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  1. Test that is needed only after the remainder is computed. Can the algorithms be, improved ,?: Once the programmer judges a program" fit" and" effective"—that is, it
  2. Reforming the school. He added backs to the benches on which students sat, improved ,lighting and heating, de-emphasized rote learning, and provided individual
  3. The very principle of scientific thought, which was later advanced further by, improved ,research methods. Other accomplishments Cartography Both Strabo and Gatherers
  4. Of delivery. Surface to Surface Missiles *Scud ballistic missiles (SCUD-B with, improved ,striking range of 300 Kilometers) Military of Karabakh In addition to forces
  5. Supplies which were not available in Italy, and taking the city would not have, improved ,Attila's supply situation. Therefore, it was more profitable for Attila to
  6. Non-governmental organizations. The Afghan Ministry of Finance is focusing on, improved ,revenue collection and public sector expenditure discipline. For example
  7. Was left to the care of the second son, Ludvig Nobel (1831–1888),who greatly, improved ,the business. Alfred, returning to Sweden with his father after the bankruptcy
  8. Rule were often granted. By the late 1980s and early 1990s,Ada compilers had, improved ,in performance, but there were still barriers to full exploitation of Ada's
  9. Question becomes, can it be improved ? The compactness of" Inelegant" can be, improved ,by the elimination of 5 steps. But Chaitin proved that compacting an algorithm
  10. The distances to Venus and Mars became available in the early 1960s. Along with, improved ,measurements of the speed of light, these showed that Newcomb's values for the
  11. Z). This proved eventually to be the case. The experimental situation, improved ,dramatically after research by Henry Moseley in 1913. Moseley, after
  12. Goal of" reducing by half the number of people without sustainable access to, improved ,drinking water and basic sanitation by 2015 ". Given Algeria's young
  13. Give the port a shorter connection to the North Sea. Both projects dramatically, improved ,commerce with the rest of Europe and the world. In 1906,Joseph Conrad gave a
  14. 95 revision, designed by S. Tucker Taft of Intermetrics between 1992 and 1995, improved , support for systems, numerical,financial, and object-oriented programming (
  15. To attend classes to learn. Since then the country's literacy rate has, improved ,remarkably. Today the overall literacy rate in Albania is 98.7 %, the male
  16. Following French President Nicolas Sarkozy's visit in 2008,relations have, improved , Portugal Angola-Portugal relations have significantly improved since the
  17. Health benefits, which have not been scientifically validated, include, improved , complexion and possibly a lower risk of cancer. Preliminary research associates
  18. California, in northernmost Los Angeles County. Huxley then said that his sight, improved ,dramatically with the Bates Method and the extreme and pure natural lighting of
  19. More elegant" than" Elegant" at 9 steps. The speed of" Elegant" can be, improved ,by moving the B 0? Test outside the two subtraction loops. This change calls
  20. Century, agricultural techniques, implements,seed stocks and cultivar had so, improved ,that yield per land unit was many times that seen in the Middle Ages. Although
  21. Junction with the Tallapoosa. The channel of the river has been considerably, improved ,by the federal government. The navigation of the Tallapoosa River – - which has
  22. Simple key schedule and has a complexity of 2119. In December 2009 it was, improved ,to 299.5. This is a follow-up to an attack discovered earlier in 2009 by Alex
  23. Later efforts and improvements The Apple Messaged 2000/2100,with a vastly, improved ,handwriting recognition system,162 MHz Strong ARM SA-110 RISC processor, Newton
  24. The organism. Domestication of plants has, over the centuries increased yield, improved ,disease resistance and drought tolerance, eased harvest and improved the taste
  25. Of a three-field system of crop rotation and the moldboard plow greatly, improved ,agricultural efficiency. In the European medieval period, agriculture was
  26. Over the previous fiscal year. While Alabama's public education system has, improved , it lags behind in achievement compared to other states. According to U. S.
  27. Praefect Julian. She watched over the development of her son's character and, improved ,the tone of the administration. On the other hand, she was inordinately jealous
  28. Co. Uk http://www.peepo.co.uk with enhanced graphics, unique style controls and, improved ,interactivity (requires an SVG supported browser). Durable Medical Equipment
  29. Relations have improved . Portugal Angola-Portugal relations have significantly, improved ,since the Angolan government abandoned communism and nominally embraced
  30. GOT telescopes have become more popular since the 1980s as technology has, improved ,and prices have been reduced. With these computer-driven telescopes, the user
  31. Use had largely been supplanted by high-level languages, in the search for, improved ,programming productivity. Today, although assembly language is almost always
  32. Widespread measures taken by the Greek authorities throughout the 1990s have, improved ,the quality of air over the Attica Basin. Nevertheless, air pollution still
  33. In October 1998,Alien was reelected for a second term. Despite the much, improved ,economy, particularly with the exploitation of Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli oil field
  34. In Canada, Bell found the climate and environs to his liking, and rapidly, improved , He continued his interest in the study of the human voice and when he
  35. Newton Connection Utilities software. Later versions of Newton OS offered, improved ,handwriting recognition, quite possibly a leading reason for the continued
  36. 2.23 per 1,000 people),and dentists (0.31 per 1,000 people). Access to ", improved ,water sources" was limited to 92 percent of the population in urban areas and
  37. Within approximately 20 minutes of arc. In the 16th century, Tycho Brahe used, improved ,instruments, including large mural instruments, to measure star positions more
  38. Areas, but only 82 percent of those living in rural areas, had access to ", improved ,sanitation ". According to the World Bank, Algeria is making progress toward
  39. With Autism and the results indicated that after intervention, participants, improved , on face and voice emotional recognition for basic and complex emotions that
  40. To bring a more pure sound out of low-end instruments, such as the ones, improved ,by Lusaka Sui, a Japanese-born craftsman. The manufacture of an accordion is
  41. On average between 2003 and 2007. Algeria's financial and economic indicators, improved ,during the mid-1990s,in part because of policy reforms supported by the
  42. Many public parks and wide, open spaces, and the new buildings provided, improved ,housing conditions with larger and brighter rooms, gardens,and balconies.
  43. The workers were in good enough shape to perform the labor, Speer ordered, improved ,conditions for the workers and the construction of the above-ground Dora camp.
  44. Opponent run more. Agassi's serve was never the strength of his game, but it, improved ,steadily over the course of his career to being above average. He often used
  45. To develop new research fields, including genetic engineering, agrophysics, improved ,statistical analysis, and precision farming. Balancing these, as above, are the
  46. Of crop plants. Plant selection and breeding in the 1920s and 1930s, improved , pasture (grasses and clover) in New Zealand. Extensive X-ray and ultraviolet
  47. And successfully extracted it. Frenchman Henri Étienne Sainte-Claire Seville, improved ,Wöhler's method in 1846,and described his improvements in a book in 1859
  48. Him, since it required that he consult chess books and work diligently. Karol, improved ,so quickly under Botvinnik's tutelage that he became the youngest Soviet
  49. The function intended by its author—then the question becomes, can it be, improved , The compactness of" Inelegant" can be improved by the elimination of 5 steps
  50. Yield, improved disease resistance and drought tolerance, eased harvest and, improved ,the taste and nutritional value of crop plants. Careful selection and breeding

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