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  1. Oil, wax,coal, timber,ivory, cotton,coffee, and cocoa, among many other, products , Maize, tobacco,dried meat and cassava flour also began to be produced locally
  2. At prices of a few hundred US$ per hectare. To promote exports of agricultural, products , many government agencies publish on the web economic studies and reports
  3. Have the freedom to choose and know what they are eating and require all GMO, products ,to be labeled. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (
  4. Culture techniques) * Transformation of primary products into end-consumer, products ,(e.g., production,preservation, and packaging of dairy products )
  5. Developing additional inputs such as artificial fertilizers and phytosanitary, products , As the oldest and largest human intervention in nature, the environmental
  6. Simultaneously, new manufacturers faced sharp competition from British, products ,which were suddenly available again. Political unrest in several states and
  7. Used to pave roads and manufacture roof shingles and various waterproofing, products , Diluted bitumen (diluted with naphtha to make it flow in pipelines) is known
  8. Their health (standing frame, standing wheelchair, active stander). * Walking, products ,to aid people with disabilities who are able to walk or stand with assistance (
  9. Through illicit trade. Other rich resources await development: gold, forest, products , fisheries, iron ore, coffee,and fruits. This is a chart of trend of nominal
  10. Drought in Australia and elsewhere, increasing demand for grain-fed animal, products ,from the growing middle classes of countries such as China and India, diversion
  11. Steel products (including cast-iron and steel pipe); paper, lumber,and wood, products ,; mining (mostly coal); plastic products ; cars and trucks; and apparel. Also
  12. Cars and trucks; and apparel. Also, Alabama produces aerospace and electronic, products , mostly in the Huntsville area, location of NASA's George C. Marshall Space
  13. Of animals, plants,fungi and other life forms for food, fiber,and other, products ,used to sustain life. Agriculture was the key implement in the rise of
  14. Also coordinates U. S. standards with international standards so that American, products ,can be used worldwide. For example, standards ensure that people who own
  15. Manufactured through a subsidiary company called Clara Roads Ltd. Two, products ,resulted, namely Clara, and Caliphate, with the former being manufactured by
  16. To arrange information on substances,to clarify and anticipate the, products ,of their chemical reactions, resulted in early conceptions of chemical elements
  17. Precious metals, zinc and other mining, seafood processing, timber and wood, products , There is also a growing service and tourism sector. Tourists have contributed
  18. The top three. Industry Alabama's industrial outputs include iron and steel, products ,(including cast-iron and steel pipe); paper, lumber,and wood products ;
  19. Who would not at all able to walk or stand (exoskeletons). * Wheeled mobility, products ,that enable people with reduced mobility to move freely indoors and outdoors (
  20. Popularized modern panegyrics including the manufacture of herbal tinctures and, products , The courses, books,organizations, and conferences generated by their students
  21. Of crop growth, in-vitro cell culture techniques) * Transformation of primary, products ,into end-consumer products (e.g., production,preservation, and packaging of
  22. Help cultivate fields, harvest crops, wrangle other animals, and transport farm, products ,to buyers. Animal husbandry not only refers to the breeding and raising of
  23. Stakeholders. Voluntary consensus standards quicken the market acceptance of, products ,while making clear how to improve the safety of those products for the
  24. Chemicals commonly used in industrial meat production. The major agricultural, products ,can be broadly grouped into foods, fibers,fuels, and raw materials. In the
  25. Species that participate in the reaction, which usually leads to a mixture of, products , The reaction is highly exothermic, and can lead to an explosion. These
  26. Are consistent, that people use the same definitions and terms, and that, products ,are tested the same way. ANSI also accredits organizations that carry out
  27. From the red alga Chorus Crispus, is used as a stabilizer in milk, products , Plastics Algae has been implemented in the production of biodegradable
  28. With the increased level of value addition (e.g. more highly processed, products ,) provided by the supply chain. From 1960 to 1980 the farm share was around 40
  29. An SVG supported browser). Durable Medical Equipment (DME) * Seating, products ,that assist people to sit comfortably and safely (seating systems, cushions
  30. Metals, solvents,diesel exhaust, PCBs,phthalates and phenols used in plastic, products , pesticides, brominated flame retardants, alcohol,smoking, illicit drugs
  31. Refers to the breeding and raising of animals for meat or to harvest animal, products ,(like milk, eggs,or wool) on a continual basis, but also to the breeding and
  32. French empires. The ports of the British West Indies were closed to all staple, products ,which were not carried in British ships. France and Spain established similar
  33. The vast majority of Angola's exports,92 % in 2004,are petroleum, products , US$785 million worth of diamonds,7.5 % of exports, were sold abroad that year
  34. Is primarily for consumption within the state and includes nursery stock, dairy, products , vegetables, and livestock. Manufacturing is limited, with most foodstuffs and
  35. Advancements continually made by growers to sustainably produce higher-quality, products ,with a reduced environmental impact. Intensive scientific research and robust
  36. End-consumer products (e.g., production,preservation, and packaging of dairy, products ,) Agricultural science: a local science Except theoretical
  37. And safely (seating systems, cushions,therapeutic seats). * Standing, products ,to support people with disabilities in the standing position while
  38. Create asphalt concrete. Its other main uses are for bituminous waterproofing, products , including production of roofing felt and for sealing flat roofs. The terms
  39. Five percent of the gross world product (an aggregate of all gross domestic, products ,). Etymology The word agriculture is the English adaptation of Latin
  40. And others. These standards ensure that the characteristics and performance of, products ,are consistent, that people use the same definitions and terms, and that
  41. Organization that oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for, products , services, processes,systems, and personnel in the United States. The
  42. Steel pipe); paper, lumber,and wood products ; mining (mostly coal); plastic, products ,; cars and trucks; and apparel. Also, Alabama produces aerospace and electronic
  43. Among these agencies include four of the largest exporters of agricultural, products , such as the FAS of the United States Department of Agriculture, Agriculture
  44. Educators, and rehabilitation and health professionals. Assistive technology, products ,Personal Emergency Response Systems Personal Emergency Response Systems (PEERS
  45. Acceptance of products while making clear how to improve the safety of those, products ,for the protection of consumers. There are approximately 9,500 American
  46. Plants, tropical fish and birds for the pet trade are some ornamental, products , In 2007,one third of the world's workers were employed in agriculture. The
  47. Canes, crutches,walkers, gait trainers). * Advanced technology walking, products ,to aid people with disabilities, such as paraplegia or cerebral palsy, who
  48. Occurring bitumen-soaked limestone deposits, and for specialized manufactured, products ,with fewer voids or greater bitumen content than the" asphalt concrete "
  49. Then world-class exporting oil refineries were the main suppliers of refined, products ,to the Allies. Aruba became a British protectorate from 1940 to 1942 and a US
  50. In manufactured goods (no tariffs) and as a non-EU member for agricultural, products , Andorra lacked a currency of its own and used both the French franc and the

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