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  1. Grappled with Booth, but Booth stabbed him and escaped. After being on the, run ,for ten days, Booth was tracked down and found on a farm in Virginia, some
  2. Sank to World No. 141 on November 10, 1997,prompting many to believe that his, run ,as one of the sport's premier competitors was over, and that he would never
  3. The official distance is set at). The race commemorates the famous 1925 serum, run ,to Nome in which mushers and dogs like Togo and Alto took much-needed medicine
  4. School,6/7 Mortimer Road (now Crescent),Wilburn, a small public school, run ,by his father. Milne attended Westminster School and Trinity College, Cambridge
  5. From the north-eastern slope of the Major Caucasus and Talks Mountains and, run ,along the Samur-Devechi and General lowlands. Biodiversity The first reports
  6. The indigenous African population lacked the skills and knowledge needed to, run ,the country and maintain its well-developed infrastructure. The Angolan
  7. Pacific shipping through providing critical infrastructure with tracks that, run ,from Seward to Interior Alaska by way of South Central Alaska, passing through
  8. Literary Fund, part-owner of the Pooh copyright, provide the income used to, run ,the Fund's Fellowship Scheme, placing professional writers in U. K.
  9. Price of the device to $99. Software Apple develops its own operating system to, run ,on Macs, Mac OS X, the latest version being Mac OS X Lion (version 10.7).
  10. Punch line as a protagonist ..." and that" jibes at Rand as cold and inhuman, run ,through the popular culture. " Two movies have been made about Rand's life. A
  11. And hit a conservative shot to minimize his errors, and to make his opponent, run ,more. Agassi's serve was never the strength of his game, but it improved
  12. Kip Chalmers's mistress. *Kip Chalmers is a Washington man who has decided to, run ,for election as Legislator from California. On the way to his campaign, the
  13. Title, but a newcomer, Cadillac with the new Omega Chassis CTS-V, gave them a, run ,for their money. After four victories in a row, the Audi's were sanctioned with
  14. Practical value for many hard problems. * Quantum algorithm: Quantum algorithm, run ,on a realistic model of quantum computation. The term is usually used for those
  15. A Rose, in 1937: a critical and box-office flop. However, Rashomons commercial, run , greatly helped by strong reviews from critics and even the columnist Ed
  16. Of the monarch in 2005. Highway 2 is supplemented by two more highways that, run ,parallel to it: Highway 22,west of Highway 2,known as Cowboy Trail, and
  17. From the interior by steep ranges, known as the Taurus mountains, that, run , along the entire length of the coast. The Taurus Mountains (Torso Dagmar)
  18. Decisions on his own. He relies on his sister, Dagny Haggard, to actually, run ,the railroad, but nonetheless opposes her in almost every endeavor. In a sense
  19. Leonard Sweet, and Jesse DuBois, and Lincoln received his first endorsement to, run ,for the presidency. Exploiting the embellished legend of his frontier days with
  20. The Macintosh would need to be replaced by a new platform, or reworked to, run ,on more powerful hardware. In 1994,Apple allied with IBM and Motorola in the
  21. Of Nunavut. In 2008,Governor Sarah Pain became the first Republican woman to, run ,on a national ticket when she became John McCain's Vice Presidential run ning
  22. A man who" instantly attracts women" and who he said were the men who ", run ,the world ". This was the case, for instance, in the Weapon Shop series, the
  23. The stadsdelen are responsible for many activities that had previously been, run ,by the central city. The city had initially been divided into 15 stadsdelen. 14
  24. For a two-week run and was brought to the Roundhouse in London for a longer, run ,in August 1971. Pork was based on tape-recorded conversations between Origin
  25. With the Akira Kurosawa Foundation, established in December 2003 and also, run ,by His Kurosawa. The foundation organizes an annual short film competition
  26. And independent of fluctuating support from (local) policy on the long, run , biofuels should equal or beat the cost level of fossil fuels. Here, algae
  27. Used steadily for a number of years. In return, John Herman gave both boys the, run ,of a small workshop within which to" invent ". Despite being normally quiet
  28. Requiring a 50%+1 majority of the votes of all deputies. The next election will, run ,in 2012. The current President of the Republic is Amir Topi. The President has
  29. Becoming the first Kurosawa film to lose money during its original theatrical, run , Today, it is considered by many to be among the finest films dealing with the
  30. Could be discovered only through logical reasoning, and,since reason could not, run ,in opposition to God, reason must be compatible with theology. This ran
  31. The oracle agrees that the price is sufficient. And then the victim doesn’t, run ,away anymore, but waits willingly to be caught. So, there is a great quantity
  32. Canada domestic supply – 120 V AC Most United States domestic power suppliers, run ,at 120 V. Household circuit breakers typically provide a maximum of 15 A or 20
  33. Recovery of Gibraltar),but they did gain territory. However, in the long, run , as the case of Florida shows, the new territory was of little or no value.
  34. And cyclists across the IJ to Amsterdam-Noord, and two fare-charging ferries, run ,east and west along the harbor. There are also water taxis, a water bus, a
  35. Changes. Meetings will no longer be held; instead, a committee of pigs will, run ,the farm. Using a young pig named Squealer as a mouthpiece, Napoleon announces
  36. On wires as in the Chinese and Japanese models, the beads of Roman model, run ,in grooves, presumably making arithmetic calculations much slower. Another
  37. MA European domestic supply – 230 V AC Most European domestic power supplies, run ,at 230 V, so the current drawn for a particular appliance will be less than for
  38. Bus services from Andorra to Barcelona and Toulouse. Bus services are mostly, run ,by private companies, but some local ones are operated by the government. There
  39. Of the Academy Awards announced that winners' acceptance speeches must not, run ,past 45 seconds. This, according to organizer Bill Mechanic, was to ensure the
  40. S PORK opened on May 5,1971, at LaMama theater in New York for a two week, run ,and was brought to the Roundhouse in London for a longer run in August 1971.
  41. A correct answer with high-probability. E.g. RP is the subclass of these that, run ,in polynomial time) ## Las Vegas algorithms always return the correct answer
  42. As a result, he was unseeded at the US Open. Agassi had a short but dramatic, run ,in his final US Open. Because of extreme back pain, Agassi was forced to
  43. For intelligence in human achievement. He relies on Deign and Ellis Wyatt to, run ,things, and resents them for doing it, because it appears to him like they are
  44. Time, and can be missed in weak samples, or sample that have not been, run ,for a sufficiently long time. Mass spectrometry Alkanes have a high ionization
  45. Around Saito's son Hirohito Saith. Today, the major styles of aikido are each, run ,by a separate governing organization, have their own in Japan, and have an
  46. But did not qualify for the 2009 awards as it did not play its Oscar-qualifying, run ,in Los Angeles until mid-2009,thus qualifying for the 2010 awards. Rule 2
  47. Of operation when Deign Haggard quits. *Pat Logan is the engineer on the first, run ,of the John Salt Line. He later strikes. *Kay Ludo is a beautiful actress and
  48. General election, the nominee for governor and nominee for lieutenant governor, run ,together on the same ticket. Alaska's court system has four levels: the Alaska
  49. And Ordered. The Kurt and Aras are the most popular rivers in Azerbaijan, they, run , through the Kura-Aras Lowland. The rivers that directly flow into the Caspian
  50. To win a single seat. European observers found numerous irregularities in the, run ,up to the election and on election day. The executive power is held by the

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