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  1. Of abstract. An abstract of title lists all the owners of a piece of land,a, house , or a building before it came into possession of the present owner. The
  2. Occurs near the end of part IV, when Narrow and Room sit on the terrace of a, house , from which they can see far into the horizon. As he gazes seaward, Tarrou says
  3. Alex and set her cats on him if he doesn't leave. After Alex breaks into her, house , she fights with him, ordering her cats to join the melee, but reprimands Alex
  4. Of a Mozart piece is suddenly heard, played on the piano by a woman in a nearby, house , As one commentator notes," In contrast to this scene of primitive violence
  5. On 8 December 1926 the couple quarreled, and Archie Christie left their, house ,Styles in Sunning dale, Berkshire,to spend the weekend with his mistress at
  6. On a point across from Bad deck, overlooking Bras d'Or Lake. By 1889,a large, house , christened The Lodge was completed and two years later, a larger complex of
  7. BC, and from 380 to 343 BC the Thirtieth Dynasty ruled as the last native royal, house ,of dynastic Egypt, which ended with the kingship of Nectanebo II. A brief
  8. Collapses at the door of an isolated cottage, realizing too late that it is the, house ,he and his druids invaded in the first half of the story. Because the gang wore
  9. Because the weight of adobe bricks is significantly greater than a frame, house , and may cause cracking in the wall. The footing is dug and compressed once
  10. Near Brantford, Ontario. The property consisted of an orchard, large farm, house , stable, pigsty,hen- house and a carriage house , which bordered the Grand River
  11. Design of the new building and its environs. The new campus is planned to, house ,up to 13,000 employees in one central four-storied circular building (with a
  12. Again, but this time it was received to the greatest ovation the opera, house ,had ever heard. The following day, Halley retired, sold the rights to his music
  13. Footing and stem wall are commonly 24 and 14 inches, much larger than a frame, house ,because of the weight of the walls. Adobe bricks are laid by course. Each
  14. JPG|Community effort File: Milyanfan-adobe-brick- house -8039. JPG|Adobe brick, house ,under construction in Kyrgyzstan File: SA'day 02. JPG|House in SA'day, Yemen
  15. Of an orchard, large farm house , stable,pigsty, hen- house and a carriage, house , which bordered the Grand River. At the homestead, Bell set up his own workshop
  16. Are the bricks, stones,timbers etc., or whatever constitutes the potential, house , while the form of the substance is the actual house , namely 'covering for
  17. In shaping the works by Joachim Fest and Wolf Jobs Simpler from the publishing, house ,Holstein. However, Speer found himself unable to re-establish his relationship
  18. In Cambridge, Massachusetts until 1880 when Bell's father-in-law bought a, house ,in Washington’D. C., and later in 1882 bought a home in the same city for Bell
  19. Of an utterance, a glottal stop is added onto the beginning,e.g. " The, house ,is ... ". Stress Word stress is not phonemically contrastive in Standard Arabic
  20. Or simply enjoying good food and nature. There is also an exact replica of the, house ,where Ataturk was born in 1881,in Thessaloniki, Greece. Visitors to the "
  21. Constitutes the potential house , while the form of the substance is the actual, house , namely 'covering for bodies and chattels' or any other differential (see also
  22. His House Divided Speech, drawing on Mark's gospel from the Bible:" A, house ,divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure
  23. 90 in Montana Other * Some members of the Marquess of Aberdeen and Temary, house ,* Aberdeen City (band),Boston based indie/alternative rock band. * Aberdeen
  24. A private peace treaty with the Spartans; Bdelucleon in The Wasps turns his own, house ,into a private law court in order to keep his jury-addicted father safely at
  25. Would be out of work and available to solve mysteries at an English country, house ,), but also at the time of Christie's writing, it was considered patriotic to
  26. 1872 where her son and his nurse had moved to quarters next to Bell's boarding, house , it was clear that Mr. Sanders was backing the proposal. The arrangement was
  27. And half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved—I do not expect the, house ,to fall—but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one
  28. River. At the homestead, Bell set up his own workshop in the converted carriage, house ,Despite his frail condition upon arriving in Canada, Bell found the climate and
  29. Ointment to heal their wounds. You were practicing what you were coached in the, house ,of the Guru. " It was under the tutelage of the Guru that Thai Kannada
  30. Heritage. Maritime archaeologists recorded 19th century fishing station, ice, house , and boat house ruins, a number of anchors which had been salvaged from the sea
  31. Resort. In the 19th century, the remains of at least one Roman villa or large, house ,were still standing not far from where the Canada Presidential Residence
  32. Punitive damages for intentional torts. For instance, a thief who breaks into a, house ,by picking a lock and is caught before taking anything would still owe the
  33. He must immediately call for an ambulance and have the person removed from the, house , Often the relatives plead with him not to do this, since they know they may
  34. Wing, was designed by Japanese architect Fish Kurosawa. Its purpose is to, house ,temporary exhibitions of the museum. Some of Van Gogh's the most famous paintings
  35. Stepped in and told Brown that he could play his son and he would put up his, house ,for the wager. Brown countered with a $10,000 bet; but after being warned by
  36. Word ending in a vowel, the initial vowel of the word is elided,e.g. ", house ,of the director ". *If the word occurs at the beginning of an utterance, a
  37. Per year are performed there for approximately 850,000 patrons. The opera, house ,of Amsterdam is situated adjacent to the city hall. Therefore, the two
  38. SA'day 02. JPG|House in SA'day, Yemen File: AdobeHouseVrancea. JPG|Adobe brick, house ,under construction in Romania File:5640-Linxia-City-Dongguan-back-street.
  39. Of schuilkerken, covert churches, behind seemingly ordinary canal side, house ,fronts. One example is the current debate center de Rode Hoed. A large influx
  40. He was going, replied," To hell, I suppose. " In 1844,the couple bought a, house ,in Springfield near Lincoln's law office. Mary Todd Lincoln worked diligently
  41. Blockade along the North American coast. Amanda invited the commission to his, house ,in Paris, where he was acting as Spanish ambassador, and he became an active
  42. May see. " In summary, the matter used to make a house has potentiality to be a, house ,and both the activity of building and the form of the final house are
  43. But they have sight that they may see. " In summary, the matter used to make a, house ,has potentiality to be a house and both the activity of building and the form
  44. His magnum opus A Clockwork Orange, when Alex and his druids broke into his, house , beat him, tore up his work, and then brutally gang raped his wife, which
  45. Virginia. He collapses after proclaiming" I would rather be a servant in the, house ,of the lord than sit in the seats of the mighty. " *1961 – K-19,the first
  46. To be a house and both the activity of building and the form of the final, house ,are actualities, which is also a final cause or end. Then Aristotle proceeds
  47. Night, running experiment after experiment in rented facilities at his boarding, house , Keeping up" night owl" hours, he worried that his work would be discovered
  48. The substratum or the stuff of which it is composed; e.g., the matter of the, house ,are the bricks, stones,timbers etc., or whatever constitutes the potential
  49. Archaeologists recorded 19th century fishing station, ice house , and boat, house ,ruins, a number of anchors which had been salvaged from the sea,19th century
  50. Came from the first two letters of the Phoenician alphabet, and meant ox and, house ,respectively. There are dozens of alphabets in use today, the most common being

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