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  1. Coptic words signifying“ new angled title. ” *J. J. Telemann thinks it a, compound ,of the Egyptian words Abram and sax, meaning “ the honorable and hallowed word
  2. Has suggested that Athena's name is possibly of Lydian origin; it may be a, compound ,word derived in part from Tyrrhenian" ATI ", meaning mother and the name of
  3. Connection with Abraham is by no means certain. Greek * Wendell discovers a, compound ,of the initial letters, amounting to 365 in numerical value, of four Hebrew and
  4. Is found in other species of legume, particularly Lucien leucocephala. This, compound ,is an analogue of tyrosine and can poison animals that graze on these plants.
  5. And others that are one-electron short of a full shell, such as occurs in the, compound ,sodium chloride and other chemical ionic salts. However, many elements display
  6. Umbelliform derives from the inflorescence being generally in the form of a, compound ,umbel, and has the same root as the word" umbrella ". The botanical
  7. Treatment of cancer. The US Food and Drug Administration in 2000 approved this, compound ,for the treatment of patients with acute promyelocytic leukemia that is
  8. A five-membered ring that includes an oxygen atom, and pyridine, a hetero cyclic, compound ,with a six-membered ring containing one nitrogen atom. Benzene ring model
  9. Hydrogenation of earned create saturated rings. The, compound ,1-naphthol is completely reduced to a mixture of decalin-ol isomers.: The
  10. Of non-benzene compound s with aromatic properties are Duran, a hetero cyclic, compound ,with a five-membered ring that includes an oxygen atom, and pyridine, a
  11. N-type do pant in semiconductor electronic devices, and the optoelectronics, compound ,gallium arsenide is the most common semiconductor in use after doped silicon. A
  12. Exposition on the natural classification of human knowledge" ). Ammonia is a, compound ,of nitrogen and hydrogen with the formula. It is a colorless gas with a
  13. Or mushrooms. But there is little danger in eating fish because this arsenic, compound ,is nearly non-toxic. Environmental issues Arsenic in drinking water Widespread
  14. The Royal Dental College in Aarhus, Denmark ) demonstrated that a chlorhexidine, compound ,could prevent the build-up of dental plaque. The reason for chlorhexidine
  15. It is locally referred to as 'cushy. ' Description The leaves of acacias are, compound ,pinnate in general. In some species, however,more especially in the Australian
  16. Here paraphrased 'manysandthousandsandheaps' ). The use of invented, compound ,words is another comic device frequently found in the plays. *Tetrameter
  17. Bell experimented with tetrahedral box kites and wings constructed of multiple, compound ,tetrahedral kites covered in silk. The tetrahedral wings were named Cygnet I
  18. Countries however,e.g. Malaysian rubber plantations. But contact with the, compound ,sometimes resulted in brain damage among those working the sprayers. In the
  19. A medieval learned pseudo-etymology, explaining Aphrodite as derived from the, compound ,habrodiaitos (" she who lives delicately" from habros + data) explaining
  20. Amounts of trimethylarsine if inorganic arsenic is present. The organic, compound ,arsenobetaine is found in some marine foods such as fish and algae, and also in
  21. For example, the creation of argon borohydride (Half),a marginally stable, compound ,of argon with fluorine and hydrogen, was reported by researchers at the
  22. One example is the Colonel reaction, where the resulting amidomercury (II), compound , is highly insoluble.: Hg2Cl2 + 2 NH3 → Hg + HCL (NH2) + NH4+ + CLR
  23. Was called Arms, and in Icelandic chronicles, it was known as Across. It is a, compound ,of the two words AR, genitive of ā (" river ", Modern Danish å) and OSS ("
  24. Axis and pressure is the vertical axis. In chemistry, an amide is an organic, compound ,that contains the functional group consisting of a carbonyl group (R-C=O)
  25. Are convenient because they do not require drying due to the volatility of the, compound , Alcohol is also used as a preservative for specimens. Alcohol gels have become
  26. Water of the river Styx (Mariners) that contained calicheamicin, a dangerous, compound ,produced by bacteria present in its waters. Several natural causes (diseases)
  27. Effect. Naming conventions Amines are named in several ways. Typically,the, compound ,is given the prefix" amino-" or the suffix:" -amine. " The prefix" N- "
  28. Use it has been replaced by a synthetic substance. Cryolite is a chemical, compound ,of aluminum and sodium was the predominant refining technology. ) The
  29. Amine. " The prefix" N-" shows substitution on the nitrogen atom. An organic, compound ,with multiple amino groups is called a diamond, triamine, tetraamine and so
  30. Often classified into those of Sb (III) and Sb (V). In the gas phase, this, compound , exists as, but it polymerizes upon condensing. Antimony also forms a
  31. Sunday 27 On This Day in Canada ---- In chemistry, an alcohol is any organic, compound ,in which a hydroxyl functional group (-OH) is bound to a carbon atom, usually
  32. The Y symbol for a 3c–2e bond. Arena synthesis A reaction that forms an are, compound ,from an unsaturated or partially unsaturated cyclic precursor is simply called
  33. Since no structural theory existed at that time, Gerhardt called the, compound ,he obtained" salicylic-acetic anhydride" ( wasserfreie
  34. Compounds Analogous to transcend, americium forms an organometallic, compound ,with two cyclooctatetraene ligands, that is (η8-C8H8)2Am. It also makes
  35. May contain varying number of atoms and components, for which in a chemical, compound ,can be structurally arranged in a multitude of different combinations and
  36. Extremely toxic. Thus, highly carcinogenic Pass may be small or large. One PAH, compound , benzoapyrene, is notable for being the first chemical carcinogen to be
  37. 1-naphthol is completely reduced to a mixture of decalin-ol isomers.: The, compound ,resorcinol, hydrogenated with Reyna nickel in presence of aqueous sodium
  38. T-shaped doorways and stone lintels marked all Chapman Rivas. Though simple and, compound ,walls were often used, Great Houses were primarily constructed of
  39. The burning of the Quran turned violent, a mob attacked a United Nations, compound ,in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan and killed thirteen people, including eight
  40. I errors. Comparisons, which are most commonly planned, can be either simple or, compound , Simple comparisons compare one group mean with one other group mean. Compound
  41. In at least three ways: to identify the components of a particular chemical, compound ,(qualitative analysis),to identify the proportions of components in a
  42. A pronunciation distinction between the two, saying for the carbonyl-nitrogen, compound ,and for the anion. Others substitute one of these with, while still others
  43. For nectar, the beverage of the gods (Greek: νέκταρ, néktar) presumed to be a, compound ,of the PIE roots However, the connection that has derived ambrosia from the
  44. Techniques such as filtration and precipitation to work. The most common, compound ,of the element is hydrogen astatine. This partially explains its lower
  45. Or carbonyl) that are needed by most organisms in order to metabolize the, compound , However, some bacteria can metabolize some alkanes (especially those linear
  46. Ions, acids thus have pHs of less than 7. By the Brønsted-Lowry definition, any, compound , which can easily be detonated can be considered an acid. Examples include
  47. The French chemists Louis-Nicolas Jacqueline and Pierre Jean Sobriquet isolated a, compound ,in asparagus that proved to be disparaging, the first amino acid to be
  48. Acid to form diatonic salt, which can undergo coupling reaction to form AZO, compound , As azo- compound s are highly colored, they are widely used in dyeing
  49. Types include helicopters, autogyros, and various hybrids such as gyrodynes and, compound ,rotorcraft. Helicopters have a rotor turned by an engine-driven shaft. The
  50. And alpha carbon. Alpha also stands for thermal expansion coefficient of a, compound ,in physical chemistry. It is also commonly used in mathematics in algebraic

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