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  1. To $48 million. With various problems during filming, Burton called it ", torture , The worst period of my life! " Hamm criticized the rewrites, but blamed the
  2. Of course later we learned that alibi revealed these contacts only to get the, torture ,to stop. In fact, in late April 2002 less than one month after Abu Zubaydah’s
  3. Muhammad Air al-Sadiq and his sister Bit alpha after three days of, torture , *1981 – The U. S. Navy nuclear submarine accidentally collides with the Nissan
  4. CIA officers over which tactics could be used on Abu Zubaydah had spurred the, torture ,memo’s existence, which is reflected in the language of the memo;" You have
  5. Not only the legality of the torture memos, but also the effectiveness of the, torture ,techniques used. The report was so appalling it prompted then director of the
  6. Almost every case, Jews were murdered, sometimes by a mob, sometimes following, torture ,and a trial. Actual Jewish practices regarding blood and sacrifice The supposed
  7. Both May memos. " Upon reading the August 1,2002, memo which justified the, torture , Below authored his own memo contesting the Justice Department's conclusions
  8. By two separate interrogation teams, one from the FBI and one from the CIA. The, torture ,of Abu Zubaydah is treatment at the hands of the CIA has been
  9. Musician, Bard 'Faust' Within. Kernel claims that Gareth had plotted to, torture ,him to death and videotape the event – using a meeting about an unsigned
  10. Persons outside public attention, punishment would ensue, such as imprisonment, torture ,and even death. Including Soviet SME RSH secret police. In 1948,following
  11. Intelligence Service stated“ The CSIS director has stated publicly that, torture ,is morally repugnant and not particularly reliable. CSIS does not knowingly use
  12. And a trial. Actual Jewish practices regarding blood and sacrifice The supposed, torture ,and human sacrifice alleged in the blood libels run contrary to the teachings
  13. Beverages. Willful actions Blinding has been used as an act of vengeance and, torture ,in some instances, to deprive a person of a major sense by which they can
  14. To make it as complicated and hard for Bruce as possible. 'Make him go through, torture , ' So we'd come up with these shots that were really, really difficult, and
  15. In the place where the crime had been committed. He mitigated the use of, torture ,in examining slaves by certain limitations. Thus, he prohibited the application
  16. High treason and after refusing to confess, sentenced to execution by public, torture ,and beheading at the Tower of London. Despite being half hanged, racked and
  17. Believed they were legally incorrect. The memo was written one month before the, torture ,memos were drafted, and the interrogation techniques were used against Abu
  18. She sees the man most important to her in the world - John Salt - strapped to a, torture ,machine, about to be killed by the looters (who recognize, too,that he is the
  19. Infanticide, racism,mutilation including circumcision and subincision, and, torture , Topics like racism, slavery or human sacrifice, therefore,attract
  20. New Emperor, successor to Valets, and with many others implicated by the use of, torture , cruelly punished. Though pagan, he was mostly tolerant of Christians. Work At
  21. Investigation was staged, and Solomon Ne grin, a Jewish barber, confessed under, torture ,and accused other Jews. Two other Jews died under torture , and one (Moses
  22. To support an international war crimes commission to investigate alleged, torture ,and genocide by the USA in South Vietnam. The following month, he protested to
  23. Senator John McCain stated“ It is not a complicated procedure. It is, torture , ” Condoleezza Rice specifically mentioned the SERE program during the meeting
  24. Just mentioned. Police have subsequently been accused of brutality, torture ,and interference with the non-violent protests as collateral damage provoked
  25. About how much useful information he actually supplied. " The May 10, 2005, torture , memo stated that no more than 60 applications of water could be conducted in a
  26. Drafted a report in 2004 which reportedly condemns not only the legality of the, torture ,memos, but also the effectiveness of the torture techniques used. The report
  27. To those applications of" ten seconds or more. " However, the May 10, 2005, torture , memo reported that the Department of Justice, Inspector General report noted
  28. Examining slaves by certain limitations. Thus, he prohibited the application of, torture ,to children under fourteen years, though this rule had exceptions. One
  29. Catholics and other Protestants alike persecuted the Anabaptists, resorted to, torture ,and other types of physical abuse, in attempts to curb the growth of the
  30. Confessed under torture and accused other Jews. Two other Jews died under, torture , and one (Moses Bulgaria) converted to Islam to escape torture . More arrests
  31. Africa, and Diego Garcia. Historically renditions to countries which commit, torture ,have been illegal, however,a memo written by John Yew and Jay By bee days
  32. Socio-economic stratification. * Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Vietnam War, torture , Catholicism, jingoism,Mutual assured destruction. * Harry Potter and the
  33. Domestic spying program In addition to justifying the use of presently illegal, torture ,techniques, the Bush administration used Abu Zubaydah’s capture as
  34. Military indiscipline that had plagued the country since 1889,as well as the, torture ,of political prisoners, censorship of the press, and finally, the dictatorship
  35. Of the Project X weapon, and is the creator of the Ferris Persuader,a, torture ,machine. When John Salt is captured by the looters, Ferris uses the device on
  36. Back ... It was instantaneous ... and I don't want to say this: absolutely, torture , " Senator John McCain stated“ It is not a complicated procedure. It is
  37. Died under torture , and one (Moses Bulgaria) converted to Islam to escape, torture , More arrests and atrocities followed, culminating in 63 Jewish children being
  38. Abu Zubaydah is treatment at the hands of the CIA has been called, torture ,by Ali Sou fan, the FBI interrogator who witnessed part of Abu Zubaydah's CIA
  39. Court—declared Alexei guilty and sentenced him to death. But the examination by, torture ,continued, so desperate was Peter to uncover any possible collusion. On 19 June
  40. First, before forcing him into the theater and what Alex calls the" chair of, torture , " *Dr. Trotsky: The scientist and co-founder of the" Ludovic technique. " He
  41. CSIS does not knowingly use information which has been obtained through, torture , ” Mohamed Hark at was released on bail by Canadian authorities. Ahmed Essay
  42. Explained. " We decided to do a less depressing Batman movie and less, torture ,and more heroic. I know I have been criticized a lot for this, but I didn't
  43. He initially chooses to betray Poirot to the Big Four so that they would not, torture ,and kill his wife. Later, though,he tells Poirot to draw back and escape the
  44. Many ballet scenes, and electrifying finale depicting a glimpse of hellish, torture ,kept the opera on the stage in Paris for over forty years. A young Hector
  45. Commanded him to be pounded to death in a mortar, and that he endured this, torture ,with fortitude and Cicero relates the same story. Plutarch tells a story that
  46. Other, carried out a bloody repression including the quasi-systematic use of, torture ,on protesters of the colonial order. Two such victims were the nationalist
  47. Man cow" Muller agreed to be waterboarding, so he could" prove it wasn't, torture , " Instead Muller stated" It is such an odd feeling to have water poured down
  48. Was charged with the murder of David Ouedraogo, who had died as a result of, torture ,in January 1998. The charges were later dropped by a military tribunal after an
  49. The unbeliever will spend eternity in hell. Their sins and their unbelief will, torture ,them as fire. " The Catholic Church The Catholic conception of the afterlife
  50. That their detainee" was compliant" ( meaning the team recommended no more, torture ,), the VP's office ordered them to continue the enhanced methods. The detainee

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