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  1. North, the Manovo-Gounda St Flores National Park has been well-populated with, wildlife , including leopards, lions,and rhinos. To the northeast the Bamingui-Bangoran
  2. A nesting, roosting,and foraging habitat for seabirds, shorebirds,and marine, wildlife , Baker Island is home to a number of threatened and endangered species. The
  3. Economy. A number of national parks and game reserves, with their abundant, wildlife ,and wetlands, are major tourist attractions. The wildlife , including lions
  4. Part of the greenbelt along the Colorado River. Hamilton Pool is a pool and, wildlife ,park located about 30 minutes from the city. Transportation Of all the people
  5. By the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. It is the world's largest, wildlife ,refuge, comprising. Of the remaining land area, the state of Alaska owns; its
  6. For himself as an ornithologist, conservationist and television presenter on, wildlife ,issues. Some of his books are illustrated with his own paintings and drawings.
  7. Are an integral part of Belfast's heritage, and home to an abundance of local, wildlife ,and popular places for a picnic, a stroll or a jog. Numerous events take place
  8. Sporting fields in suburban Newington. The suburbs feature some privately run, wildlife ,parks including Ballarat Wildlife Park in Ballarat East and Ballarat Bird World
  9. Problems. Water quality is also an important factor in the survival of other, wildlife ,and plants that grow in the Columbia River drainage basin. The states, Indian
  10. With their abundant wildlife and wetlands, are major tourist attractions. The, wildlife , including lions, brown hyenas, cheetahs,leopards, wild dogs and antelope
  11. And Vitoria receive the highest levels of precipitation. Environment and, wildlife ,Bulgaria has signed and ratified the Kyoto protocol and has achieved a 30 %
  12. Is not potable; poaching has diminished its reputation as one of the last great, wildlife ,refuges; desertification; deforestation Environment - international agreements:
  13. Since 1991,In 2003 Eddie set up a half-marathon to raise money for various, wildlife ,charities in his birth-town of Rockdale. Celebrities who have participated in
  14. Schistosomiasis parasites, which caused liver and intestinal damage. Dangerous, wildlife ,such as crocodiles and hippos were also a common threat. The life-long labors
  15. Bikers and horseback riders can observe the abundance of prairie plants and, wildlife ,of the area up-close.; Boating The park has multiple private and public boat
  16. 1982,with an area of 8440 km2. The Nature Reserves were created to protect, wildlife ,in the respective areas of the territory; together they form the Coral Sea
  17. That time. Britain Goes Wild, renamed Spring watch the following year, became a, wildlife ,broadcasting phenomenon, attracting up to 5 million viewers. He became
  18. Stay in the South Unit, while the Forest Drive Unit is a great place for, wildlife ,viewing. The Boat Ramp Unit provides access to the more than lake.;
  19. Areas for agriculture and settlement; dams have flooded valleys and inundated, wildlife ,habitats; and mines have scarred and polluted the landscape. At least 70 dams
  20. And is one of the BRIC countries. Brazil is also home to a diversity of, wildlife , natural environments, and extensive natural resources in a variety of
  21. Apollo tribe crossed the Zambezi into Zambia). Botswana has diverse areas of, wildlife ,habitat. In addition to the delta and desert areas, there are grasslands and
  22. Impact via littering and in landfills, where they can eventually wind up in, wildlife ,environments if not incinerated or otherwise permanently disposed of first.
  23. Lands, including a multitude of national forests, national parks, and national, wildlife ,refuges. Of these, the Bureau of Land Management manages, or 23.8 % of the
  24. Emplacements, barracks,etc. from these periods. The island is notable for its, wildlife , especially seabirds and seals. These draw many visitors in summer, along with
  25. To the northeast the Bamingui-Bangoran National Park. However, the population of, wildlife ,in these parks has severely diminished over the past 20 years due to poaching
  26. No scientific consensus formed from that evidence. On June 7,2006,Florida's, wildlife ,commission voted to take the manatee off the state's endangered species list.
  27. Environmental laws have been far from ideal. Laws regarding forests, water,and, wildlife ,have been in effect since the 1930s. Brazil achieved significant institutional
  28. 41 national wilderness areas, two national conservation areas, eight national, wildlife ,refuges,44 state parks, a state forest,323 state wildlife areas, and numerous
  29. A rich subsoil heritage, from diamonds, oil,gold, copper,as well as a rich, wildlife ,(dramatically impoverished during the civil war),forest, and fossils. Since
  30. Logging, mining,resettlement, oil and gas extraction, over-fishing, wildlife , trade,dams and infrastructure, water contamination, climate change, fire,and
  31. To the uncontrolled cutting-down of trees for fuel; and habitat loss threatens, wildlife ,populations. International agreements Burundi is a party to the following
  32. Lacking at his residence in Berlin. Fauna In addition to the expected kinds of, wildlife ,to be found in a European forest area, the following types of animals may be
  33. A lesser drought affected farmers, hydroelectric power producers, shippers,and, wildlife ,managers. Hydroelectricity Image: Woody Guthrie NEWTS.
  34. Progressed to pneumonic plague. * On November 2,2007,Eric York, a 37-year-old, wildlife ,biologist for the National Park Service's and http://www.felidaefund.org The
  35. First of a three part BBC Two series, The Way We Went Wild, about television, wildlife ,presenters. In May 2005,he received the British Naturalists' Association's
  36. Colleges. These include teacher training colleges, business colleges and, wildlife ,management colleges. Chalmers University of Technology (, often shortened to
  37. Water pollution from sewage and industrial wastes; coastal degradation; loss of, wildlife ,habitats from urbanization Environment - international agreements: party to:
  38. Eight national wildlife refuges,44 state parks, a state forest,323 state, wildlife ,areas, and numerous other scenic, historic,and recreational attractions. The
  39. Its landscape. Wildlife The Australian Outback is full of very well-adapted, wildlife , although much of it may not be immediately visible to the casual observer.
  40. Are regarded as environmentally friendly, with little or no effect on humans, wildlife , pollinators, and most other beneficial insects. The Belgian company Plant
  41. Human environmental interaction as well as hunting and illegal actions towards, wildlife , CITES lists bongo as an Appendix III species, only regulating their
  42. Mainly tourist areas such as the Saint Lawrence Gap. Other attractions include, wildlife ,reserves, jewelry stores, scuba diving, helicopter rides, golf,festivals (the
  43. Only police force available. In addition to enforcing traffic and criminal law, wildlife ,Troopers enforce hunting and fishing regulations. Due to the varied terrain and
  44. And snorkeling, numerous rivers for rafting, and kayaking, various jungle and, wildlife ,reserves of fauna and flora, for hiking, bird watching, and helicopter touring
  45. Some of his books are illustrated with his own paintings and drawings. Oddie's, wildlife ,programs for the BBC include: Spring watch/Autumn watch, How to Watch Wildlife
  46. Bird Serious can aria (Canary) and the Phoenix Canaries palm. Terrestrial, wildlife ,With a range of habitats, the Canary Islands exhibit diverse plant species. The
  47. Andaman Sea to the east between the islands and the coast of Burma. Threats to, wildlife ,come from introduced species including rats, dogs,cats and the elephants of
  48. Include: * Canada dos Leaders – A National Park with plenty of Gerardo, wildlife ,and surrounded by several spectacular waterfalls. * Inquiry Falls – this 168
  49. Red-footed booby Image: Fish and Wildlife sign on Baker Island. JPG|Fish and, wildlife ,sign Image: Baker Day Beacon. JPG|Baker Island day beacon Image: Baker Island
  50. Forest. It also includes the Pant anal wetlands in the west, known for their, wildlife , especially aquatic birds and Caymans. In the early 1980s,33.6 % of the region

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