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  1. Broadcasts made fun of the Germans, Milne accused Wodehouse of committing an, act ,of near treason by cooperating with his country's enemy. Wodehouse got some
  2. Abound whether this was the result of a drunken accident, or a deliberate, act ,of revenge for the burning of the Acropolis of Athens during the Second Persian
  3. Never understood that the Presidency conferred upon me an unrestricted right to, act ,officially upon this judgment and feeling ... I claim not to have controlled
  4. Are largely found to be the product of an awareness of writing as a social, act , and an effort to create a balance wherein the authority over the text is
  5. Who can respond appropriately. Technology similar to PEERS can also be used to, act ,within a person's home rather than just to respond to a detected crisis. Using
  6. To life "; from anime (" to animate" or" give life to" ) + -ratio (" the, act ,of" ). Early examples of attempts to capture the phenomenon of
  7. Was said to be capable of turning base metals into gold or silver, and also, act ,as an elixir of life that would confer youth and immortality upon its user.
  8. Boundaries do not necessarily coincide. Municipalities where the same body, act ,as both local government and school board are formally referred to as "
  9. Agents that cause birth defects) related to the risk of autism appear to, act ,during the first eight weeks from conception, and though this does not exclude
  10. Depicted wearing royal regalia on the ceremonial Farmer Palette in a symbolic, act ,of unification. In the Early Dynastic Period about 3150 BC, the first of the
  11. The border states loyal to the Union. On June 19, 1862,Congress passed an, act ,banning slavery on all federal territory, and in July 1862 passed the Second
  12. Editor and the publisher in order to engage the audience in writing as a social, act , Pierre Bourdieu’s essay“ The Field of Cultural Production” depicts the
  13. Unless, in the case of persons naturalized before the passing of the, act , they have declared their desire to remain British subjects within two years
  14. Tenascin, and pelican. Some of these are surface bound to cells and thus, act ,as short range attr act ants or repellents. Others are diffusible ligands and thus
  15. Has the power to guarantee observation of the constitution and all laws, act ,as commander in chief of the armed forces, exercise the duties of the Assembly
  16. Of Lincoln's order to meet that request was seen by the secessionists as an, act ,of war. On April 12, 1861,Confederate forces fired on Union troops at Fort
  17. Of ABBA appeared briefly in a special comedy video made for the interval, act , entitled" Our Last Video Ever ". Each of the four members of the group made a
  18. Due to the lack of literary contexts, are difficult to catch in the, act , The most likely vehicles were the ancient geographers and historians, such as
  19. Associations continually renewed by all parties' support through an, act ,of will, which Sterner proposed as a form of organization in place of the state
  20. Armstrong, Aldrin and the 10 others who followed them. On August 7,2009,an, act ,of Congress awarded the three astronauts a Congressional Gold Medal, the
  21. Effect is generally to cool the planet; the indirect effect (the particles, act ,as cloud condensation nuclei and thereby change cloud properties) is less
  22. Instead of" Honey, Honey ", and a cover version of" Honey, Honey " by the, act ,Sweet Dreams peaked at number 10. Both records debuted on the UK chart within
  23. During June, and the idea of them working together saw them launch a stage, act ," Fest folk ", which translates from Swedish to mean both" Party People" and
  24. Although it has also been argued that" kings of this period did not personally, act ,as frontline war leaders, fighting alongside their troops. " Soldiers were
  25. Desire to remain British subjects within two years from the passing of the, act , Persons who from having been born within British territory are British
  26. The epitome of human evil, as the" man who knew better" but chose not to, act ,for the good. Wesley Much The incompetent and treacherous lobbyist whom Hank
  27. South Mall. An android is a robot or synthetic organism designed to look and, act ,like a human. Although" android" is used almost universally to refer to both
  28. Which comes from the Greek term" origin ", a term which designate the, act ,by which the wealthy citizens of the Greek Polish financed the chorus of ancient
  29. Explained as the desire to destroy achievement in the false belief that such an, act ,bestows a greatness to the destroyer equal to the accomplishment destroyed. She
  30. Corresponding to 'spell ', compitare, is unknown to many Italians because the, act ,of spelling itself is almost never needed: each phoneme of Standard Italian is
  31. On the relationship between authors and editors and on writing as a social, act , Even the book review by the editors has more significance than the
  32. Program, although there are other methods. Etymology From Latin animation," the, act ,of bringing to life "; from anime (" to animate" or" give life to" ) +
  33. Had long been supportive of a strong union. Knox wrote: As Congress failed to, act ,on the petitions, Knox wrote to Governor Morris, four years before the
  34. Behavior may originate from how people view the world rather than how they, act ,in it ". In the study published in the February 2007 print issue of Nature
  35. Gland producing a lot of noise. In subtopic doses, soluble arsenic compounds, act ,as stimulants, and were once popular in small doses as medicine by people in
  36. To Prince, the meaning of this relationship has changed. A thief chosen to, act ,as the double of a great lord continues his impersonation even after his
  37. Use of a language to convey meaning with immediacy and or depth. Art is an, act ,of expressing feelings, thoughts,and observations. There is an understanding
  38. Allegiance to the British crown which he could never resign or lose, except by, act ,of parliament or by the recognition of the independence or the cession of the
  39. Apurva or puny, which gives fruit. Since aura is non-sentient, it cannot, act ,unless moved by an intelligent being such as a god. It cannot independently
  40. Ago. Howard Hawks legitimized this style in his films, allowing char act ers to, act , even when not talking, when most of the audience would not be paying attention
  41. court's findings of f act (such as whether a defendant committed a particular, act ,), unless clearly erroneous, and so will focus on the court's application of
  42. This novel portrays corrupt leadership as the flaw in revolution (and not the, act ,of revolution itself),it also shows how potential ignorance and indifference
  43. Behavior may originate from how people view the world rather than how they, act ,in it. " We believe that the ability to perceive other people's act ions as
  44. On the court's application of the law to those f act s (such as whether the, act ,found by the court to have occurred fits a legal definition at issue). If the
  45. The Brønsted-Lowry definition is an expansion: an acid is a substance which can, act ,as a proton donor. Most acids encountered in everyday life are aqueous
  46. Then analyzed the responses to generate an estimate of a person's tendency to, act ,altruistically and compared each person's level of altruism against their fMRI
  47. Uke will sometimes apply to regain balance and pin or thrown age. Refers to the, act ,of receiving a technique. Good semi involves attention to the technique, the
  48. To discuss matters of mutual concern, and to pass resolutions intended to, act ,as guideposts. It is held roughly every ten years and invitation is by the
  49. S overriding constitutional or statutory right to determine if a legislative, act ,or administrative decision is defective for jurisdictional or other reasons (
  50. Amount of information (usually through some kind of expertise) and can, act ,as the ‘ information services provider’ ( pg 268) while the other party act s

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