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  1. In bridge scoring at rubber compared with duplicate: *" part scores" (, trick ,scores less than 100) are accumulated to count toward game, but are not
  2. 9s ... down to 2s,the lowest card in each suit. The first card played in a, trick ,is called the lead; after the lead, play proceeds clockwise around the table.
  3. Trump suit, in which case the hand that plays the highest trump card wins the, trick , The hand that wins the trick plays the lead card of the next trick , until all
  4. To stop running and fight Achilles face to face. After Hector realized the, trick , he knew the battle was inevitable. Wanting to go down fighting, he charged at
  5. Metal band called Helvetica. Onstage, the band's singer does a fire-eating, trick , Once backstage, he takes a bite of the spicy KFC chicken and declares" Oh man
  6. In the dummy's hand) by leading a low diamond, using dummy's A to win the, trick , and leads the Q from dummy to the next trick . East covers the queen with the
  7. The K. West decides there is no benefit to holding back, and so wins the, trick ,with the ace, and then cashes the Q. For fear of conceding a ruff and discard
  8. By David Brock that savaged Hill and portrayed her charges as a political dirty, trick ,(Brock later recanted his claims and apologized to Hill). The idea for the
  9. Do with an Italian opera. ” In July 1783 Mozart wrote to his father of“ a, trick ,of Salary’s ”, one of several letters in which he accused Salary of trick ery.
  10. Johnson of Texas. Goldwater disliked Johnson (whom he said" used every dirty, trick ,in the bag ", and Richard M. Nixon of California, whom he later called" the
  11. To duck, but for the purpose of this example, let us assume South wins the A at, trick ,1). South proceeds by drawing trump, leading the K. West decides there is no
  12. Water heating capacity and reducing the energy used to heat water. The basic, trick ,in a solar water heating system is to use a well-insulated holding tank. Some
  13. From Mesopotamia). The narrative now switches to the south. The Hibernates, trick ,the Israelites into entering into an alliance with them by saying they are not
  14. Wins the trick . The hand that wins the trick plays the lead card of the next, trick , until all the cards have been played. The first lead, called the opening lead
  15. Make a plan for the play. On this hand, the trump ace, a spade, and a diamond, trick ,must be lost, so declarer must not lose a trick in clubs. If the K is held by
  16. Author of bridge books, points out that there are only four ways of taking a, trick ,by force, two of which are very easy: *establishing long suits (the last cards
  17. Hand that plays the highest trump card wins the trick . The hand that wins the, trick ,plays the lead card of the next trick , until all the cards have been played.
  18. Perhaps trapping the king as planned. South enters the dummy (i.e. wins a, trick ,in the dummy's hand) by leading a low diamond, using dummy's A to win the
  19. Force to lift the rear wheel and balance on the front without tipping over is a, trick ,known as a stopple, endo or front wheelie. Performance The bicycle is
  20. The K and A between the defending hands. Then the 4 contract would fail by one, trick ,(unless West had led a club early in the play). However, the failure of the
  21. Played. The hand that plays the highest card in the suit of the lead wins the, trick , unless any of the played cards are of the trump suit, in which case the hand
  22. Although it is a more advanced programming technique, this isn't really a ", trick ,". The designers deliberately included this feature, and documented its use in
  23. Of a colony scent. Other species use pheromones to confuse the host ants or to, trick ,them into carrying the parasitic queen into the nest. Some simply fight their
  24. Sticks, though to Jed it looks as if Duke is teaching Jethro how to do the, trick , In a couple of episodes, Duke gets involved with a French poodle that was
  25. The direction that each face down card is pointed indicates which side won each, trick , so that at the end of the hand, the number of trick s taken by each side can be
  26. From leading from the wrong hand (by stating, e. g.," you won the last, trick ,in dummy" ) but must not comment on opponents' actions or make suggestions as
  27. Scores are totaled, and the winner is determined. (As in duplicate, a minimum, trick ,score of 100 is required for game. ) There are some differences in bridge
  28. He has built a working time machine. While this is intended as a clever con, trick , the machine, surprisingly,works, sending Black adder and Baldric back to the
  29. Using dummy's A to win the trick , and leads the Q from dummy to the next, trick , East covers the queen with the king, and South takes the trick with the Ace
  30. Ace, a spade, and a diamond trick must be lost, so declarer must not lose a, trick ,in clubs. If the K is held by West, South will find it very hard to prevent it
  31. 8 disk reads, and the desired record could be accessed in 9 disk reads. The, trick ,of creating an auxiliary index can be repeated to make an auxiliary index to
  32. If the K is held by West, South will find it very hard to prevent it making a, trick ,(unless West leads a club). However, there is an almost-equal chance that it
  33. You don't think are going to go together, and they do go together ... The, trick ,was the little vamp on" Soon" which has five-and six-note chords. " Steve
  34. If their ace is to the right of your king, your king may be able to take a, trick , especially if, when that suit is led, the player to your right has to play
  35. Records down one. Such an operation is just too expensive to be practical. A, trick ,is to leave some space lying around to be used for insertions. Instead of
  36. Ways, or either augmented or replaced by other approaches such as losing, trick ,count, honor point count, law of total trick s, or ZAR Points. Common
  37. Significance. The most important level is game, which is any contract whose bid, trick ,value is 100 or more points. Game level varies by suit, since different suits
  38. Immediately in front of themselves and turn them face down at the end of each, trick , The direction that each face down card is pointed indicates which side won
  39. And New Zealand. Play of the hand The play consists of 13 trick s, each, trick , consisting of one card played from each of the four hands. Aces are high in
  40. Not be a final chapter. About four fingers of king-hell Crank would do the, trick , but I am not optimistic. " In mathematics Famous mathematician Paul Erdős took
  41. By itself and present a single score, expressed as a positive number (sum of, trick ,points and bonus points) for the winning pair, and by implication, as a
  42. In preventing the birth until Historic, daughter of Tiresias, thought of a, trick ,to deceive the witches. Like Atlantis, Historis announced that Alcmena had
  43. Has the fastest timed catches. * Trick Catch/Doubling: points are awarded for, trick ,catches behind the back, between the feet, and so on. In Doubling the thrower
  44. 30 for major suit and no-trump ones, with an additional 10 points for the first, trick ,at no-trump) * Over trick s ( trick s taken over the contract level),again with
  45. The Day the Earth Stood Still). However, forgetting the last word, he tries to, trick ,the book by mumbling the missing word. He then grabs the book from the cradle
  46. To the next trick . East covers the queen with the king, and South takes the, trick ,with the Ace, and proceeds by cashing the remaining master J. (If East does
  47. Pitchers had often done to produce" spitballs "," shine balls" and other, trick ,pitches which had 'unnatural' flight through the air. Umpires were also
  48. Pedagogic use of ambiguous expressions Ambiguity can be used as a pedagogical, trick , to force students to reproduce the deduction by themselves. Some textbooks
  49. Shade. These also shade the walls of the house, reducing cooling costs. Another, trick ,is to cool the building's thermal mass at night, and then cool the building
  50. Declarer makes the contract, the declarer's side receives points for: * Every, trick ,bid and made (20 for minor suit contracts,30 for major suit and no-trump ones

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