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  1. Are administer ed in a fair and orderly manner. Trustees in bankruptcy, administer ,bankruptcy estates. Bankruptcy is filed when a person or a company becomes
  2. Of the ring, where his or her coach, as well as one or more" seconds" may, administer ,to the fighter at the beginning of the fight and between rounds. Each boxer
  3. Schools all employ teachers who are certificated by Alberta Education, they, administer , Provincial Achievement Tests and Diploma Examinations set by Alberta Education
  4. Religion. Officiator There is debate among Christian churches as to who can, administer ,baptism. The examples given in the New Testament only show apostles and deacons
  5. Ahmad Shah was succeeded by his son, Timur Shah, who had been deputed to, administer ,his fathers conquests in northern India, but had been driven out by the
  6. Rule may also be in effect. This gives the referee the right to step in and, administer ,a count of eight to a fighter that he feels may be in danger, even if no
  7. With regard to the Law of your God" and to" appoint magistrates and judges to, administer ,justice to all the people of Trans-Euphrates—all who know the laws of your God.
  8. Churches, agreements involving assurances about the manner in which they, administer ,baptism has ended this practice, which sometimes continues for other groups of
  9. Rehydration therapy (ORT),which is highly effective, safe,and simple to, administer , Large volumes and continued replacement until diarrhea has subsided may be
  10. Aaron, was also present, and proved such a distraction that Bray was unable to, administer ,the polygraph. Aaron, a playmate of the murdered boys, mentioned to Bray that
  11. Spinal manipulation and there is little consensus as to which profession should, administer ,SM, raising concerns by chiropractors that orthodox medical physicians could "
  12. Volume of requests by telephone. A call center is operated by a company to, administer ,incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. Outgoing
  13. Legate or proconsul, Augustus installed a prefect from the equestrian class to, administer ,Egypt and maintain its lucrative seaports; this position became the highest
  14. Treatment to prevent toxicity after methanol or ethylene glycol ingestion is to, administer ,ethanol. Alcohol dehydrogenase has a higher affinity for ethanol, thus
  15. Each region is headed by a presidentially appointed governor. Prefects, administer ,the 61 departments within the regions. The cantons are scheduled to be replaced
  16. And in the Anglican Communion and Liberal Catholic communion only a bishop may, administer ,this sacrament. However, in Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox churches
  17. Or is dead, this sacrament is to be administer ed ". There is an obligation to, administer ,it to the sick who, when they were in possession of their faculties, at least
  18. Elect a President to serve as the chief executive officer of the Institute and, administer ,the affairs on the Institute on behalf of the board, a Provost who serves as
  19. Dictator was away from Rome, the magister equity usually remained behind to, administer ,the city. The magister equity, like the Dictator, had unchangeable
  20. On their own, may lack the economies of scale which might allow them to, administer ,a penal system, let alone to collect any fines levied by a court. Group &
  21. Priesthood office of Priest or higher office in the Melchizedek Priesthood may, administer ,baptism. A Jehovah's Witnesses baptism is performed by a" dedicated male "
  22. A profound influence on the rest of Carrel's life. He summoned Press to, administer ,the Catholic Sacraments on his deathbed in November 1944. Contributions to
  23. And the Afghanistan Network Information Center (AFG NIC) was established to, administer ,domain names. As of 2010,there are at least 46 internet service providers (
  24. Machine The teaching machine was a mechanical device whose purpose was to, administer ,a curriculum of programmed instruction. It housed a list of questions, and a
  25. The President of Cameroon has broad, unilateral powers to create policy, administer ,government agencies, command the armed forces, negotiate and ratify treaties
  26. As adults into the Church. Also, a Catholic bishop may delegate a priest to, administer ,the sacrament in his place; these men are called episcopal vicars and are
  27. By a contingent of marines and a handful of other officers who were to, administer ,the colony. The First Fleet, of 11 ships, set sail on 13 May 1787. Captain
  28. Carnegie Mellon University and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh jointly, administer ,the http://diva.library.cmu.edu/carnegie/ Andrew Carnegie Collection of
  29. Priest may carry the holy oil with him, so that in a case of necessity he can, administer ,the sacrament of anointing of the sick. " Sacramental graces The Catholic
  30. Proved problematic and in 1549 the king assigned a Governor-General to, administer ,the entire colony. The Portuguese assimilated some native tribes while
  31. Not only bodily healing but also forgiveness of sins. Only ordained priests can, administer ,it, and " any priest may carry the holy oil with him, so that in a case of
  32. Of private companies, most notably the English East India Company, to, administer , colonies and overseas trade. This period, until the loss of the Thirteen
  33. A priest must still perform the other prayers of the Rite of Baptism, and, administer , the Mystery of Christian. The discipline of Anglicanism and Lutheranism is
  34. Had appointed Hospitals, usually native Moldavian and Callahan boars, to, administer , those provinces; after the Russian campaign of 1711,during which Peter the
  35. Theology holds that the apostolic succession effects the power and authority to, administer ,the sacraments except for baptism and matrimony. (Baptism may be administer ed
  36. In dosages of 5 mg/kg up to 300 mg each 4 hours for the first day. Then, administer ,the same dosage each 6 hours for the second day. Then prescribe this dosage
  37. By anyone and matrimony by the couple to each other). Authority to so, administer ,such sacraments is passed on only through the sacrament of Holy Orders, a rite
  38. Medieval chronicler John of Worcester, Ealdred was given the see of Rams bury to, administer ,while Herman remained outside England. Herman returned in 1058,and resumed his
  39. Not a city council. Some city councils, such as Christchurch and Dunedin, also, administer , large areas of rural hinterland; the communities in these areas, such as the
  40. Judicial corporal punishment is part of the legal system. The officers who, administer ,the punishment have immunity from prosecution for assault. In the United States
  41. In many cases, separate nuclei of population within municipal borders each, administer ,their own interests. These are variously known as petunias (" hamlets" )
  42. The sacrament of marriage is the only sacrament that a priest does not, administer ,directly; a priest, however,is the chief witnesses of the husband and wife's
  43. Relates not only to the preservation of doctrine but also to the power to, administer ,the sacraments. As such, those in succession are not infallible (or not
  44. Required to enforce some federal law (such as the Voting Rights Act) or to, administer ,some federal program. The United States Congress gives approval to every
  45. And 2nd Piano Concertos and Wellington's Victory). He also continued to help, administer ,several charities and organize their musical events. His remaining secular
  46. 1907),and La Revue de la Tennessee (1909). French Dominicans founded and, administer ,the Cole Oblique et Archeological franchise de Jerusalem founded in 1890 by
  47. Of all believers, they reject the need for a special episcopal class to, administer ,the sacraments. Yet such arguments may not be persuasive to the apostolic
  48. To his old friend, Daniel of Winchester, that without it, he could neither, administer ,his church, defend his clergy, nor prevent idolatry. It was Boniface who had
  49. Were excluded. * The twelve regional corporations within the state would, administer ,the settlement. * A thirteenth corporation composed of Natives who had left the
  50. Zulu said," The ruler of Wei has been waiting for you, in order with you to, administer ,the government. What will you consider the first thing to be done? " The Master

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