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  1. Variety calling it" an elegant looking, period romantic charade ". There was, praise ,for Diana Rigg's performance, and orchestrator Jonathan Tunic received an
  2. Opened within the city's gentrifying neighborhoods since 2000 have garnered, praise ,on a national scale, including Ocado, Bacchanalia,and Miller Union in West
  3. Expression and pathos. While the more visible reliefs on the outside had to, praise ,fighting, the statues of dying warriors in the interior denounced war and gave
  4. a million requests for tickets, enough to fill the venue 580 times. Along with, praise ,(" Abbey turns out to be amazingly successful at reproducing their records "
  5. Poems (), are mentioned by Strabo and Athens. Some anapestic verses in, praise ,of Euripides are preserved in Genius. Alexander Antaeus (also known as
  6. Singling out Seven Samurai, Throne of Blood and The Hidden Fortress for, praise , Bernardo Bertolucci considered the Japanese master's influence to be seminal:
  7. Office on April 6. The success of the fair multi-party elections in Benin won, praise ,internationally. Politics Benin's politics take place in a framework of a
  8. And dispensing hospitality with ease and refinement. The epideictic speech in, praise ,of love which Marathon recites in the Symposium is full of beautiful but
  9. Instruments. This view parted with the Jewish scriptures, where Israel offered, praise ,with instruments by God's own command (e.g.: 2 Chronicles 29:25). The
  10. In August. The Gay Pride event is a frequent source of both criticism and, praise , The annual Upmarket is a three-day cultural event at the start of the cultural
  11. Is central to worship for most Anglicans as a communal offering of prayer and, praise ,in which the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are proclaimed
  12. Sega and Sony in May 1995 and September 1995,respectively. " Jaguar did earn, praise ,with titles such as Tempest 2000,Doom, and Wallenstein 3D. The most successful
  13. Atlas Shrugged received positive reviews from a few publications, including, praise , from the noted book reviewer John Chamberlain,Rand's nonfiction received far
  14. That Gershwin see Nadia Boulanger in Paris. It was because of Ravel's high, praise ,of Gershwin in an introductory letter to Boulanger that caused Gershwin to
  15. Northumbrian missionaries to the continent. He also is parsimonious in his, praise ,for Waldheim, a West Saxon who had done much to convert the native Britons to
  16. Order, taking an axe to the cherry orchard. One of the first non-Russians to, praise ,Chekhov's plays was George Bernard Shaw, who subtitled his Heartbreak House "
  17. a thousand years, Bright shining as the sun,We've no fewer days to sing God's, praise , Than when we have first begun. " Amazing Grace" came to be an emblem of a
  18. Of first love beset by small town religious bigotry. The work received critical, praise ,: The New Yorker considered it a story told" with tenderness and charm," while
  19. He also plays a central role in most Buddhist homey fire-puja rites. A typical, praise ,to Agni starts" Son of Brahma, Lord of the World, King of fire gods empowered
  20. Binary numbers Aeneas (; Greek:, Aineías, derived from Greek Αἰνή meaning" to, praise ,"),in Greco-Roman mythology, was a Trojan hero, the son of the prince
  21. And I am writing this in expectation of the end, which is near... God, praise ,everybody who trained and helped me, namely the leader Sheikh Osama bin Laden.
  22. From actual Brillo boxes at the time. It would be a mistake to, praise ,Warhol for the design of his boxes (which were designed by Steve Harvey),yet
  23. By Adam. Admiration of Hitler Thackeray has attracted controversy for his, praise ,of Adolf Hitler. Apparently he was quoted by Asia week as saying: 'I am a great
  24. Acceptance of instruments in worship An alternate viewpoint is that limiting, praise ,to the unaccompanied chant of the early church is not commanded in scripture
  25. Strong moral and religious emphasis. Aeschylus's popularity is evident in the, praise ,the comic playwright Aristophanes gives him in The Frogs, produced some
  26. Been produced. Modern historians and editors of Bede have been lavish in their, praise ,of his achievement in the Historian Ecclesiastical. Stenton regarded it as one of
  27. Critic Janet Marlin expressed her admiration for the film, and directed much, praise ,toward the performances of Hopper and Rosellini:" Mr. Hopper and Miss
  28. Then, having produced the horns in public, to serve as evidence, receive great, praise , But not even when taken very young can they be rendered familiar to men and
  29. At this point, acupuncture was still cited in Europe with both skepticism and, praise , with little study and only a small amount of experimentation. Modern era In
  30. At schools with large numbers of Muslims revealed that Muslim students often ", praise ,or admire Adolf Hitler for his killing of Jews ", that " Jew-hate is legitimate
  31. Regroup before continuing the charge. Caesar, in his history of the war, would, praise , his own men's discipline and experience, and questioned Pompey's decision not
  32. Had the comics published without the seal. The comics sold well and Marvel won, praise ,for its socially conscious efforts. The CCA subsequently loosened the Code to
  33. Metaphor, word play and a more or less gentle irony, have also received, praise ,for their sophistication. Although DiFranco's music has been classified as
  34. Alvin Hoffman, and his mistress Camille Claude, whose sculpture received, praise ,in France. The French order Legion d'Conner made him a Commander, and he
  35. Phil, born 20 BCE. Weaving together Jewish and Greek thought, Philo promoted, praise ,without instruments, and taught that" silent singing" ( without even vocal
  36. H. J. Corey, argued that the lauds were composed at Winchester. These, praise ,songs are likely the same performed at Matilda's coronation, but might have
  37. Dynamics that are already in existence. " Public views and perception Among, praise ,for her contributions to the Contemporary Christian genre, Amy Grant has also
  38. On nature, Midwestern village American life, and more–was published in 1941 to, praise ,from The New York Times Book Review:" A book of instant sensitive
  39. Argued that God had allowed David the“ evil” of using musical instruments in, praise , Contrary to their teaching, the Old Testament scripture shows that God
  40. Invocation of (meaning" In the name of God" ). There are certain phrases in, praise ,of God that are favored by Muslims, including " Subhan-Allah" ( Holiness be to
  41. And legacy Reviews During Rand's lifetime, her work evoked both extreme, praise ,and condemnation. Rand's first novel, We the Living, was admired by the
  42. An interruption during the Commonwealth – continued daily choral prayer and, praise ,to this day. In the Offices of Matins and Evensong in the 1662 Book of Common
  43. Peaked at number 145 on the Billboard 200 chart, but received unanimous high, praise ,from the US critics: Los Angeles Times called it" a compelling and fascinating
  44. Opposite views about the personality of Athanasius. While some scholars, praise ,him as an orthodox saint with great character, others see him as a power-hungry
  45. An actor, he continued to perform in a range of characters, receiving critical, praise ,for his performances in AKS (2001),Aachen (2002),Shake (2004) and Dev
  46. Skipping class for. " Alpha Centauri's science fiction storyline received high, praise ,; IGN considered the game an exception to PC SCIFI clichés, GamePros Dan Morris
  47. Anagram may be a synonym or antonym of its subject, a parody, a criticism, or, praise , ; e.g. George Bush He bugs Gore; Madonna Louise Cyclone Occasional nude income
  48. Been much more divided. Most commentators concede its technical merits and some, praise ,it as among Kurosawa's best, while others insist that it lacks complexity and
  49. Christendom. St Gregory Gaziantep,330-390,begins Or. 21 with:" When I, praise ,Athanasius, virtue itself is my theme: for I name every virtue as often as I
  50. Was malice. All it took to make him blossom, as I later learned, was a little, praise , His paranoia was most evident when he dined in company. He always thought he

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