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  1. Secondary education in the United States also includes middle school or, junior ,high school, a two- or three-year transitional school between elementary school
  2. Prize winning author/philosopher Albert Camus had played in goals for their, junior ,team) had already won both the North African Champions Cup and the North
  3. Girls Club sees 2,000 children throughout the year and boasts a world-class, junior ,tennis team. It also has a basketball program (the Agassi Stars) and a
  4. His son to marry; he found him a suitable bride, Aloïse de Bure, five years his, junior , She was a close relative of the publisher who published most of Cauchy's
  5. Was also a historic senior team On Accord F. C. who no longer play. Local, junior ,teams include Banks O' Dee F. C., Culter F. C., F. C. Stonework, Glentanar F.
  6. Agreement and the PSC governed in a minority coalition with ICE as the, junior ,partner. After 32 years, on 22 May 2011,CIU gained a plurality of seats at the
  7. Middle school" is sometimes used in the UK as a synonym for the younger, junior ,school, covering the second half of the primary curriculum—current years 4 to 6
  8. The Duke of Bourbon and the Counts of Examples, Eu and March were members of, junior ,branches of the House of Capet. The capture of the French King Froissart again
  9. Engineering days After finishing school in 1810,Cauchy accepted a job as a, junior ,engineer in Cherbourg, where Napoleon intended to build a naval base. Here
  10. A job as an extra in his film, The King of Kings, and to subsequent work as a, junior ,screenwriter. While working on The King of Kings, she met an aspiring young
  11. Shifted toward post-secondary programs. In 1968,UBB TS became a Bible and, junior ,Christian liberal arts college, and in 1970 the name was changed to Atlantic
  12. Poem" Kaddish for Naomi Ginsberg (1894–1956) ". When he was in, junior ,high school, he accompanied his mother by bus to her therapist. The trip deeply
  13. Has quoted Schweitzer as saying:" The African is indeed my brother but my, junior ,brother," which Achebe criticized him for, though Achebe seems to acknowledge
  14. To separate the two genera, Dale Russell declared the name Stegosaurus a, junior ,synonym of Albertosaurus, which had been named first, and G. liberates was
  15. To undergo a generational change. The generals of the early 1990s had been, junior ,officers in the early 1960s and had witnessed the military coup in 1964. Their
  16. Must be stated direct (that is, She is a high school freshman. He is a college, junior , ). Many institutes in both countries also use the term first-year as a
  17. To consider him again. His brother Jack, two years his senior but 71 caps his, junior , did likewise. Despite popular opinion the substitution did not change the game
  18. Princess Luna Hussein, of Jordan *1942 – Jon Kyle, American politician, junior ,senator of Arizona * 1942 – Katsuki Ada chi, Japanese professional wrestler
  19. Belgian cyclist * 1947 – Joe Manchin, American politician, governor and, junior ,senator of West Virginia * 1948 – Kim Sunil, Chief of Staff of Republic of
  20. They also assembled kits for people without soldering skills, especially the ", junior ,Computer" from Elector (a copy of the KIM-1),and the ZX80 from Sinclair.
  21. Because they had ignored his over lordship. Discords with his son The, junior ,King Bela IV started, with the authorization of Pope Honors III, to take back
  22. At the Horns Reef. The unsent intercepted messages had been duly filed by the, junior ,officer left on duty that night, who failed to appreciate their significance.
  23. Diary, in which he adopted various personas. From that shaky perch, some, junior , Freudians leapt to the conclusion that Zubaydah had multiple personalities. In
  24. Holder, American actor and stuntman * 1955 – Ron Johnson, American politician, junior ,senator of Wisconsin. * 1955 – Barbara Kingsolver, American novelist * 1955 –
  25. International footballer *1987 – Kim Album, a member of Korean boy band Super, junior , Actor and singer *1988 – Louise Star, English singer-songwriter * 1988 –
  26. Made an agreement with his son with the mediation of Pope Honors III and the, junior ,king took over again the government of Slavonic, Dalmatia and Croatia. On 6
  27. Challenge, International Series and Future Series, encourage participation by, junior ,players. Comparisons with other racquet sports Badminton is frequently compared
  28. The junior justice (who sits closest to the door) must answer it. The current, junior ,justice is Elena Kagan. Under 28 USC
  29. Ability (train),a Via Rail passenger train in Quebec * Ability Eskimos,a, junior ,A hockey club based in Iroquois Falls, Ontario,playing in the Northern Ontario
  30. Records from the 1950s,60s and 70s show forestry workers, often students and, junior ,rangers, spent weeks at a time as human markers holding red, helium-filled
  31. At a higher pay rate with American and were working for a solvent company. The, junior ,TWA pilots were mostly furloughed. On the AA side the captains were mostly
  32. Preferred option as it has introduced an aero package and slicks, allowing the, junior ,drivers to gain experience in a race car with dynamics closer F1. The Star
  33. In order of seniority. If there is a knock at their conference room door,the, junior ,justice (who sits closest to the door) must answer it. The current junior
  34. First, had priority as the official name; Brontosaurus is considered a, junior ,synonym and has therefore been discarded from formal use. Apatosaurus Ajax is
  35. He was married to actress Liz Robertson, who was 36 years his, junior , Lerner had four children: three daughters, Susan (by Boyd),Liza and
  36. A 400-meter runner. In 1989,at the age of eight, Kournikova began appearing in, junior ,tournaments, and by the following year, was attracting attention from tennis
  37. After he falls under the assault of Achilles, noting that Aeneas, though from a, junior ,branch of the royal family, is destined to become king of the Trojan people.
  38. Noyce, Australian film director * 1950 – Debbie Staten, American politician, junior ,senator of Michigan *1951 – Dale Earnhardt, American race car driver (d. 2001
  39. Pool of 6000. They were known as the nomothetic, the lawmakers. Nomothetic are, junior ,arc hons, not the jury. Here again it is not anything like a legislative
  40. Words freshman (or the gender-neutral term frosh or first year),sophomore, junior ,and senior refer to the first, second,third, and fourth years respectively.
  41. Officers hired in March 1989 and later were appended to the seniority list, junior ,to American Airlines first officers hired in June 2001. The senior TWA pilots
  42. Angostura Ltd. in the marketing department. Lara played in Trinidad and Tobago, junior ,soccer and table tennis sides, but Lara believed that cricket was his path to
  43. To just after the outbreak of the First World War, the battlecruiser played a, junior ,role in the developing dreadnought arms race. The battlecruiser was never
  44. North African Champions Cup and the North African Cup twice each in the 1930s), junior , team from 1928 to 30. The sense of team spirit, fraternity,and common purpose
  45. And board thrown in. Mabel was a bright, attractive girl who was ten years his, junior ,but became the object of Bell's affection. Losing her hearing after a
  46. Tim White, American anthropologist *1952 – Bob Corker, American politician, junior ,senator of Tennessee * 1952 – Holly Hailstorm American model for The Price is
  47. Ended up dating and traveled to California together; Pole was sixteen years her, junior , On March 17, 1955,she married him at Quartz site, Arizona,returning with Pole
  48. Cleisthenes; Alexander's generals Ptolemy and Searches; Aristobulus,a, junior ,officer on the campaigns; and Onesicritus,Alexander's chief helmsman. These
  49. Three days. *1172 – Henry the Young King and Margaret of France are crowned as, junior ,king and queen of England. *1232 – The Formulary of Adjudications is
  50. In line with the provisions of the Golden Bull (is resisted). In 1223,the, junior ,King Bela IV took back his wife and escaped to Austria fearing of Andrew's

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