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  1. Abjads belong to the Semitic family of scripts. These scripts are thought to, derive ,from the proto-Sinaitic alphabet (dated to about 1500 BC) which is thought to
  2. As primitive, and uses deductive reasoning based on axioms and theorems to, derive ,truth. Analytic geometry is widely used in physics and engineering, and is the
  3. And Decorative Art) in Paris, The terms style modern and art deco both, derive ,from the exposition's title, which occurred from July to September 1971. After
  4. Divided into three broad domains. The natural and biological sciences seek to, derive ,general laws through reproducible and verifiable experiments. The humanities
  5. Names that end in" -ING ", such as Wort hing and Angering. These are known to, derive ,from an earlier form ending in" -Incas ". " Hastings" for example, derive s
  6. many purposes. Although the application of scientific knowledge to, derive ,a new scientific theory involves skill and results in the" creation" of
  7. Was Elector or the Awakened. The modern terms" electricity" and" electron ", derive ,from the Greek word for amber and come from William Gilbert's research showing
  8. The new system. Users of the system perform these tests, which developers, derive ,from the client's contract or the user requirements specification.
  9. Formal system. A set of axioms should be consistent; it should be impossible to, derive ,a contradiction from the axiom. A set of axioms should also be non-redundant;
  10. Exist) and Ego (Year) (both) are Japanese terms, which are believed to, derive ,from another word for" human ", which otherwise survived in Sakhalin Ainu as
  11. The latter was a term used to identify a vase made of alabaster. This name may, derive ,further from the Ancient Egyptian word alabaster, which refers to vessels of
  12. The United States of America" and" the United States of North America ", derive ,from" the United Colonies of America" and" the United Colonies of North
  13. Mooring anchors (such as mushroom anchors) and large ship's anchors, derive ,a significant portion of their holding power from their mass, while also
  14. Portion of the Castilian-Maestrazgan-Manchegan logistic province. These names, derive ,primarily from past or present political geography:" Lush" and" Lusitania "
  15. From the proto-Sinaitic alphabet (dated to about 1500 BC) which is thought to, derive ,from Egyptian hieroglyphs. The ahead was significantly simpler than the earlier
  16. Is the measure of a celestial object's intrinsic brightness. In astronomy, to, derive , absolute magnitude from the observed apparent magnitude of a celestial object
  17. Sumac, tariff and many other words. Other languages such as Maltese and King, derive ,from Arabic, rather than merely borrowing vocabulary or grammar rules. The
  18. Central Arizona, widely traded in the region, has colors and designs which may, derive ,from earlier ware by both Anasazi and Mongolian peoples. (Cordell, p. 142-143)
  19. Charles and re-sited in the Agora in Augustus's time, and statues known to, derive ,from Armaments' statue show the god in a breastplate (one is depicted
  20. Move on to the" Horse" of action and the" Ox" of thought. (These symbols, derive ,from the cabala of Crowley's book 777. ) Crowley has also been labelled by
  21. To choose to create the moral structures of civilization: the world-view must, derive ,from the life-view, not vice-versa. Respect for life, overcoming coarser
  22. Mines of the Spanish Empire in the New World. Rio de la Plate and Argentina, derive ,their names from the silver of Potosí. Currently, mining in the Andes of Chile
  23. Ásphaltos, ásphalton),a word meaning" asphalt/bitumen/pitch" which some, derive ,from α-" without" and σφάλλω, ( small)," to make fall ". Note that in
  24. However, it usually has a smaller mean square error. * Other possibilities, derive ,from treating the two portions of data \ and \ separately and calculating
  25. Its structure. In fact the Deaconess–Goodman–My hill theorem shows how to, derive ,the constructively unacceptable law of the excluded middle, or a restricted
  26. The velocity of the star may be unknown, from the above Formula One can, derive ,the relation between the angles θ1 and θ2 seen by two arbitrary observers
  27. Interpreted as" Land of the Eagles" and" Children of the Eagles ", they, derive , from the adverb ship, which means" understanding each other ". Under the
  28. Method lacking in formal rigor, so he also used the method of exhaustion to, derive ,the results. As with The Cattle Problem, The Method of Mechanical Theorems was
  29. He assumes the existence of a point towards which all things fall in order to, derive ,the spherical shape.: In the second part, he calculates the equilibrium
  30. The second-largest natural caves on the Indian subcontinent. The Belem Caves, derive ,their name from Blum, the Sanskrit word for caves. In Telugu, the caves are
  31. e.g. an" eastward orientation" at the altar). Whilst many Anglo-Catholics, derive ,much of their liturgical practice from that of the pre-Reformation English
  32. This leads to an equation of the fourth degree. This eventually led Alien to, derive ,the earliest formula for the sum of fourth powers; by using an early proof by
  33. In which God is the Lord to whom kings owe obedience and through whom they, derive ,their authority over their followers. The need to persuade his nobles to
  34. Similar to higher-order functions) take functions or arrays as arguments, and, derive , related functions. For example the" sum" function is derive d by applying the
  35. To differ markedly in several fundamentals, especially 'contra' churches that, derive ,from the Protestant reformation. Such would include, e. g., the Unitarians
  36. Nouns. Hard- man Markets- from man Too- house T'nits-from house Both suffixes, derive ,from Classical Armenian. The Western suffix -e is from the Classical singular
  37. And the developers of systems such as Boolean algebra made elaborate efforts to, derive ,them from traditional arithmetic. Galois showed just before his untimely death
  38. To the specific genus Amoeba. The genus Amoeba and asteroids in general both, derive ,their names from the ancient Greek word for change. Structure Asteroids move
  39. And metropolitans are all bishops and members of the historical episcopate who, derive ,their authority through apostolic succession – an unbroken line of bishops that
  40. As waveforms is that it is mathematically impossible to simultaneously, derive ,the position and momentum of an electron; this became known as the Heisenberg
  41. Turned to Aristophanes for a warmer and more vivid form of comedy than he could, derive ,from readings of Terence and Plautus) adapted a short play Die Vogel from The
  42. Under a strict licensing regime. They do not produce raw opium anymore but, derive ,Morphine and other opiates using the poppy straw method of extraction. Anyone
  43. Theory textbooks, the Cauchy argument principle is quite frequently used to, derive ,the Nyquist stability criterion, which can be used to predict the stability of
  44. The individual gains entry to a spiritual realm. Major views on the afterlife, derive ,from religion, esotericism and metaphysics. The dead are usually believed to go
  45. Where \bold symbol is the rank-2 identity tensor. We make several assumptions to, derive ,the momentum balance equation for an acoustic medium. These assumptions and the
  46. Marked accusative case even in the pronouns. Such forms as whom, them,and her, derive ,rather from the old Germanic dative forms, of which the -m and -r endings are
  47. Where it has the same form, Asia. Whether all uses and all forms of the name, derive ,also from the Latin of the Roman Empire is much less certain. " Asia" in
  48. But it predates modern quantum mechanics. Erwin Schrödinger applied this to, derive ,the thermodynamic properties of a semiclassical ideal gas. Schrödinger urged
  49. To as simply the mean or average when the context is clear, is a method to, derive ,the central tendency of a sample space. The term" arithmetic mean" is
  50. Name Anus is the equivalent Latin name. Both the Latin and the Germanic words, derive ,from the Proto-Indo-European root El-, meaning " red" or" brown ", which is

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