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  1. Data. For example, the shooting percentage in basketball is a descriptive, statistic ,that summarizes the performance of a player or a team. This number is the
  2. Bonds hit in 2006. In 2006,Bonds recorded his lowest slugging percentage (a, statistic ,that he has historically ranked among league leaders season after season)
  3. The last time in 1954. On-base plus slugging (OPS) is a saber metric baseball, statistic ,calculated as the sum of a player's on-base percentage and slugging percentage
  4. Records for OPS Adjusted OPS (OPS+) OPS+, Adjusted OPS, is a closely related, statistic , OPS+ is OPS adjusted for the park and the league in which the player played
  5. Of freedom. Using the F-distribution is a natural candidate because the test, statistic ,is the ratio of two scaled sums of squares each of which follows a scaled
  6. Most box scores now list inherited runners, and the number that scored, as a, statistic ,for the relief pitcher. Historical differences In the early history of major
  7. Of determination. Under the null hypothesis of no autocorrelation, this, statistic , is asymptotically distributed as \chi^2 with k degrees of freedom. Responses to
  8. Percentage (GBP) (sometimes referred to as on-base average CBA, as the, statistic ,is rarely presented as a true percentage) is a measure of how often a batter
  9. Based on an unmodified attribute) equally likely to succeed or fail. Making, statistic ,and skill checks in GURUS is the reverse of the mechanics of most other RPGs
  10. Arithmetic mean is often used to report central tendencies, it is not a robust, statistic , meaning that it is greatly influenced by outliers. Notably, for skewed
  11. The better. GURUS players hope to roll as low as possible under the tested, statistic ,'s rating or skill's level. If the roll is less than or equal to that number
  12. If the explanatory variables include a lagged dependent variable,Durbin's h, statistic , A more flexible test, covering autocorrelation of higher orders and applicable
  13. Under wider conditions. Background An" estimator" or" point estimate" is a, statistic ,(that is, a function of the data) that is used to infer the value of an
  14. For example, because one-sided P-value is the probability of observing a test, statistic ,at least as extreme as the one observed; hence, the one-sided P-value is simply
  15. Eras are also problematic, because caught stealing was not a regularly recorded, statistic ,until the middle of the 20th Century. Ty Cobb, for example, was known as a
  16. This meant that Kasparov had played Karol four times in the period 1984–87,a, statistic ,unprecedented in chess. Matches organized by FIDE had taken place every three
  17. GBP = \franc where NOTE: Sacrifice flies were not counted as an official, statistic ,until 1954. Before that time, all sacrifices were counted as sacrifice hits (
  18. Game of Baseball. The New York Times then began carrying the leaders in this, statistic ,in its weekly" By the Numbers" box, a feature that continued for four years.
  19. Distribution and to Pearson's χ2 test: mutual information can be considered a, statistic ,for assessing independence between a pair of variables, and has a
  20. Of the approximation. The Gini coefficient calculated from a sample is a, statistic ,and its standard error, or confidence intervals for the population Gini
  21. Because of interference or obstruction" The main use of the plate appearance, statistic ,is in determining a player's eligibility for leadership in some offensive
  22. ANOVA, statistic al significance is tested for by comparing the F test, statistic ,: F = \franc: FM where: \text \franc, I number of treatments and: \text \franc, nT
  23. Name for Physical Education Diminutives Sports statistic s *Games played,a, statistic ,in several sports representing the number of games a player has participated in
  24. Writing" could write as though their Air score were 6. As a general rule a, statistic ,of N is twice as capable as a level of N-1,where this makes sense. (A 5-Fire
  25. By people discharging firearms every day across the US," and argue that this, statistic ,is seldom accompanied by a differentiation of those children killed by
  26. Tables show top ranges in various statistic s, in alphabetical order. For each, statistic , two values are given: *Top5: the top five players bettered this value in all
  27. Of descriptive statistic s Most statistic s can be used either as a descriptive, statistic , or in an inductive analysis. For example, we can report the average reading
  28. Faster than light by a factor of 2.48×10−5 (approximately 1 in 40,322.58),a, statistic ,with 6.0-sigma significance., this result has not yet been independently
  29. IQR = Q3 − Q1 Use Unlike (total) range, the interquartile range is a robust, statistic , having a breakdown point of 25 %, and is thus often preferred to the total
  30. Number of games in which a player has participated (in any capacity); the, statistic ,is generally applied irrespective of whatever portion of the game is contested.
  31. A population mean. If the list is a statistic al sample, we call the resulting, statistic ,a sample mean. Motivating properties The arithmetic mean has several properties
  32. The winning team under certain prescribed circumstances. It became an official, statistic ,in Major League Baseball in 1969. Anti-Judaic attitudes developed from the
  33. Gases that form the inversion layer of Moses. There is another type of, statistic , known as braid statistic s, which are associated with particles known as
  34. Not have a simple intrinsic meaning, despite its usefulness as a comparative, statistic , One fault of OPS is that it weighs on-base average and slugging percentage
  35. Representing the number of games a player has participated in *Games pitched,a, statistic ,in baseball which counts the number of appearances by a pitcher Gothenburg (;
  36. Test for the presence of first-order autocorrelation is the Durbin–Watson, statistic ,or, if the explanatory variables include a lagged dependent variable,Durbin's
  37. Of whatever portion of the game is contested. Baseball In baseball,the, statistic ,applies also to players who, prior to a game, are included on a starting lineup
  38. Be suitable for a system of spoken spells gained through study. The new Magic, statistic ,has a 1-10 rating and point cost, and can be no higher than the Element it's
  39. Play or not, although,in Major League Baseball, the application of this, statistic ,does not extend to consecutive games played streaks. A starting pitcher, then
  40. Residuals, where k is the order of the test. The simplest version of the test, statistic ,from this auxiliary regression is TR2,where T is the sample size and R2 is the
  41. Yi, i = 1 to n, that are indexed in non-decreasing order (Yi ≤ Yi+1),the, statistic ,:: G (S) = \franc\left (n+1 - 2 \left (\franc\right) \right): is a
  42. With 15.976 crimes per annum and 3 homicides per 100,000 persons. However, this, statistic , is a result of the commuter population, for it is calculated based on the
  43. Is often represented as a p-value, or sometimes as the standard score of a test, statistic , In contrast, an effect size conveys the estimated magnitude and direction of
  44. In 1922. The phrase" death of one man is a tragedy, death of a million is a, statistic ," is sometimes attributed to Stalin, but was actually made by the German writer
  45. Percentage in his career by far. Megdal's article cited this walk percentage, statistic ,as evidence of American League teams not wanting Greenberg to break Babe Ruth
  46. And other services. Median household income comparison *note - Canada's, statistic ,is only based on families of 2 or more people, rather than household income
  47. To determine on-base plus slugging (OPS). It first became an official MLB, statistic ,in 1984. Overview Traditionally, the best lea doff hitters in the game have high
  48. G (S) = 1 - \franc\left (n - \franc\right). There does not exist a sample, statistic ,that is in general an unbiased estimator of the population Gini coefficient
  49. With 778 in 2007. Games played (most often abbreviated as G or GP) is a, statistic ,used in team sports to indicate the total number of games in which a player has
  50. Kingdom. The ratio of male to female users is approximately 3.8:1,but this, statistic ,varies from 1:1 to 13:1 depending on country. A Cartesian coordinate system

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