binocular vision and can estimate the depth of field. The avian, ear ,lacks external pinnate but is covered by feathers, although in some birds, such
  21. To oval shape, and may be highly arched or very flattened. It is generally, ear ,shaped, presenting two to three whorls. The last whorl (known as the body
  22. Like pin and kin will sound almost similar to peen and keen in the foreign, ear , The final vowel in words like“ happy” and“ city ”, which is typically /i/
  23. Native Chinese version uses more typically Chinese ingredients (including wood, ear ,fungi and day lily buds) and thin flour pancakes while the American version
  24. To be an opening of a part of the body, a hole into something else ... The, ear ,sits on the head and goes right into the mind, so it felt perfect ", Lynch
  25. If the amplifier is an audio amplifier) sounds much less unpleasant to the, ear , For these amplifiers, the compression point is defined as the input power (or
  26. Batting ability. (Batting helmets at that time were not required to have an ", ear ,flap "; indeed, it was not until 2002 that all major league batters were
  27. To the new city of Akhenaten (modern-day Maria),Akhenaten turned a deaf, ear ,to foreign affairs and absorbed himself in his new religion and artistic style.
  28. Husband who is dead from a gunshot to the head and identifiable by his missing, ear , as well as a bloodied Yellow Man. The Yellow Man is standing rather still and
  29. Not formalized and institutionalized. As such, many players l ear n" by, ear ,", by copying the baselines from records and CDs, and by playing in a number of
  30. The tale of his remarkable feat spreads far and wide, finally reaching the, ear ,of a wise Longish mage, Ogion the Silent. He recognizes that the boy is so
  31. Group. Buddha Head: There is a vital Buddha head with curly hair and large, ear ,lobes in this cave. Family group: There is a family group with profuse floral
  32. Returning from visiting his ill father in the hospital, comes across a human, ear ,in a field in his hometown of Lumberton. He proceeds to investigate the ear
  33. Abalone * Halitosis scalars (Leach,1814) – the staircase abalone or ridged, ear ,abalone * Halitosis semiprivate Make,1843 – the semiprivate abalone * Halitosis
  34. Abalone or green lip abalone * Halitosis Midas Linnaeus,1758 – the Midas, ear ,abalone, perlemoen abalone or South African abalone * Halitosis Dvina Gaelic
  35. The tenor of celestial sounds which are physically imperceptible to the human, ear , Later philosophers retained the close association between astronomy, optics
  36. Caused by inflammation and collection of infected material, coming from local (, ear ,infection, dental abscess, infection of paranasal sinuses, infection of the
  37. Lynch told Create in 1987. The second idea was an image of a severed, human, ear , lying in a field. " I don't know why it had to be an ear . Except it needed to
  38. And is usually at the corner of the mouth, on the chin, to the cheek, or to the, ear , depending upon one's preferred shooting style. The bow arm is held outwards
  39. While this disturbance is usually small, it is still noticeable to the human, ear , The smallest sound that a person can h ear , known as the threshold of h ear ing
  40. The first regulated clinical trial of efficacy in Western Europe (against, ear ,infections caused by Pseudocodes aeruginosa) was reported in the journal
  41. In the retina of the eye, vibration-sensitive neurons in the cochlea of the, ear , or pressure-sensitive neurons in the skin. The axons of sensory receptor cells
  42. This range is important because its frequencies can be detected by the human, ear , This range has a number of applications, including speech communication and
  43. Intoxicated. " It rolls in like a storm, drums galloping over the horizon into, ear ,shot, guitar riffs slicing with terse dexterity while a tale about a pair of
  44. Of a severed, human ear lying in a field. " I don't know why it had to be an, ear , Except it needed to be an opening of a part of the body, a hole into something
  45. Be sued by them. Someone in Government obviously had a quiet word in Kable's, ear , as when the court met and Sinclair challenged the prosecution on the ground
  46. Session ranging from $25 to $80 in 2011. Sometimes needles are left in the, ear ,for up to 3 days. Needles vary in length between, with shorter needles used
  47. By some 85-90 %, to around 90 animals, as a result of mange caused by an, ear ,tick introduced by dogs in the 1970s. The population is currently under
  48. Square wave. But if set to a frequency outside the human audible range then the, ear ,can't perceive the square wave, only the difference between the speaker being
  49. Reeve,1846,the splendid abalone * Halitosis asinine Linnaeus,1758 – the ass’s, ear ,abalone * Halitosis Australia Gaelic,1791 – the Austral abalone * Halitosis
  50. Of English, and may sometimes sound like it's shifted to /i/ in the foreign, ear , Thus, words like pin and kin will sound almost similar to peen and keen in the

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