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  1. His law of universal gravitation, which yielded the first quantitatively, adequate ,dynamical explanation of planetary motion. See the Principal online at
  2. Israel and Yahweh); the concept of the" flawed agent" ( judges who are not, adequate ,to the task before them) and the disunity of the Israelite community (which
  3. And non-suppurative lymphadenitis. Conservative management is usually, adequate ,for non-suppurative lymphadenitis. If suppuration occurs, it may need needle
  4. Slightly more common in alcoholics and opiate addicts, it is not by itself an, adequate ,predictor of alcoholism, and some researchers argue that evidence for DRD2 is
  5. In industry and services. Highly variable rainfall, poor soils, lack of, adequate ,communications and other infrastructure, a low literacy rate, and a stagnant
  6. Drinking water supplies; restart of Metaphor nuclear power plant without, adequate ,(IAEA-recommended) safety and backup systems Environment - international
  7. Larger size of the Russian brick in table below),while a smaller brick was, adequate , and more economical, in warmer regions. A notable illustration of this
  8. Wrote back," Spain must immediately decide either to place a force in Florida, adequate ,at once to the protection of her territory ... or cede to the United States a
  9. Applies the following standard to review unreserved claims: 1. The record is, adequate ,to review the alleged claim of error; 2. The claim is of constitutional
  10. In the gym lifting weights, muscle growth occurs afterward during rest. Without, adequate ,rest and sleep, muscles do not have an opportunity to recover and build. About
  11. Insufficient natural lubrication for sexual penetration. Researchers say, adequate ,lubrication, relaxation,and communication between sexual partners are crucial
  12. 9-foot (2.7 m) rangefinders of the sort issued to most British ships were not, adequate ,at long range and did not perform as well as the 15-foot (4.5 m) rangefinders
  13. By the rational faith or nonfaith of man; # the Atonement, while qualitatively, adequate ,for all men, was efficacious only for the man of faith; # unaided by the Holy
  14. May produce regions of frothy water that are no longer capable of providing, adequate ,buoyancy for ships. If this were the case, such an area forming around a ship
  15. Originally designed to improve performance of kettles which did not provide, adequate ,boiling effect, but have since been adopted by the industry as a sole means of
  16. Classed as Pueblo II, the climate was relatively warm and rainfall mostly, adequate , Communities grew larger and were inhabited for longer periods of time. Highly
  17. exception to the semi-arid steppe of the southeastern section, the province has, adequate ,water resources. There are numerous rivers and lakes used for swimming, fishing
  18. Protestants characteristically believe that ordinary believers may reach an, adequate ,understanding of Scripture because Scripture itself is clear (or" perspicuous
  19. Of bits, usually chosen to align with the architecture's machine word and of, adequate ,capacity to represent any valid storage address. For many machines of the time
  20. Such as environmental, health or safety standards; *The availability of, adequate ,foreign exchange with which to pay for imports; and *Prices of goods
  21. In Burundi. A great hindrance to Burundi’s economic development is lack of, adequate ,transportation. The country is landlocked, and there are currently no railways
  22. Call simply for defense of" the rights of private property "; there must be an, adequate ,theory of justice in property rights, else any property that some State once
  23. News represented a failure on the part of Harass Medical Center to provide, adequate ,care for Sharon, CAA is often very difficult to diagnose accurately, and is
  24. For instance, he thought Gabonese independence came too early, without, adequate , education or accommodation to local circumstances. Edgar Berman quotes
  25. Naval surface fire support gun and missile programs will not be able to provide, adequate ,fire support for an amphibious assault or onshore operations. Modern times With
  26. Herzegovina for the first time in 11 years, Austria-Hungary waited a reasonably, adequate ,time and then published the annexation proclamation on October 6,1908. The
  27. This sense, Jung viewed alchemy as comparable to a Yoga of the East, and more, adequate ,to the Western mind than Eastern religions and philosophies. The practice of
  28. And the remainder was stored in the descent stage, out of reach. The CM had an, adequate ,supply of canisters, but these were incompatible with the LM. Engineers on the
  29. Since a careful study of them is indispensable to anyone who wishes to form an, adequate ,idea of Scarlatti's development. His few remaining masses (the story of his
  30. A surplus of food. Many governments have subsidized agriculture to ensure an, adequate ,food supply. These agricultural subsidies are often linked to the production of
  31. Capacity. There are many reasons that overtraining occurs, including lack of, adequate ,nutrition, lack of recovery time between workouts, insufficient sleep, and
  32. The performance of the chief executive; * ensuring the availability of, adequate ,financial resources; * accounting to the stakeholders for the organization's
  33. Factories and an ever-increasing fleet of automobiles, as well as a lack of, adequate ,free space due to congestion, had evolved into the city's most important
  34. Away al-Hazmi and Salem al-Hazmi were selected because they did not provide, adequate ,identification and were deemed suspicious by the airline check-in agent.
  35. Requests for either troops or revenue. At times, this left the military without, adequate ,funding, supplies or even food. The end of the Revolutionary War The Treaty of
  36. Primarily in a revenue and expense journal. Single-entry bookkeeping is, adequate ,for many small businesses. Double-entry bookkeeping requires posting (
  37. Tillman and John B. Floyd for those crucial positions and for not supervising, adequate ,construction of the forts. Union Maj. Gen. Don Carlos Bell subsequently
  38. And social issues will emerge. Commercial availability of tests may precede, adequate ,understanding of how to use test results, given the complexity of autism's
  39. Of these two seals, only the Baltic ringed seal suffers when there is not an, adequate ,ice in the Baltic Sea, as it feeds its young only on ice. The gray seal is
  40. Saying" I committed a great mistake," when he should have been organizing an, adequate ,reserve to move forward in support. The Household Brigade crossed the crest of
  41. Ratcliffe and Patsy Hundred all scoring heavily; the bowling was more than, adequate , without being outstanding. In 1930,Bill Woodhull led an extremely
  42. Primary contributors to the experience of pain during anal intercourse and that, adequate ,communication between sexual partners can prevent it, countering the notion
  43. That the government would send out two convoys of convicts annually, plus, adequate , supplies. But July, when the vessels of the Third Fleet began to arrive, with
  44. Community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise"15 He holds the view that an, adequate ,environmental ethic — one that addresses actual environmental concerns — must
  45. Malaya and Bar ham) were used for this task, for which they were quite, adequate ,despite their age, and subsequently the smaller German ships were forced away
  46. Have low expectations for it. As such, conventional care groups may not be an, adequate ,scientific control and may even lead to Docebo effects that can further inflate
  47. Sees it as a relationship that functions may bear to sets. Either approach is, adequate ,for most uses, provided that one attends to the necessary changes in language
  48. To the wild. The facilities where eagles are kept must be equipped with, adequate ,caging and facilities, as well as workers experienced in the handling and care
  49. And North America. Boron mining and refining capacities are considered to be, adequate ,to meet expected levels of growth through the next decade. The form in which
  50. To educate younger soldiers, as the necessary equipment and basis lacked, adequate ,funding. Military spending increased gradually, especially in the last 10 years

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