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  1. Who is thought to have lost his fortune gambling.: :Though to myself I often, seem ,::: A bright chap and not awkward, : :None comes close to Ananias, ::: Son of
  2. And reflections alone, but in the making of the connection. Though it might, seem ,obvious that altruism is central to the teachings of Jesus, one important and
  3. Life, but,before the close of the 5th century, at least in the East, abbots, seem , almost universally to have become deacons, if not priests. The change spread
  4. To workshops, stables and farm-buildings. The buildings, with some exceptions, seem ,to have been of one story only, and all but the church were probably erected of
  5. Studio album Anatomic, used the long and familiar form. Around the world they, seem ,better known as Afro Celt Sound System. They played a number of shows to
  6. Lincoln to wait for a victory before issuing it, as to do otherwise would, seem ,like" our last shriek on the retreat ". Name "/IN"> Stephen"/> In September
  7. There must be a line somewhere, and will I please draw it? ... Not only does it, seem ,to me the only conceivable way of reconciling this and similar passages with "
  8. Is referring to the existence of vapors and chewing of laurel-leaves which, seem ,to be confirmed by recent studies. Plato describes the priestesses of Delphi
  9. Er › were replaced with, as in for master and for exacerbate. While this may, seem ,trivial, it was symptomatic of an attempt by people manually reproducing
  10. Officers to Persian and other noblewomen at Susan, but few of those marriages, seem ,to have lasted much beyond a year. Adrian finds great diversity and casts
  11. Authors say the hounds were Artemis' own; some lost elaborations of the myth, seem ,to have given them all names and narrated their wanderings after his loss.
  12. Always tends to be forgotten when experience and routine later make everything, seem ,easy and many of us in Hut 8 felt that the magnitude of Turing's contribution
  13. The faith … yet I will not conceal, that there are passages of Scripture which, seem ,to me to wear this aspect; and those answers to them which I have been
  14. Call for a doctor, trusting in God alone. He dies. Since his symptoms did not, seem ,to resemble those of the plague, Rieux records his death as a" doubtful case.
  15. Effective, can in fact be realized by a (simple) machine. Although this may, seem ,extreme, the arguments... in its favor are hard to refute ". Reich:" ...
  16. Of quantum computation. The term is usually used for those algorithms which, seem ,inherently quantum, or use some essential feature of quantum computation such
  17. Might also have been responsible for an aspect of the comic plot that can, seem ,bewildering to modern audiences. The major confrontation (ago) between the
  18. Different customs regarding canonicity. The Ethiopia Jews, for instance, seem ,to have retained a spread of canonical texts similar to the Ethiopian Orthodox
  19. Have also been proposed. Most importantly, the 'Altaic' languages do not, seem ,to share a common basic vocabulary of the type normally present in cases of
  20. Extended their influence beyond the original audience, over whom in fact they, seem ,to have had little or no practical influence: they did not affect the career of
  21. My heart would begin to race, I would become breathless, the diaphragm would, seem ,to grow heavy, and I would get the impression that my blood pressure was rising
  22. With its silent letters and its heavy use of nasal vowels and elision, may, seem , to lack much correspondence between spelling and pronunciation, but its rules
  23. Centuries later as the aquatic ape hypothesis. These pre-Darwinian concepts may, seem ,strange, considering modern knowledge and scientific methods, because they
  24. Categorization of cultural elements; historical reconstructions also came to, seem ,increasingly speculative. Under the influence of several younger scholars, a
  25. Another favorite theme of Dick's novels). Strikingly, the characters in Ada, seem ,to acknowledge their own world as the copy or negative version, calling it "
  26. During 1967 caused ASCII's choices for the national use characters to, seem ,to be de facto standards for the world, causing confusion and incompatibility
  27. Whether Aura is a sub-order of the order Salient. Practical considerations, seem ,to favor using the former arrangement now. The Lissamphibia, superorder
  28. Long linear grooves were cut into the bedrock along certain roads which do not, seem ,to point to a specific direction. It has been proposed that these were part of
  29. The Southern economy and military effort depended on slave labor. It began to, seem ,unreasonable to protect slavery while blockading Southern commerce and
  30. The first Greek Polish and the two main schools of Ancient Greek philosophy, seem ,to originate in this region. A lot of religious elements including the
  31. Seems more effective in treating sensory and motor disturbances, while steroids, seem ,more effective in treating impairments of cognition, consciousness and rigor.
  32. While his attempts of treating diseases with such remedies as Mercury might, seem ,ill-advised from a modern point of view, his basic idea of chemically produced
  33. Or importance of what are sometimes called logical machines ... it does not, seem ,to me that any contrivances at present known or likely to be discovered really
  34. Countless schools have proposed their own ways to define quality, yet they all, seem ,to agree in at least one point: once their aesthetic choices are accepted, the
  35. Any number of other ways to be rich. Arguments of the same form can sometimes, seem ,superficially convincing, as in the following example:: If I have the flu, then
  36. Where Socrates was the most obvious target). Such caricatures, seem ,to imply that Aristophanes was an old-fashioned conservative, yet that view of
  37. For human and nonhuman animals, in their territories: The Greeks in India even, seem ,to have played an active role in the propagation of Buddhism, as some of the
  38. Unusual pinnacles, fit in well with the use of the park as pleasure gardens and, seem ,relatively inconspicuous in the landscape when one considers the flamboyance of
  39. Chase him from the farm. Thereafter, Napoleon spreads rumors to make him, seem ,evil and corrupt, even claiming that he secretly sabotaged the animals '
  40. Characters and objects move and interact. 3D animation can create images that, seem ,real to the viewer. Other animation techniques * Drawn on film animation: a
  41. Leap and an evasion of the problem. He gives examples of how others would, seem ,to make this kind of leap. The alternative option, namely suicide, would entail
  42. To use his Andy's word abstract ". Warhol's assertion of virginity would, seem ,to be contradicted by an incident recounted by one biographer, his hospital
  43. Creatures, the start alpha, who dwell in the Edge's abandoned mines and who, seem ,intent on capturing them, until they are rescued by the wizard Medellin who
  44. Or collisions with atomic particles. While modelling atoms in isolation may not, seem ,realistic, if one considers atoms in a gas or plasma then the time-scales for
  45. For seasonal ceremonies. Furthermore, considering that some of these roads, seem ,to go nowhere, experts suggest that they can be linked—especially the Great
  46. Synthesised in the cell and exported just outside the cell membrane. Amoebas, seem ,to have connections with two phyla of the lineage fungus-like protists. The two
  47. Speed, often in aggressive mood) However, even though both these rhythms can, seem ,to 'bowl along' Aristophanes often varies them through use of complex syntax
  48. And are otherwise generally rare. Full-time accordionists in folk metal, seem ,even rarer, but they are still utilized for studio work, as flexible
  49. Ideas such as mathematics and the wheel. Other innovations, such as writing, seem ,to have been developed individually in each area. Cities, states and empires
  50. Proper for Landlords, who as they have already devoured most of the Parents, seem ,to have the best Title to the Children. " Swift extends the metaphor to get in

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