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  1. Hanging on the rode, not resting on the bottom; this is linked to the term to, weigh ,anchor, meaning to lift the anchor from the sea bed, allowing the ship or boat
  2. Up to, to the southern elephant seal (Miranda leonine),whose adult males, weigh ,up to and measure up to in length. The first carnivoran was a carnivore, and
  3. The most structurally efficient. A more refined measure for this exercise is to, weigh ,the completed bridge rather than measure against a fixed quantity of materials
  4. Adult capybaras grow to in length, stand tall at the withers and typically, weigh , with an average in the Venezuelan llanos of. The top recorded weigh t are 105.4
  5. Of Argos for protection, but Pegasus refuses until the people of Argos, weigh ,in on the decision, a distinctly democratic move on the part of the king. The
  6. In the southeastern United States, which can grow to 4.24 m (14 ft) and, weigh ,1000 lbs (454.5 kg) and the small A. kinesis in the Yangtze River,People's
  7. And the two types could broadly define all brown bear subspecies. Grizzlies, weigh ,as little as 350 lb (159 kg) in Yukon, while a brown bear, living on a steady
  8. Life history, amaranth grains grow very rapidly and their large seed heads can, weigh ,up to 1 kilogram and contain a half-million seeds in three species of amaranth.
  9. Bear distributed across much of northern Eurasia and North America. It can, weigh ,from and its largest subspecies, the Kodiak Bear, rivals the polar bear as the
  10. From the Yukon region (which are a third smaller than most grizzlies) can, weigh ,as little as in the spring and the Syrian brown bear (U. a. Syracuse),with
  11. Glove stations. A full load of 6 Phoenix missiles and the unique launch rails, weigh ,in at over, about twice the weigh t of Sparrows, so it was more common to carry
  12. Is very long, sometimes up to one and a half times as long as the body. They, weigh ,no more than 500 grams, with some species weigh ing as little as 60 grams. Dwarf
  13. Males in coastal regions to stand over tall while on their hind legs and to, weigh ,up to. The heaviest recorded brown bear weigh ed over. Brown bears have long
  14. And length is, including a tail of. Females weigh approximately, while males, weigh ,approximately. Its large size puts it as the third largest in the Bovine tribe
  15. Lances the abscesses, but there is little more that he can do, and his duties, weigh ,heavily upon him. He never gets home until late, and he has to distance himself
  16. The weigh t of four elephants. One specimen of A. excels us was estimated to, weigh ,; estimates for A. Louise were Other estimates of the body mass of adult
  17. Or even early summer, depending on climate conditions. At this time, the cubs, weigh ,and have developed enough to follow her and begin to forage for solid food.
  18. Which gives the dog the appearance of squinting seriously. Dogs typically, weigh ,24 pounds (11 kg) and stand 16 inches (40.6 cm) at the withers. They are
  19. This volume to you; to induce you to reconsider the subject, and maturely, weigh ,what I have advanced respecting the rights of woman and national education. "
  20. Those exposed to levels of arsenic above the current WHO standard should, weigh ,the costs and benefits of arsenic remediation. Early (1973) evaluations of
  21. From the fennec fox at long, to the gray wolf, which may be up to long, and can, weigh ,up to. With the exceptions of the bush dog, raccoon dog and some domestic
  22. Nine-month-old steer or bull is therefore expected to weigh about. Heifers will, weigh ,at least at eight months of age. Calves are usually weaned at about eight to
  23. 18); and the problem of" the two adults and two children where the children, weigh ,half as much as the adults" ( Problem 19). Legacy In several churches of the
  24. Depending on quality, type and weigh t (the most exotic road bicycles can, weigh ,as little as 3.2 kg (7 lb) ). However
  25. Short amount of time an enemy was visible. The lower-powered round would also, weigh ,less, allowing a soldier to carry more ammunition. With no need of a long
  26. Sides of the cat nearest the rear) than other cats. A female Manx would not, weigh ,more than and a male does not weigh over. Specific to this breed is the way
  27. Reasonable men of the importance of some of my remarks; and prevail on them to, weigh ,dispassionately the whole tenor of my observations. – I appeal to their
  28. Pack. Packs of coyotes can bring down prey as large as adult elk, which usually, weigh ,over 250 kg (550 lbs). The average distance covered in a night's hunting is.
  29. Then other cats. A female Manx would not weigh more than and a male does not, weigh ,over. Specific to this breed is the way their ears appear as a" cradle" when
  30. Systems vary. Examples: Short-range subsonic These are subsonic missiles which, weigh ,around and have a range of. Examples: Deployment The most common mission for
  31. In proportion to the body. They are generally between high at the withers and, weigh ,between, with females being slightly smaller than males on average. They have a
  32. Can provide a substantial amount of meat. The male dromedary carcass can, weigh ,or more, while the carcass of a male Bactrian can weigh up to. The carcass of a
  33. Ammunition, a shorter barrel could be used. A shorter barrel made the weapon, weigh ,less and was easier to handle in tight spaces, and was easier to shoulder
  34. A range of, in the male and, with a range of, in the female. On average males, weigh , with a range of, while females average, with a range of. Subspecies Besides
  35. Subspecies is the Eurasian brown bear (U. a. actor),whose mature females, weigh ,as little as. Barely larger, grizzly bears (U. a. horrible) from the Yukon
  36. Put on about per month. A nine-month-old steer or bull is therefore expected to, weigh ,about. Heifers will weigh at least at eight months of age. Calves are usually
  37. Playing in large venues. Open-back banjos generally have a mellower tone and, weigh ,less than resonator banjos. They usually have a different setup than a
  38. That the new safety system will cost US$100,000 to $450,000 per aircraft and, weigh ,approximately. Aircraft on display As increasing numbers of" classic" 747-100
  39. 63 days. Litter size ranges from one to 19 pups; the average is six. The pups, weigh ,approximately 250 grams at birth, and are initially blind and limp-eared. The
  40. Size (polar bears). The smallest bears are the Sun Bears of Asia, which, weigh , an average of for the males and for the females. Unlike other land carnivorans
  41. And food supply. At birth, the cubs are blind, toothless,hairless, and, weigh , less than. They feed on their mother's milk until spring or even early summer
  42. Calves gain weigh t quickly, as much as every 24 hours. Even at birth, they, weigh , up to — the same as a fully grown hippopotamus. The species of this zooplankton
  43. At as little as and, to the polar bear (URSS maritime),which can, weigh ,up to, to the southern elephant seal (Miranda leonine),whose adult males
  44. Cells). The largest known cells are unfertilized ostrich egg cells, which, weigh ,3.3 pounds. In 1835,before the final cell theory was developed, Jan
  45. Steady, nutritious diet of spawning salmon, from coastal Alaska and Russia can, weigh ,1,500 lb (682 kg). The exact number of overall brown subspecies remains in
  46. Height is about at the shoulder and length is, including a tail of. Females, weigh ,approximately, while males weigh approximately. Its large size puts it as the
  47. New material added each year may eventually be as large as deep, across and, weigh ,; This nest is on record as the largest tree nest ever known. The nest is built
  48. Gm each; a small-to-medium-sized breast weigh s 500 gm or less; large breasts, weigh ,750–1,000 gm. The tissue composition ratios of the breast vary from woman to
  49. Menu ID MTYxNw&LangId 1 UCI regulations stipulates a legal race bike cannot, weigh ,less than 6.8 kg (14.99 lbs). Being measured for a bike and taking it for a
  50. Dromedary carcass can weigh or more, while the carcass of a male Bactrian can, weigh ,up to. The carcass of a female camel (or she-camel) weigh s less than the male

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