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  1. Col, lego – also lack –, Occitan Capulet, laic). * Reduction of consonant, cluster ,-- to -m-: 'leg' → came,'lead' ( metal) → plot,'dove' → color (cf.
  2. The beta-lactam ring. Molecular weights of the various penicillinases tend to, cluster ,near 50 kilotons. Penicillin was the first β-lactamase to be identified:
  3. Is retained. When coating becomes coating ', the t remains voiceless, thus. The, cluster ,NT can also be flapped/tapped. As a result, in quick speech, words like winner
  4. Locate a gene within a sequence, predict protein structure and/or function, and, cluster , protein sequences into families of related sequences. The primary goal of
  5. With Southern Occitan but not Northern Occitan: * Reduction of consonant, cluster ,-- to -n-: 'to send' → manor,'wave' → on (cf. Gascony and Southern
  6. A naturally strong site. In Central Italy, many small rural communes still, cluster ,at the base of a fortified habitation known as La Rocco of the commune. The
  7. For more than 300 cleantech companies drawing on 46 research institutions. The, cluster ,employs more than 60,000 people and is characterized by a close collaboration
  8. Systems. An archipelago (), sometimes called an island group, is a chain or, cluster ,of islands. The word archipelago is derived from the Greek ἄρχι- – ark hi- ("
  9. To be a sister to the rest of the group). Almost all species have a tight, cluster ,of leaves (a rosette),either at the base of the plant or at the end of a
  10. Forms is used in which two or more consonant characters are merged to express a, cluster , such as Devanagari: क्ल LA. (Note that on some fonts display this as क्
  11. Any commonality between the Y-chromosomes of Khan. The results were found to, cluster ,rather closely around a specific DNA signature, found in the Semitic Haplogroup
  12. S elsewhere in a word they are normally aspirated as well, except when the, cluster ,is hetero morphemic and the stop belongs to an unbound morpheme; compare vs.
  13. Bulb produces one or two leafless stems 30–60 cm tall, each of which bears a, cluster ,of 2 to 12 funnel-shaped flowers at their tops. Each flower is 6–10 cm diameter
  14. Number 4 and atomic number 2. Alpha decay is by far the most common form of, cluster ,decay where the parent atom ejects a defined daughter collection of nucleons
  15. Tubulidentata is their teeth. Instead of having a pulp cavity, each tooth has a, cluster ,of thin, upright,parallel tubes of Valentin (a modified form of dentin)
  16. Appearance of being the brightest member of the more scattered Hyades open star, cluster ,that makes up the bull's head shaped asterism. However, Aldebaran is merely
  17. Ditches. Often they are at key strategic points. In Shetland, they sometimes, cluster ,on each side of narrow stretches of water: the Brock of Mouse, for instance, is
  18. Amateur astronomers. Named stars Deep sky objects *NGC 5466 is a loose globular, cluster ,that can be observed with most telescopes. It was discovered by William
  19. With similar velocities, and are likely to have formed together as part of a, cluster ,that is slowly dispersing. These stars form the Ursa Major moving group. Dark
  20. Chemical compounds of boron are the hydrides. Included in this series are the, cluster ,compounds dodecaborate (B12H122-),elaborate (B10H14),and the carbonates
  21. In Hindi is क्रिकेट cricket; the diacritic for appears before the consonant, cluster , not before the. A more unusual example is seen in the Batik alphabet: Here the
  22. Frequency. The amino acid substitutions responsible for the ESL phenotype, cluster ,around the active site of the enzyme and change its configuration, allowing
  23. Effect is not strong enough to explain the present baryon asymmetry. Globular, cluster ,age In the mid-1990s,observations of globular cluster s appeared to be
  24. The Messier catalog: the globular cluster s Messier 2,Messier 72,and the open, cluster ,Messier 73. Two well-known planetary nebulae are located in Aquarius: the
  25. For the Microsoft's. NET Framework built upon Berkeley DB. * Clusters - A, cluster ,file system which leverages industry-standard commodity hardware to build highly
  26. The top in which a cassette recorder could be placed. This model was used in a, cluster ,with one Aster (with disk drives) for the teacher, and eight disk less
  27. Crater on the Moon * Atlas (star),a triple star system in the Pleiades, cluster ,Biology * A book about flora and/or fauna of an area or region (see for
  28. And projections of planet positions. To find an object, such as globular, cluster ,NGC 6712,one does not need to look up the RA and Dec coordinates in a book
  29. Such as wheat blast and rice blast were weaponized in aerial spray tanks and, cluster ,bombs for delivery to enemy watersheds in agricultural regions to initiate
  30. Suis. The original weaponized form used the M114 bursting bomb let in M33, cluster , bombs. While the specific form of the biological bomb was classified until some
  31. Initial SCA- and sci- (all incidentally loanwords) instead of this graphic, cluster ,appearing after the letter s, as though it were a single letter—a
  32. Of the sonority hierarchy (e.g. -RTN- is pronounced as a three-consonant, cluster , but -ten- needs to be broken up). **Or, a short vowel is never added, but
  33. Used, but there are some exceptions such as h Versa (which is actually a star, cluster ,) and P CGI. Uppercase Latin Bayer designations never went beyond Q; names
  34. Called an Asmara. In many of the Brahmin scripts, a syllable beginning with a, cluster ,is treated as a single character for purposes of vowel marking, so a vowel
  35. Of the helium-4 product nucleus (the alpha particle). Alpha decay, like other, cluster ,decays, is fundamentally a quantum tunneling process. Unlike beta decay, alpha
  36. No definition of art is possible anymore. Perhaps art should be thought of as a, cluster ,of related concepts in a Wittgenstein fashion (as in Watt or Buys).
  37. World are located in the greater Copenhagen area. The biotech and life science, cluster ,in Copenhagen and the rest of the Öresund Region is one of the strongest in
  38. As in the original Greek. In English, the p of the Greek -pt- consonant, cluster ,is typically silent at the beginning of a word (e.g. pterodactyl, Ptolemy )
  39. Or bronze was only the most stable and therefore the most diagnostic part of a, cluster ,of features marking the period. In addition to the creation of bronze from raw
  40. And software framework with numerous data mining algorithms (in particular, cluster ,analysis and outlier detection) and index structures by the Ludwig Maximilian
  41. Service and tertiary sectors. There are nine major Azorean islands and an islet, cluster , in three main groups. These are Flores and Core, to the west; Gracious
  42. By chance in the line of sight between the Earth and the Hyades; the star, cluster ,is actually more than twice as far away, at about 150 light years. Aldebaran is
  43. Shown to be located far beyond Aldebaran and are members of the Hyades star, cluster , As with the rest of the stars in the cluster they do not physically interact
  44. This seems to be roughly true, but unfortunately the amplitude does depend on, cluster ,properties which do change substantially over cosmic time, so a precise test is
  45. Are members of the Hyades star cluster . As with the rest of the stars in the, cluster ,they do not physically interact with Aldebaran in any way. Subsequent
  46. Bulbs, corms and various kinds of tuber). Almost all species have a tight, cluster ,of leaves (a rosette) at the base of the plant or, in the tree-forming
  47. Is now indicated by numerous observations: the anisotropies in the CMB, galaxy, cluster , velocity dispersion, large-scale structure distributions, gravitational
  48. Of approximately equal size are formed). Alpha decay is the most likely, cluster ,decay because of the combined extremely high binding energy and relatively
  49. NGC 6397,lies at a distance of just, making it one of the closest globular, cluster ,to the solar system. Although Ara lies close to the heart of the Milky Way, two
  50. They express; different types of cell express different combinations of, cluster ,of differentiation molecules on their surface, and produce different

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