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  1. Canadian actress (d. 2003) *1943 – Michael Gillette, English George Cross, recipient ,(d. 1971) *1944 – Divine Galicia, British athlete and racing driver *1947 –
  2. General (d. 1943) *1867 – Johannes Andreas Grid Fiber, Danish scientist, recipient ,of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (d. 1928) *1872 – Violet
  3. Co-developer of the superposition calculus, head of the MPI Saarbrücken, recipient ,of the Her brand Award 2004 (posthumous). *
  4. Usually, several people physically touch (laying on of hands) the, recipient ,during the anointing. It may be part of a worship service with the full
  5. b. 1889) *1951 – Charles G. Dawes, Vice President of the United States, recipient ,of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1865) *1952 – Julius Freed, American inventor
  6. American economist, Nobel laureate *1929 – Yasser Arafat, Palestinian leader, recipient ,of the Nobel Peace Prize (d. 2004) * 1929 – Betty Dodson, American feminist
  7. Artist (d. 1951) *1872 – George E. Stewart, American soldier, Medal of Honor, recipient ,(d. 1946) *1875 – Mislay Dzerzhinsky, Russian painter (d. 1957) *1878 –
  8. Motorcycle racer (b. 1976) * 2003 – Bernard Katz, German-born biophysicist, recipient ,of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1911) *2005 – Audio Nina
  9. Deals for six-figure sums. While the Oscar is under the ownership of the, recipient , it is essentially not on the open market. The case of Michael Todd's grandson
  10. Laureate (b. 1920) *2005 – Josef Rot blat, Polish-born British physicist, recipient ,of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1908) * 2005 – Michael Shared, British actor (
  11. Lady of the Philippines (b. 1888) *1954 – Léon Johann, French labor leader, recipient ,of the Nobel Peace Prize (b. 1879) *1957 – Heinz" Prize" Bar, German
  12. b. 1903) *1945 – Richard Bong, American ace fighter pilot, Medal of Honor, recipient ,(b. 1920) * 1945 – Hiram Johnson, American politician (b. 1866) *1946 –
  13. Autobiographer (b. 1904) *1997 – John Ken drew, British molecular biologist, recipient ,of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (b. 1917) *1999 – Norman Wexler, American
  14. Of the" Handbook of Artificial Reasoning ", co-inventor of the DPLL algorithm, recipient ,of the Her brand Award 2005. * http://www.fitelson.org/ Branden Nielson
  15. d. 1978) * 1897 – Lester B. Pearson, fourteenth Prime Minister of Canada, recipient ,of the Nobel Peace Prize (d. 1972) *1899 – Bertie Olin, Swedish economist
  16. Him among the 50 foreigners that shaped modern China. Selected awards He is the, recipient ,of several prestigious prizes, including the McKinsey Foundation Book Award for
  17. Scholar of Islamic art (b. 1895) *1961 – Jules Border, Belgian immunologist, recipient ,of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (b. 1870) *1963 – Otto Strive
  18. d. 1979) *1893 – Him Ernst Wertheim, German-born Israeli biochemist, recipient ,of the Israel Prize (d. 1978) *1895 – Richard Cushing, archbishop of Boston (
  19. Of Otter, the first high-performance theorem proper. Many important papers, recipient ,of the Her brand Award 2000. * http://www.lsv.ens-cachan.fr/~comon/ Hubert Common
  20. Leagues. On November 14,it was announced that RHP Brandon Webb was the, recipient ,of the CY Young Award for the National League. Webb, a specialist in throwing
  21. Journalist and author (b. 1934) * 2007 – Peter Randall, British George Medal, recipient ,(b. 1930) * 2007 – Boris Yeltsin, Russian politician (b. 1931) *2011 –
  22. Page editor of The Wall Street Journal and a Presidential Medal of Freedom, recipient ,; raised in Ames and ISU graduate * George Washington Carver, inventor; Iowa
  23. American athlete (b. 1933) *2004 – Jason L. Dunham, American Medal of Honor, recipient ,(b. 1981) * 2004 – Pat Tillman, American football player and U. S. Army
  24. To receive the Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award. He was selected as the, recipient ,for the award in 2008 for his ongoing coverage of key global issues and for
  25. They do so by means of a magic potion, brewed by their druid, which gives the, recipient ,superhuman strength. The protagonist, the titular character Asterix, along with
  26. Oil is not required if it is unavailable. The priesthood holder anoints the, recipient ,'s head with a drop of oil, then lays hands upon that head and declare their
  27. Choreographer (d. 2007) *1918 – Guy Gibson, British aviator, Victoria Cross, recipient ,(d. 1944) *1919 – Viral Sarah, Indian physicist (d. 1971) *1922 –
  28. Running after more than 24,000 performances. In 1955,Christie was the first, recipient ,of the Mystery Writers of America's highest honor, the Grand Master Award
  29. Mandela, English actress (b. 1906) *1994 – Linus Pauling, American chemist, recipient ,of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Peace (b. 1901) *1995 – Pierre Schaeffer
  30. Antigens intentionally administered to induce acquired immunity in the, recipient , Cells present their immunogenic-antigens to the immune system via a
  31. The problems of the human conscience in our times ". He was the second-youngest, recipient ,of the Nobel Prize in Literature, after Rudyard Kipling, and the first
  32. Be, in part, the result of natural antibodies circulating in the serum of the, recipient ,binding to legal antigens expressed on the donor tissue. Immunoglobulin
  33. Edinburgh, meta-level reasoning for guiding inductive proof, proof planning and, recipient ,of 2007 IJ CAI Award for Research Excellence, Herbrand Award, and 2003 Donald E.
  34. Mauritius 4.9 % (2002) Debt - external: $NA (2002 est. ) Economic aid -, recipient ,: $NA; note - important financial support from the US, more than $40 million in
  35. Reserves of foreign exchange and gold –; Debt - external –; Economic aid -, recipient ,–; Currency –; Exchange rates – * Azerbaijani Manet per US dollar - 0.7893 (as
  36. d. 1935) *1862 – Nicholas Murray Butler, president of Columbia University, recipient ,of the Nobel Peace Prize (d. 1947) *1867 – Eugen Sand ow, German bodybuilder
  37. Rules footballer and actor * 1960 – Gary Gordon, American Medal of Honor, recipient ,(d. 1993) * 1960 – Guy A. Le page, Canadian humorist, television host and
  38. Public. In 2007,film director and Academy Award nominee Terry George was the, recipient ,of the annual award for his long-standing humanitarian commitments, and the
  39. In 1989 the Andrei Tchaikovsky Memorial Prize was established, with its first, recipient ,being the Russian animator Yuriy Norseman. Since 1993,the Moscow
  40. American baseball player *1940 – Hangar Martha, Kenyan environmentalist, recipient ,of the Nobel Peace Prize * 1942 – Annie Nightingale, British disc jockey *1943
  41. In his movie, Hotel Rwanda. The 2006 Action Against Hunger Humanitarian Award, recipient ,was Susan Sarandon. She was honored for her work as a UNICEF Goodwill
  42. Two excellent individual performances, however. 2B Orlando Hudson became the, recipient ,of his second career Gold Glove Award, as announced on November 3 becoming only
  43. The Undertones) * 1958 – Randall" Randy" Sought, American Medal of Honor, recipient ,(d. 1993) *1959 – Michael Bradley, bassist and radio producer * 1959 – Tom
  44. Because both men have a similar outlook on life. In 2006,Hopkins was the, recipient ,of the Golden Globe Cecil B. Demise Award for lifetime achievement. In 2008
  45. Runner (b. 1881) * 1945 – Robert Hampton Gray, last Canadian Victoria Cross, recipient ,(b. 1917) *1946 – Bert Ogler, South African cricketer (b. 1876) *1949 –
  46. Gripping the forearm. The knuckles (from the palm side) are applied to the, recipient ,'s radial nerve against the periosteum of the forearm bone. * visually similar
  47. Of Iceland *1931 – Tomas Transformer, Swedish writer, poet and translator, recipient ,of the 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature * 1933 – David Hamilton, British
  48. Grand Duke of Luxembourg (d. 1912) *1854 – Henri La Fontaine, Belgian lawyer, recipient ,of the Nobel Peace Prize (d. 1943) *1860 – Ada Rehab, American stage actress
  49. Michael Moore introduced her and presented her with the award. In 2005,the, recipient ,of the award was the Nobel Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu in recognition of
  50. Gustav Vineland, Norwegian sculptor (d. 1943) *1873 – Edward Lawson, Scottish, recipient , of the Victoria Cross (d. 1955) *1876 – Paul Henry, Northern Irish artist (

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