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  1. What their audience comprehends. *Restricted behavior is limited in focus, interest , or activity, such as preoccupation with a single television program, toy,or
  2. Computer-driven telescopes, the user typically enters the name of the item of, interest ,and the mechanics of the telescope point the telescope towards that item
  3. Of the Catholic Church. His ethics, though always influential, gained renewed, interest ,with the modern advent of virtue ethics. All aspects of Aristotle's philosophy
  4. Psychology. Friedrich Nietzsche owed the awakening of his philosophical, interest ,to reading The World as Will and Representation and admitted that he was one of
  5. Telescope time and sometimes planetariums as a public service and to encourage, interest ,in the field. Asteroids are single-celled life-forms characterized by an
  6. Of a Knight Bachelor by the Macmillan government. During the 1950s Huxley's, interest ,in the field of psychical research grew keener, and his later works are
  7. Telescopes to positions in the sky that are known to contain objects of, interest , and GOT telescopes, which are fully automated telescopes that are capable of
  8. And described houses built into the ocean. Vespucci and Ojeda's tales spurred, interest ,in Aruba and Spaniards soon colonized the island. Aruba was colonized by Spain
  9. That it been impossible not to believe in her good intentions ". She has no, interest ,in the politics of the farm, and the only time she is recorded as having
  10. Descent. Average daily consumption in is about 37,000 metric tons. Places of, interest ,Notable Rubens *Dave Benton, musician who won
  11. And overlapping between various schools of thought, certain topics of, interest ,and internal disputes have proven perennial within anarchist theory. Free love
  12. To something special and put into the limelight. Tchaikovsky has also expressed, interest ,in the art of Haiku and its ability to create" images in such a way that they
  13. And began working for a lighting company in Chicago. However, he had a strong, interest ,in the fledgling motion picture industry and when Essay Studios offered him
  14. Publications | date October 27, 2009 | access date=April 9,2011} } Popular, interest ,In 1991,a survey conducted for the Library of Congress and the
  15. Collector of riddles, folklore,and proverbs; he and his school had a special, interest ,in the riddles of the Delphic Oracle and studied the fables of Aesop. Views on
  16. In observing particular objects, types of objects, or types of events which, interest ,them. One branch of amateur astronomy, amateur astrophotography, involves the
  17. France until the revolution of 1830. Then, in the 1830s,there was a surge of, interest , and asphalt became widely used" for pavements, flat roofs, and the lining of
  18. Anthropology has arisen: interest in comparisons of people over space and, interest ,in long term human processes or humans as viewed through time. Harris dates both
  19. Believed that Turing's use of a typewriter-like model derived from a youthful, interest ,:" Alan had dreamt of inventing typewriters as a boy; Mrs. Turing had a
  20. As assistant director for his film Clear Skies. Tchaikovsky initially showed, interest , but then decided to concentrate on his studies and his own projects. In 1972
  21. Culture phenomenon rather than a subject for serious study. Academics with an, interest ,in Rand, such as Glad stein, Sciabarra, Allan Gotten, Edwin A. Locke and Tara
  22. Indicate two major frameworks within which empirical anthropology has arisen:, interest ,in comparisons of people over space and interest in long term human processes or
  23. Arguing that Notice misstated Rand's case. Since Rand's death in 1982, interest , in her work has gradually increased. Historian Jennifer Burns has identified "
  24. Buddhism. They are included in a recent case study that traces Schopenhauer's, interest ,in Buddhism and documents its influence. Influences Schopenhauer said he was
  25. Earlier views about Schopenhauer's discovery of Buddhism. Proof of early, interest ,and influence appears in Schopenhauer's 1815/16 notes (transcribed and
  26. Persian princess and daughter of Darius III of Persia, as a matter of political, interest , He apparently had two sons, Alexander IV of Macedon of Roxana and, possibly
  27. An aversion to killing animals. Marriage and family Lincoln's first romantic, interest ,was Ann Rutledge, whom he met when he first moved to New Salem; by 1835,they
  28. Commented," I know they laugh at Rand," while forecasting a growth of, interest ,in her work in the academic community. Objectives movement In 1985,Rand's
  29. Data may be gathered and published as articles or monographs. Due to the, interest ,in variation, anthropologists are drawn to the study of human extremes
  30. Environmentalism movements. Rosencrutzians and Freemasons have a continued, interest ,in alchemy and its symbolism. Alchemy in traditional medicine Traditional
  31. Produce energy, so only methods utilizing a nuclear reactor are of economic, interest , Psychology Alchemical symbolism has been used by psychologists such as Carl
  32. Turned a jaundiced eye to this effort:" I have no high estimate myself of the, interest ,or importance of what are sometimes called logical machines ... it does not
  33. After Theophrastus, the Lyceum failed to produce any original work. Though, interest ,in Aristotle's ideas survived, they were generally taken unquestioningly. It
  34. Present in effective concentrations for many hours. Since then commercial, interest ,in mouthwashes has been intense and several newer products claim effectiveness
  35. Research. For example, GOTO telescopes tend to be faster for locating items of, interest ,than star hopping, allowing more time for studying of the object. GOT also
  36. Influence has been greatest in the United States, there has been international, interest ,in her work. Rand's contemporary admirers included fellow novelists, such as
  37. Debt of £250 million, which it easily financed at about £9.5 million a year in, interest , The French spent 1.3 billion lives (about £56 million). Their total
  38. Together on extracurricular physics in which Einstein was taking an increasing, interest , In 1900 Einstein was awarded the Zurich Polytechnic teaching diploma, but
  39. 1980s,when these feelings were at their strongest, there has never been enough, interest ,in secession to initiate any major movements or referendums. There are several
  40. Across the country, and often announces that a stable Afghanistan is in their, interest , India and Iran have actively participated in reconstruction efforts in
  41. Of person and selfhood cross-culturally. Throughout the interwar years, French, interest , in anthropology often dovetailed with wider cultural movements such as
  42. He was not a religious scholar as were many of his predecessors, and his entire, interest ,in the subject revolved around the pursuit of the philosopher's stone, which
  43. In terms of photochemistry, medicine,and charlatanism. The latter is of, interest ,to the historians of esotericism, psychologists,spiritual and new age
  44. Jennifer Burns has identified" three overlapping waves" of scholarly, interest ,in Rand, the most recent of which is" an explosion of scholarship" in the
  45. At the time of Barret's pledge; the charter was amended in the public, interest ,to provide a newer, superior,and less expensive route, and the corporation
  46. Meanings organizationally and operationally of use in more restricted fields of, interest , For example, the World University Service of Canada is a volunteer
  47. And recommended her novels. The late-2000s financial crisis spurred renewed, interest ,in her works, especially Atlas Shrugged, which some saw as foreshadowing the
  48. Spiritualist and redemptive interpretation of alchemy ", likely reflecting his, interest ,in the occult literature of the nineteenth century. Jung began writing his
  49. Used the term" agricultural science ". The Hatch Act was driven by farmers ', interest ,in knowing the constituents of early artificial fertilizer. The Smith-Hughes
  50. Telescope. Some people even focus on amateur telescope making as their primary, interest ,within the hobby of amateur astronomy. Although specialized and experienced

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