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  1. man's psyche and dramatically shaping the world: The ultimate aim of all love, affairs ,... is more important than all other aims in man's life; and therefore it is
  2. State organization Alp Arslan's strength lay in the military realm. Domestic, affairs ,were handled by his able vizier, Nizam Almelo, the founder of the
  3. Funeral, Peter sent Alexei a stern letter, urging him to take interest in the, affairs ,of the state. Peter threatened to cut him off if he did not acquiesce in his
  4. Named their spacecraft Charlie Brown and Snoopy, assistant manager for public, affairs ,Julian Sheer wrote Manned Spacecraft Center director George M. Low to suggest
  5. Heir-apparent—1865 to 1881—Alexander did not play a prominent part in public, affairs , but he allowed it to become known that he had certain ideas of his own which
  6. City of Akhenaten (modern-day Maria),Akhenaten turned a deaf ear to foreign, affairs ,and absorbed himself in his new religion and artistic style. After his death
  7. A municipal council of fourteen assisted the urban prefect in administering the, affairs ,of the fourteen districts of Rome. Excessive luxury and extravagance at the
  8. Older, some assert, the idea of a divine will somehow interacting with human, affairs ,increasingly influenced his beliefs and public expressions. On a personal level
  9. Of" cause" as either the agent or agency or particular events or states of, affairs , More simply again that which immediately sets the thing in motion. So take the
  10. The years of his minority featured an embittered struggle for the control of, affairs ,between two rival parties, the one led by Walter Come, Earl of Mental, the
  11. Departments, such as a treasury. The Congress tried to handle administrative, affairs ,through legislative committees, which proved inefficient. At first, the
  12. To Constantinople. Her son's death in 534 made little change in the posture of, affairs , Now queen, Amalasuntha made her cousin Theodora partner of her throne (not
  13. Times he writes proudly of how little attention he had paid" to political, affairs ,of his day ". In a life that spanned several revolutions in French and German
  14. Of nobility and inheritance were vested, and who had the supreme control of, affairs , Hence, arose the belief in the Amazons as a nation of female warriors
  15. A strong distaste for both AOL and its clients, referring to the new state of, affairs ,as Eternal September. Later, AOL discontinued providing access to Usenet on
  16. Fortress of Tagalog and others in the area, and to stop interfering into the, affairs ,of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Forced against his will into war with
  17. Of the Senate. In addition, there is a Barbuda Council to govern the internal, affairs ,of the island. Political parties and elections: More info: Antigua and Barbuda
  18. Of defeating the enemy's army, rather than simply capturing territory. Indian, affairs ,were troubled by the Sioux uprising in Minnesota in 1862--where Lincoln
  19. Rome. From a baroque standpoint it is a moment of divine intervention in the, affairs ,of man. No doubt part of his patron's message would be that all viewers would
  20. And the Caesar, and refused to allow him the smallest voice in public, affairs , The betrothal in 1180 of Alexios II to Agnes of France, daughter of Louis VII
  21. The Arians and set out to reverse the Nicene creed. His advisor in these, affairs ,was Eugenics of Comedian, who had already at the Council of Nice been the
  22. Randomly selected boards of ten responsible for areas ranging from naval, affairs ,to religious observances. Altogether, the Boyle was responsible for a great
  23. When the crisis had passed. Alaric displayed similar wisdom in political, affairs ,by appointing a commission to prepare an abstract of the Roman laws and
  24. Prime minister is the leader of the majority party in the House and conducts, affairs ,of state with the cabinet. The prime minister and the cabinet are responsible
  25. Administration and to bring it more under his personal control. In foreign, affairs ,he was emphatically a man of peace, but not at all a partisan of the doctrine
  26. Long before their Russian occupation. The khanates exercised control over their, affairs ,via international trade routes between Central Asia and the West. Engaged in
  27. Would be no important reforms until he himself succeeded to the direction of, affairs , That change was much nearer at hand than was commonly supposed. On 13 March
  28. The Queen and their people to Buddhism. They were naturally not handling state, affairs ,after him. In his old age, he seems to have come under the spell of his
  29. Central municipal council. Local decisions are made at borough level, and only, affairs ,pertaining to the whole city, such as major infrastructure projects, are
  30. Was later linked to the blunt trauma suffered at Bork. In Central Asian, affairs ,he followed the traditional policy of gradually extending Russian domination
  31. The chief modern European languages. His alleged lack of interest in military, affairs ,detected by later historians could have been only his reflection on the results
  32. The House of Organza, on 13 February 1668 in the Treaty of Lisbon. Colonial, affairs ,saw the Dutch conquest of Jaffnapatam,Portugal's last colony in Sri Lanka (
  33. A sacrilege that gave Philip the opportunity to further intervene in the, affairs ,of Greece. Still occupied in Thrace, Philip ordered Alexander to begin
  34. Books and archival collections. The memory includes the home front, military, affairs , the treatment of soldiers, both living and dead, in the war's aftermath
  35. To the provinces under his command as his representatives to manage provincial, affairs ,and ensure his orders were carried out. Augustus, from the Latin word Sugar (
  36. Arrange for the sale of all the family property, conclude all of his brother's, affairs ,(Bell took over his last student, curing a pronounced lisp),and join his
  37. Their death, when the gods themselves entombed them. Consorts and children Love, affairs ,ascribed to Apollo are a late development in Greek mythology. Their vivid
  38. Tokyo have also developed a vibrant political and cultural community. Current, affairs ,Litigation On March 27, 1997,the Sapporo District Court decided a landmark
  39. The plots and characters of the original books (e.g., incorporating lesbian, affairs , changing killer identities, re-naming or removing significant characters, and
  40. Present long enough, to kill the plaque organisms. That remained the state of, affairs ,until the late 1960s when Harald Love (at the time a professor at the Royal
  41. Individual states. While calling on Congress to regulate military and monetary, affairs , for example, the Articles of Confederation provided no mechanism with which to
  42. Apple Inc. products are more expensive than other PC products. Corporate, affairs ,During the Mac's early history Apple generally refused to adopt prevailing
  43. Head of the government, who relied on a bureaucracy of officials to manage his, affairs , In charge of the administration was his second in command, the vizier, who
  44. As a consul he had the power to intervene, when he deemed necessary, with the, affairs ,of provincial proconsuls appointed by the Senate. As a proconsul Augustus did
  45. Provides the fullest information for this period, where it touches Merovingian, affairs , he often" allowed his religious bias to determine his interpretation of the
  46. With Greece. *1957 – The BBC broadcasts the spaghetti tree hoax on its current, affairs ,program Panorama. *1959 – Taboos is enthroned as Greek Orthodox Archbishop
  47. In the company of her friend Ellen Hollis, a journalist; Crowley would have, affairs ,with both women. Foster was a famous New York fashion model, journalist,editor
  48. Joke to friends that he was not cut out for marriage. Camus conducted numerous, affairs , particularly an irregular and eventually public affair with the Spanish-born
  49. Manuela Khan in 1919 that Afghanistan re-gained independence over its foreign, affairs ,after the signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi. King Manuela moved to end his
  50. In Azerbaijan is limited only by law for internal issues, but for international, affairs ,is additionally limited by the provisions of international agreements. The

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